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    "call the AT&T people and have them cancel your data plan, then ask them to try and activate the phone for you. i had to give the rep information about my phone and then she had me turn it off. Once i turned it back on again i got the magic email and my phone started working. Then you just have to call back to get the data plan put back on. it should work for you."

    Finally called the 3701 number, optn.3, but didn't put in my actual order number, because all you will get is a recording. Put in 0, and if you try enough times, you can at least get put on hold like I am!

    Hopefully the AT&T person I get will listen to the above stuff, and actually try it for me, it would make the rest of their day better too...

    I'll keep you posted if it works or not.

    39 hours right now. Wow, I hope it works...
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    36 Hours… spoke to ATT (3 reps / 1 Supervisor) and Apple (2 reps / 1 supervisor).

    My issue stemmed from ATT, not Apple. I finally spoke to an knowledgeable ATT rep who asked for my IMEI number. It appears my IMEI number was tied to my old Motorola phone, thereby preventing the iPhone from activating. Apple does not have information as to what ATT is trying to activate (in this case an old Motorola).

    That being said, the ATT rep updated my IMEI number and one-minute later… I have an active phone.

    Hope this helps. Here’s some numbers you may want to try:

    877-800-3701 (option 3)

    To be fair to Apple, they indicated that they work on the hardware, OS, etc. ATT handles activation, which was the issue I had faced. Last night an ATT supervisor clearly stated that this was on Apple’s end, not ATT.

    Good Luck.

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    Been working on this since Friday night at 8 pm. Talked with AT&T three times, one time for about 45 minutes. That person tried to then connect me to their own AT&T help line - and, guess what? - they were closed. So the AT&T rep I was talking to then just hung up on me. Got to love how they are handling this. Maybe this is why AT&T went out of business a couple of years ago. The "New AT&T" is more of the same.
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    Congrats. It has been 41 hours for me, still no luck. I've been on the phone for at least 6 hours trying to get it activated =/
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    Follow up.

    I just got off a 1 hr 30 min and 51s call. I was told someone is activating your account right now. I told the nice lady that someone told me the same thing 20 hours ago. She checked with her super and then proceded to give me yet ANOTHER 800 number to call TOMORROW MORNING!

    42 hours.

    It's 2 days after Christmas. I got the toy I always wanted... but no batteries. Thanks, Apple/AT&T.
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    I am a loyal Apple fan who has been using Apples for the last twenty years. I am also an existing AT&T customer. I wanted to keep my phone number so I had a new account made. I spoke to a Premier person at AT&T Business. I signed up for a new account to use the iPhone. He stated that it would activate in three hours. That was 21 hours ago. I am still waiting for that email, and have no phone service at all because they disconnected my service. I don't understand why I can't just use the iPod at least. Losing faith in Apples hope to become part of the masses. First you get rid of the firewire connection for iPods, now I can't even connect the iPhone to my house computer, an iMac because I don't have usb 2.0. I tried the Firewire cord, but iTunes did not recognize. Whatever happened to Apple being able to work with all generations.

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    I am at 40 hours and still waiting. I am an existing ATT customer transfering an existing ATT number to the iPhraud.

    I predict that Apple and AT&T will ultimately say that the only people who are not activated did not correctly put information in during the activation process. In other words, blame the customer.

    Jeremy at ATT help desk conceded that the activation process could take as long as thirty DAYS.

    I suggest that we call our respective state's consumer protection agency (usually housed in the State Attorney General's Office) and file complaints first thing Monday morning.

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    I see posts from people who seem to be able to get through to the ATT call center(s) today (07/01). I thought they were closed on Sunday. What's the deal?

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    yeah, just wait until you get an actual person and don't get off the phone until they activate it for you and you get the e-mail. I got it withing seconds of the rep syaing she activated my phone. I hope it works out for you!
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    Thought I would share what got me activated ...

    Not unlike many of you - bought mine 6:40 (central) Friday night. Straight home and begin the process by 7. Call to AT&T around 11:30 because it hadn't completed and was told that the server was overloaded (no checking on my account - just a canned answer).

    Woke up Saturday - nothing. Took kids to soccer and returned home around 1:00pm. Called to check and was told the same thing. Checked this forum and, after reading that my old data plan could be the problem - I called back. Sure enough, I was still on the media max and not the Apple data plan -so they fixed that. Went to church and dinner/visit with friends and came home around 11pm. Still nothing.

