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Question: iOS-created multi-page PDFs render as single page, distorted view or print from OS X

With the advent of the Files App on iOS, I've run into difficulty saving, storing, and later printing news articles and documents as PDF (create using Share -> Create a PDF from my iOS device) when later printing the PDF from my laptop.

The symptom: browsing content via Safari (but also other apps) that consists of more than one "page" worth of info (an article in the paper, magazine article). A PDF file is created and saved to iCloud using any of several iOS 11.2.6 devices (iphone, ipad mini), using the Share -> Create a PDF -> save the PDF to iCloud.

Right away, go to the Files app and you can see that the icon for the long document looks like a long stripe. The longer the article, the narrower the stripe, and the PDF-generator is clearly trying to create a one-page document regardless of the length of the source material.

Test One: if I view the content on my original device, or another device looking at the iCloud-stored PDF, everything seems fine, content fills the screen, and I can scroll and see all the content. Pass. Or so it seems.

Test Two: I go to my Macbook Pro, OS 10.13.3, and look at one of these PDFs generated under

iOS Share -> Create a PDF. Opened saved PDF in Preview with View -> Continuous Scroll, everything seems fine. Change to View -> Single PAge or two-page, and boom, a multipage document shrinks to a single page with all content in a narrow stripe down the center. FAIL.

Similar efforts to Test Two to physically print the saved document from the laptop OS fail. You cannot use Scale=50% and expect to see all the content, it widens it but you have to guess the magnification and it truncates all content, insisting on printing a single page or just the "first" page of content.

If I open the same file on my iPhone or iPad mini, using Files app, and go to Share -> Print, it seems to paginate the printout as expected. But, IN MOST CASES for a multi-page news article, magazine article, the file icons presented in the Files app are comically small, skinny stripes; icons for SOME PDF's (like my airline reservation) show OK. PDF's that came from other sources show up OK. I create and archive a lot of content to PDF from Safari, and this is the first time I've seen this. It clearly is only caused by the "Create a PDF" function under iOS, or there is some setting in iOS PDF's that breaks on other platforms.

Gripe: when I go to post, and I have to choose a community to post TO, why is there no choice just for iOS ? I am posting to OS X technologies knowing this may be the wrong forum but cannot find the right forum for iOS.

iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 11.2.6

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Mar 23, 2018 7:34 AM in response to rj_oregon In response to rj_oregon

This has been annoying me for a while, but this site has a workaround. https://pspdfkit.com/blog/2018/ways-to-create-a-pdf-on-ios/

It involves hitting print and doing a two finger zoom in on the preview. This creates a sensibly paginated PDF that you can export.

Mar 23, 2018 7:34 AM

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Question: iOS-created multi-page PDFs render as single page, distorted view or print from OS X