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Question: Purple/Pink appear when running google chrome


I started to have this weird issue recently. It only happen when I start Google Chrome on my MacBook Pro.

When I turn on my Mac, everything works fine and all windows have the correct colors. As you can see from my finder window:

User uploaded file

Now when I start chrome it shows like this, with all pink background. Notice that everything else still has the correct colors:

User uploaded file

When I switch to finder while chrome is still running, finder would look like this:

User uploaded file

Notice that only some lines are showing highlighted in pink/purple. However, when I take a screenshot of my Mac while chrome is running, it does not show the pink lines:

User uploaded file

I am not sure what is causing this? I tried re-installing chrome, restarted my Mac several times. Nothing seems to fix it and it is not just chrome. I am having the same issue when I start a power point presentation, the whole screen turns pink.

What might be causing this? How can I diagnose and fix it?

This is happening on

MacBook pro 15 inch, late 2011

intel i7, 2.4 GHz


Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

OS: High Sierra v 10.13.3

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Question: Purple/Pink appear when running google chrome