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Question: Mail - replace attachments with dropbox links

i've just seen some software called Sanebox which is great in what it offers, but super expensive in that I would like only one thing that's part of their package - wondering if there's anything else that can do this for Mac Mail.

It replaces attachments with cloud links, both for incoming and outgoing mail. So at any time you can go back and access the attachment, without a bunch of them filling up storage space.

"Large attachments can be a pain in your email account. They can fill up your email quota as well as take a while to download and forward. To alleviate this issue, SaneBox has created Sane Attachments. This feature uses your choice of either Dropbox, Google Drive, Box," -

After a lot of searching it would seem that moving attachments to dropbox is possible with a script, but doesn't leave a link? That's no good for me....

I see another application called MailButler swaps out outgoing attachments the same way, but not received mail, plus $$

I understand that people need to get paid for their work, but Sanebox is $299 a year, I would only use this feature, so that's a lot!!

Apparently there is an Outlook add on that does this via DropBox, but needs to have a newer version of exchange c=server than I have, so it is possible!

Any help appreciated!


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Question: Mail - replace attachments with dropbox links