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Question: Memory Management in iOS, searching Updates


I'm using an iPhone 6, 64 GB with iOS 10.3.2 and I'm also owner of an old Mac Pro 1,1.

As you guys at Apple know, my iPhone won't synchronize anymore with my Lion Mac Pro. So, basically as long as I'm not updating my MacPro I have to live with the drawback that I can't use my local backup, which is stored on my Mac and have to use my 64-bit Windows Notebook running Windows 10 instead.

That said I also thought that until I buy a new Mac I could use my iPhone without problems. BUT, since I'm running out of memory the Update function of iOS is driving me nuts!

Can somebody please tell me, why iOS is (obviously) searching AND loading data for an iOS update, even if there is no more memory space left for the update itself?! And why is it periodically searching again, even if I set my configuration to not search...? (Who is testing such scenarios at Apple?!)

As I don't expect to get a solution, since I'm not able to sync with my Mac and I won't update my iPhone until I got a new one, I just wanted to leave this info to make sure that this bug has been reported.

Have a sunny day in California!


iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.2

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Question: Memory Management in iOS, searching Updates