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Question: restart to installer

A few weeks ago I installed HS and I'm on 10.13.3

Since a few days ago every time I restart the computer i boots into the installer and shows me a message:

"macOS could not be installed on this computer".

Holding ALT on startup shows me the installer and my HD, choosing the HD allows a normal startup.

Checking in the SysPrefs shows ONLY the main HD.

Obviously there's a leftover there from the installation which wakes up on a restart.

Once this started I had a look around and found an advice to reinstall the HS, I did and it didn't help.

I ran a HS version of Onyx to clean up, no fix.

Any advice please?

2014 MBP

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Mar 19, 2018 1:57 AM in response to i.3d In response to i.3d

Very strange...
I checked the App Store and 10.13.3 showed AGAIN as an available upgrade.
Upgraded and restarted many times... so far, so good.
Something must have gone wrong during the previous update and it looks as if this upgrade flushed out any gremlins.
I hope that's it for me.

Thanks all for your help.

Mar 19, 2018 1:57 AM

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Question: restart to installer