    Checked here again - read about 877-419-4500 # and the 1APL so decided to call. Sure enough - no automated answering - got a live person (Lindsey) - who was dynamite! She reviewed everything on my account and said I too was missing the 1APL. She could not add it, but said that if I didn't call - they would have fixed this eventually. But, if I were to call the 877-800-3701 option 3 # they could add it right there.

    So I called them (a few times - as due to high volume they were not taking calls) and waited on hold for about 80 mins. When I got through, I asked them to add the 1APL to my a account which he (Mr. Jones) did. Hung up at about 1:45am.

    Woke up this morning, and had an email at 3:47am from iTunes saying I was activated and ready to roll. Been playing all morning and it is indeed worth the wait. So call and have them fix the missing links (Apple data, 1APL, etc) and you should be on the road to enjoying your phone soon!

    Good luck!

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    Hi all,

    So I was a T-mobile customer and have been waiting for like 41 hours and called constantly (logged 18 hours on my T-mobile account) and my iPhone was activated about 2 minutes ago. I didn't port my number over b/c that was too complicated so I'm going to port it over in a few days. I suggest calling AT&T and just telling them you want to keep checking on things. I had them check my rate plan, address, phone number, anything I could to keep my account current while on the phone with them. I don't know if that did anything at all, but I don't think it should hurt. Good luck to all. Even though mine works now, it is still unacceptable. I've written a letter to Apple and AT&T and I recommend you do so as well.
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    I work for AT&T and the call centers are open today to help you guys with your phones. Everyone is on overtime and its sad because we are really restricted in what we can do. We cant see iTunes, we cant see your activations, we cant see anything but your billing information. We got calls all day yesterday from people with iPhones that were waiting for their email.

    The way Apple set this thing up is that only iTunes can activate the phones and I cant believe AT&T agreed to that. We cant push anything through and when we talked to Apple reps, they said their iTunes system is overloaded and its taking forever for the emails to catch up with the activations.

    For those who are transferring numbers, I would call and have the activation stopped and get a new number. Your number can be transferred anytime. It will make the process go a lot faster.

    If you take your sim card out of your iPhone and put it in a regular phone, the phone should work because the AT&T portion of the activation is complete.
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    Went to att store.......made the replace with a new sim......activated in three mins.

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    Recieved not one, not two, but three separate emails from AT& T last night after talking to one of their iPhone activation reps. It is the "We are currently processing your order... so on and so forth."

    Several hours after getting the emails with no activation in sight, I called the 1.877 number, option three. The recording said my application was being held up for additional info. Waited over two hours and never got to a live person. Made the same call this morning. After waiting for almost 80 minutes. got a live person.

    My account is being held up for credit approval even tho the local AT&T store ran the credit check when I bought the iPhone. They even gave me a credit check number which they told me to enter during the activation process. They also told me to use the procedure for an existing customer adding an additional phone to my family plan. That process does not ask for the credit check number.

    Here is the kicker, the activation people at AT&T do have the authority to override a credit check. Instead I have to call AT&T Customer Care. THEY ARE NOT OPEN UNTIL MONDAY MORNING. When I expressed my disbelief that I had to wait till Monday, the Customer Service rep said, "I don't understand why they didn't stay open this weekend what with the iPhone coming out."

    I have had Macs since 1984. None of my past buying experiences have prepared me for this mess.

    Has anyone else found a work around to this?
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    Once working this phone is really remarkable. But I still have a bad taste from the activation process. Thinking back to why/what my problem could have been I have no explanation from ATT but here's what it could have been.

    I was a cingular customer for many years (not ATT), as was my wife. She had a business account which our employer paid. We combined them into a consumer responsibility family plan but we still enjoyed a discount from our employer (we both work at the same place.) We later added my oldest son. We paid about $100/month on the family plan for many years, all phones going off contract because we'd had service more than 2 years on all of them. I began to notice service discounts (10%) on our bill and equipment upgrade offers coming in the mail and email with increasing frequency. Clearly they wanted me to sign a new contract and/or not leave ATT.

    I bought an iPhone Friday night at 8 PM at the apple store at suburban square outside Philadelphia. What a breeze!

    Got home - held up opening it as I wanted to 'get the smile' from my sons. Who, being my sons, were out until who knows when. So after an hour I opened it anyway and started the activation process.

    Itunes loaded and I clicked in succession: Yes I have a cingular account. Yes I want to keep my number. Yes you can have my business discount. Then - [pause for emphasis] - the 'your activation will take additional time to complete' screen of waiting.

    An email (three identical ones actually) from the itunes store came to my dot mac account instantly.

    Great! That was guick! Except of course it wasn't. It was only the first 'ATT is now processing your activation' e-mail.

