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Question: QR Codes - Reading through native camera

Hi all,

I'm having a problem now that since a year ago, we're able of using the native camera on apple devices to read QR codes.

What's the deal?

I've printed and used QR codes for about a year in the project I've been working on, there are currently more than 500.000 codes printed and they all have this structure: examplepage.com/somethingelse

Notice that I didn't use the http:// nor the https:// on these codes. Most of the people that scan these codes use different qr code scanner apps, and most of them add the "https://" protocol automatically and get the content of the qr as an URL. This is not the case with the native camera (they play as plaint text)

I know there's not much I can do right know with these codes that have already been print, but... Is there any standard used by Apple in order to determine what is an URL and what is plain text?

Also, has anyone struggled with this before? Does Apple does this on purpose for some reason?

Thanks in advance.

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Question: QR Codes - Reading through native camera