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Question: Airport extreme lan speed drops

Hi guy's,

I have an Dlink 6740 that works as a bridge, all my network (WiFi and LAN) is going through my Airport Extreme.

In wifi my speed is 50 MBPS +- but Recently I noticed that I had a speed problem when I connected with lan to the AIrport, so I did a speed test and I was surprised to find out that when i'm connected with lan my speed is 5 MBPS..

So in wifi i have 50 and in lan i have 5..

In the Airport setting in internet i'm in PPPOE and that's all...

I'm getting this speed in any Lan port on the Airport. Tried to unplug it from electricity. nothing. the same speed..

I do not even know where to start looking at this problem, because i didn't change any settings lately..



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Mar 14, 2018 2:39 AM in response to motiyairl In response to motiyairl

what speed is your internet connection?

Plug a mac directly into the bridged modem and use PPPOE client. That gives you a base level to work from.


Try running the D-Link in router mode and plug directly to a LAN port of the D-link.. the computer should link at 100mbit.. please check this via the network utility.

Then plug the airport in, use bridge mode so the ports of the AE are just acting as switch and check the speed again.

If you get a massive slowdown like that it is possible the AE is faulty.. but I need to know the model to figure out what it could be.

What model is the airport?

A1xxx code from the base or if it is AC tower just say AC tower.

Have you tested with another LAN cable.. which has been tested and known to be good.

Mar 14, 2018 2:39 AM

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Question: Airport extreme lan speed drops