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Question: Why IOS update download is so so slow ?

I have home internet download speed of 3.6mb/sec(with Spectrum) and AT&T wireless speed of 45Mb/sec. Tested with Speedtest app. I started downloading ios 11.3. I know it is a big download but taking over 17 hours and still going. I tried using both(home,wireless) on iPhone 5S. IPhone was Reset than updating from ios 10.2 to 11.3. Why taking so long ? Is it because when I reset the iPhone, I said skip adding appleid ? Is is possible that I started with slow home internet speed and Apple download server thinks my speed is very slow ? Does Apple stream download from different servers(fast,slow) based on what ? How to speed up download ? Is there a way to pause download in-middle and move to faster internet speed or download servers and don't have to start all over ? When you expect the download to finish in few hours and when takes over 17 hours and still not done than it is very frustrating.

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.3, Download IOS speed

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Question: Why IOS update download is so so slow ?