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Question: iPad Pro 9.7 stops charging randomly

Product Info

iPad Pro 9.7, version 11.3, IOS 11.3, 128gb.

Problem Description

iPad ends charging cycle after 45-60 minutes of charging. Problem continues until manually unplugging and replugging in USB cable. The charging graphic stops when it stops charging.

Troubleshooting Completed

1. Swapped the cord out for 5 others I had, as well as used one brand new from apple.

2. Unplugged USB from iPad, from power supply, from wall and re-plugged all yielded same result of iPad began charge cycle again.

3. Wiggled the plug while charging and when issue occurs, nothing changes unless its fully unplugged and re-plugged.

4. Charging off of 12W @ 2.4a supply, off of the "cube" with 1a output, off of my MacBook pro mid 2012 @ 0.5a.

4. Cleaning inside charging port.

5. Using iPad or having all apps killed and turned off, yield same results.

6. I initially thought logitech keyboard had an impact, while it seems this problem occurs more often when it is attached, i can't confirm this.

~7300mAh battery charging at 12W 2.4A @ 80% (assumed 80%) efficiency yields 3.8 hour charge time. so cutout every 20% or so, about every 45 minutes the iPad decides to stop charging.

This is a frustrating issue as if i plug my iPad in before bed, i wake up with an iPad at 18% still plugged in to the wall.

Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? I imagine it is a software issue, hardware issue within the PS or iPad, or defect in my product.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi, iOS 11.3

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Apr 21, 2018 3:23 PM in response to tannerfromlexington In response to tannerfromlexington

You've done a good chunk of troubleshooting so far.

Have you tried powering off the iPad while it's plugged in and seeing if there's a change in charging while it's shut down?

I would also see if turning off auto-lock and leaving the display on makes a difference.

If neither of those helps, restoring the iPad as a new device is worthwhile.

If still no joy, then I think bringing it to an Apple store is next.


Apr 21, 2018 3:23 PM

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Question: iPad Pro 9.7 stops charging randomly