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Question: 802.1x machine authentication

Good day! I am testing 802.1x network connections from ours Mac. And I have some issues. At this time works only user authentication. When I plug usb-ethernet adapter, Mac falls into authenticate VLAN, where falls absolutely all devices (other laptops, windows computers, printers etc), which can not authenticate in network. To fix this, I need to create profile in profile manager, which would request AD machine certificate. It works, if I manually install this profile on my Mac. But when I plug ethernet, Mac want to choose computer certificate. Can Mac choose computer certificate automatically? maybe profile manager have some preferences? I try to enter - host/$computername@mydomain.com, in profile manager, in "User name" space, but it doesn't work. authenticate server is not responding, but if I push disconnect button and push connect button, Mac will show me window with available certificates. And if I choose right certificate, Mac will authenticate in network.

Mac Mini Server (Late 2012), macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Server 5.4

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Question: 802.1x machine authentication