    But it was so fast I knew the next would come quickly. Which it didn't. So I checked my old phone - which was deactivated already, taking only minutes. Great! Maybe just a few minutes more. And this is how infatuation and addictions begin, isn't it? Intermittent reinforcement. Withdrawal symptoms. Watching jealously as others court and win your prize.

    So I marshaled my best zen '...whatever...', expecting to settle in for a long wait. But, being raised a methodist, turns out my zen isn't very good. I logged into the discussion boards and began following this thread from nearly the first post. I was able to wait about three hours before my first call to ATT which was, um, deeply unsatisfying.

    I went to sleep with a headache. Woke up to no email. More waiting, then a call to the 3701 number. Inconceivably, it was even more unsatisfying than the first call. Then again, I've heard that word doesn't always mean what I think it does.

    By 2:30 PM yesterday (Saturday) I had restarted, reinstalled iTunes, discovered the 'ibrick shuffle' that could load content from itunes and play it with the space bar or the headset button. I also had put my sim card into my other phone, which then could call out but not accept calls. Calling my phone number got a "this customer hasn't configured their voice mail" message. I learned all these tricks reading the sacred scroll of this lengthening thread, which was by now many, many scrolls long.

    Then [skies open wide and sun beams down here]; another two emails in two minutes: an "Information about your ATT account" email instructing me to go online and view my 'css'; then a second "thanks for your recent purchase. We are currently processing your order. Your order number is XXXXXX" email.

    But still no 'click here to activate'. I review the message raw source for clues. Review my console system logs for hints about what's transpiring. I consider booting up ethereal to figure out what kind of bizarre packet dance happens to give me my "Your activation takes additional time to complete" screen in iTunes.

    But I'm a doctor, not a packet sniffing apple addict fan boy.

    [Pause here while I reflect on how my wife and medical acquaintances will respond to this assertion. This is a long pause.]

    So I make another phone call after another two hours. It's now 5 PM and I get an ATT support person who says - "looks good, not sure why it's not going through. Wait some more." She must be a zen master, but with a canadian 'boot' sound to her 'looks good'. I imagine Frances McDormand working my case.

    Wait until 8 PM and call again. This time I get a "it's activated - let me call your phone to test it." Anticipation grows!

    Rep: "Hey, when I call your number I get a message that says you've not set up your voice mail."

    Me: [wanting badly to be watching 'Brazil' on my iBrick while I reply] "Really?"

    Rep: "Sure. That means you're active. Just wait a little while longer."

    Me: "and I should believe this waiting will be different why?"

    Rep: [deleted]

    So I hang up and I get online and study the scrolls some more. God has punished me, along with many others of you. We are admonished by the enlightened: "You probably didn't read the instructions, tried to port an ugly number, or have bad teeth."

    But surely I've followed the straight and narrow. I have six macs in my house. Six ATT phones. What sin have I committed? Where's the confession booth? How many hail mary's do I say? If a methodist says a hail mary will god still hear it?

    Hours pass, as they do when you are forced to surf aimlessly in the desert of non-iPhone-ness.

    I call 3701 again, but this time where once I got a person after punching in the option 3 and my order number I get an automated voice saying 'your activation is complete - enjoy your new phone.'

    Pretty cheerful really. Even the machines of the world were happy while I was crying. (Metaphorically of course. I'm a guy and guys don't cry.)

    Just for old time sake, and because I had tired of reading about the future from the anointed, I reset the iPhone another couple of times by holding down the home key and sleep/off key until the screen goes dark and it reboots.

    I then performed THE RITUAL exactly as spelled out in chapter "activation will not complete", verse "This worked for me!" for the 300th time:

    Check email for a message, find none, put iPhone in dock anyway, watch it load iTunes, mutter incantations, expect to see 'Your activation takes..." screen but instead see my phone pop-up a 'you're activated' message.


    So what lessons have I learned?

    Turns out the river styx is about 26 hours wide where I live (YMMV). Virgil doesn't work on the weekend, but his replacement is this quirky canadian chick with an accent and, contrary to Canadian sterotypes, a mean streak a mile wide if you ask one more time "so what am I supposed to do now?"

    I've also learned that I'm an amateur when it comes to zen-like patience. That if you lower your expectations they'll be met eventually. And that I'd do it all again tomorrow if I had the chance to wait in the desert with you fine folk.

    Most important, and despite what others here have posted, you've gotta believe that it's not your fault because it isn't. Steve expects greatness and we should too. ATT, are you listening?

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