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Question: iPhone X screen separation

I've have a concern with my iPhone X and I was wondering if anyone else is having this same issue because when I took it to the Apple store they said it's normal and others were having the same issue. When I had the iPhone 6 plus my phone bent on two occasions and it cause screen separation... Well you could visibly see the screen moving up and down it wasn't really noticeable but if you looked close you could see it and it also made a clicking sound... My iPhone X isn't bent I'm sure but I started noticing the screen moves up and down and you can hear clicking, it started in the bottom left corner now 3 of the 4 corners it's happening in. Again when I took it to Apple they said it's normal and other associates in the store had the same issue. Are there any other people that's having this problem? I also think due to this issue I can't keep a screen protector on my phone... I put them on and a week later they're coming up due to these screen issues.

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Question: iPhone X screen separation