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Question: Blocking ICCID

Hai a few months ago i follow articles about R-Sim and also know as turbo sim, its use to unlock carrier, 1 turbo sim they sell around usd10, Last month you block iccid before chinese new year then i read 1 article that someone did manage to hack your iccid, this hacker ask for the yuan 30,000.00 to relaese new iccid code to user. everytime you block iccid then hackers will get yuan 30k, this mean you give money to hacker, if you block iccid let say 10x this mean hackers will get 300k, Why not you just let people use turbo sim or r-sim, if they use r-sim at least they use your product. and hackers will not get money from the un blocking iccid code. just remember not all iphone(lock carrier) stolen iphone, some the first party they sell the iphone to other user,

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Question: Blocking ICCID