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Question: Is there a bluetooth switcher utility for Mac?

I love the airpods. Not having to fuss with wires is like the best thing ever. BUT, I'm honestly pretty disappointed with how clunky the Bluetooth switching capabilities of the airpods are, considering I'm using them with all apple devices, iPhone, Mac, Macbook, Apple TV.

I would think that since everything was in the same Apple ecosystem that switching between the devices would be MUCH smoother than it is.

I've found that someone made a bluetooth switcher utility called "Tooth Fairy" that seems like exactly what I'm looking for, but it apparently isn't available in the US Apple App Store.

https://www.macstories.net/mac/switch-your-airpods-connection-easily-with-tooth- fairy/

Does something exist like this that is actually available?

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Question: Is there a bluetooth switcher utility for Mac?