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Question: Unexpected Shutdown MacBook Pro Retina 2015

One day, my MacBook shut down for no reason. Then I restarted. Began to work on it again shut down within 10 minutes. Repeated for 2 weeks then dead for 3 months. Plugged it in one day after the 3 months and left it plugged in, mind you there is no light on the magsafe adapter, it was like dead (and more about that in a minute). 2 days later it chimed. I ran to it and the indicator light was green and the mac worked. For 2 days. Then back to the same thing. I did all the stuff again and it worked then shut down then worked then shut down, I even factory reset during that time and it was working great for those 2 days but stopped and randomly every now and then. Now its been at least 6 to weeks, and it is completely shut down. I have tried everything and nothing works.

Now here is the kicker, where my frustration with Apple comes in, is that I took it to "genius" bar and the guy told me Apple couldn't do anything because it wont turn on, so he suggested I toss it and buy another one?!? And attempted to get me to buy a new one from him, there since I was already at the Apple store. This mac is not even 3 years old yet. And honestly, as much as I paid for it, that was a kick to the face. Why would I want to purchase from Apple after that experience. I already had to replace my IPhone 6 battery due to it's mysterious shut downs after 2 years, makes me wonder why the unexpected shutdown from my mac after 2 years and the inability for Apple to fix it.

About the indicator light on the magsafe adapter. After the shut down then it worked for like 2 days, it was doing something weird with a green light then orange light then green, back and forth. But I could not resolve either, and yes I have tried different magsafe adapters and none work.

Apple, what is wrong with my expensive MacBook Pro with Retina?

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Mar 13, 2018 11:51 AM in response to macdiscovery In response to macdiscovery

These are user-only forums. Apple is not here, and you aren't speaking to Apple. Possibly your computer has a bad charger or a bad battery. If you cannot power up the computer then see Troubleshooting Mac Startup or Power Up Problems and What to Do When Your Mac Won't Power Up At All. If you can boot it then please provide a clear description of what is happening. There are many possible reasons why the computer might randomly shut down such as defective memory or failing drive.

Please read Writing an effective Apple Support Communities question.

Mar 13, 2018 11:51 AM

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Question: Unexpected Shutdown MacBook Pro Retina 2015