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Question: Mac Cleaner malware downloaded on it's own

Mac Mini (2014) OS High Sierra 10.13.4

I was browsing on in Safari when the website (screen capture below) opened as if I had clicked to go to another page, (I did not, but I could go back to the page I was on in It looks just like an page, except the address leads with I opened a new page and typed in "" to see if it's part of Safari tells me it can not find the server. So I decided to close the pop up window, the website immediately downloaded the mac.cleaner file. So I put this in my trash. I'm not sure it opened and downloaded into my system or not. But now I know to just close the entire page instead of clicking ANYTHING on the page. Last summer I got the mac.cleaner file installed accidentally. I totally missed how it happened. Except that the mac cleaner icon was up in the menu bar with no way to remove it and it would open periodically and interrupt whatever I was doing on the computer to announce it was "cleaning my hard drive of any malware viruses" Like that was a helpful thing.

I searched this board and followed all of the suggestions to delete the mac.cleaner files hidden in the library. But I could not find all of the files. So I tried Adware Doctor app. It was a $5 purchase. And it did find and show me where the last of the malware files were hidden and deleted them. I just ran this app right now and see if anything was downloaded and I read that cookies are cleaned up and that's why the fake website was able to open up through Like I have any idea what that really means!

Anyway, in hopes of helping anyone like me that has this problem. adware doctor app did the job and I did not end up with it reinstalled! Yay. Now what was it I was doing before this whole bothersome interruption stopped me from my tasks?

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Mac mini, macOS High Sierra (10.13.4)

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Question: Mac Cleaner malware downloaded on it's own