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Question: iTunes Library and move files

Hi everybody, I just have a simple question about iTunes that maybe someone can solve.

After the december update to MacOS High Sierra and the following update of iTunes something is working differently when I add files to the library. I try to explain it clearly:

  • Before I was used to download files in the Download folder, open the file that was added to the library and then move the file manually to the Music folder. Doing this, if I then close iTunes and open it again, the file was still found on the library, even if it was moved. I DID ALL THIS WITHOUT THE OPTION OF CREATING AUTOMATICALLY A COPY OF THE FILE IN THE ITUNES MEDIA FOLDER
  • After the update, doing the same procedure, it looks like iTunes can't find those file that I moved manually to the Music folder. So I started to use the automatic creation of a copy in the iTunes Media folder, but this was annoying and frustrating for some time.

I am curious to know if others had the same problem and if there is any way to solve it.


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Mar 15, 2018 3:26 AM in response to sting2085 In response to sting2085

Macs are generally forgiving if you move files around on the same volume, however in principle any content that you add to the iTunes library shouldn't be moved manually once it has been added. You can use the Automatically Add to iTunes folder, or manually move the content into the media folder before adding to the library, or use the option under iTunes > Preferences > Advanced to Copy files... You should avoid the situation where iTunes is connected to content located outside of the iTunes Media folder as it then becomes harder to move the library to a new drive or computer without breaking something.


Mar 15, 2018 3:26 AM

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Question: iTunes Library and move files