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Question: iPhone 8 is vibrating stronger than normal

Hey guys!

Quick question here, as this has been observed for the past couple of days.

I have an iPhone 8, around 6 months now, and everything has been ok. Never dropped it, the phone has a slim Otterbox case as well, never was handled without a case.

For these past couple of days, problems started. First, I would get messages and my phone wouldn't vibrate. Went to check on settings, everything was fine. Now, it vibrates once in a while when I get messages, and a strong vibration. But, it is sounding also like something inside is not right. When it vibrates I can hear something inside vibrating out of the usual. It seems like top right, close to the camera.

Is there any chance there's a piece or something inside that is loose? It's such a weird noise.

Also, the home button (even though not being a button), the weakest vibrating setting possible, is feeling stronger than normal, a bit weird. Everything is just feeling a bit off when it comes to the vibrate setting. I tried to create a custom one, and the weakest one possible, but still, when it vibrates, it has the same sound as something is loose inside.

Anyone ever had that issue? Am I imagining that something is loose?

iPhone 8, iOS 11.3

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You should probably have your phone checked:

iPhone Service Answer Center

Good luck.

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Question: iPhone 8 is vibrating stronger than normal