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    I am seeing the same behavior, if I cntrl-t at the 7 sec point into the song the 100% CPU usage does NOT occur. If I don't cntrl-t I get a cpu spike for 16 seconds. Great Observation Gordio! The call to screen visualization must interupt the normal program flow. It indicates a software fix could be possible. Come on Apple, there must be a product manager who could take ownership for this problem.
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    I had the iTunes freezing problems during synchronisation with several of my customers' classic 160gb. Would only synchronise 50 songs then everything would freeze. It turns out that disabling their Norton Firewall leads to successfull synchronisation. You may want to try turning of your AV/Firewall, even the Windows Vista one and see if that helps. Not ideal but at least you can get your songs onto you iPod now.
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    Reassigned iPod drive letter, did not resolve the "freeze" that begins at 8 sec point when playing a song from iTunes.
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    I'm glad a search turned up this forum, because I was about to pull my hair out.
    I have an 160 Classic on Macbook.
    At first everything was fine for a while, but today I updated my mac (inc the firmware update and other things and itunes). I plugged my ipod in and it said there was a ipod software update as well, so I clicked yes.
    Anyway, after it did it things went bad. It pretty much went screwed from there.
    So, it said it deteced an ipod in recovery mode, which shocked me because I hadn't done anything... SO I gave up trying to find a miracle cure and restored it.
    Or tried to. I can't even do that. It said the updater software thingy was busy, frustrating...
    Seeing as my ipod was rooted I ejected (which was also difficult) and restarted.
    Plugged ipod in and tried to restore, it again said the updater was busy. So I turned off airport, thus disconnecting the net, and it tried to do it without updating the software.
    And again didn't work.
    I tried restoring it using the click wheel etc, but it said I must use itunes.
    Please dear God someone or Apple help.

    BTW: besides these updating things, I had only put about 10-20g on it.
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    I to have your exact problem. Went online and bought some alternative software to Itunes. Thought I would just bypass Itunes completely. However the new software says I must restore using Itunes before I can use the new software. Problem is I can't even do that as Itunes shows this recovery mode and will run all night but never complete. The Ipod at this point is empty as all is erased and I can't do anything with it. Tried shutting down firewalls, etc. Nothing works.
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    Just joining my voice to the masses -

    I got a 160gb Classic for my birthday - its my 4th iPod, and we have many in our house... I get the same issues in iTunes with the freezes as I've added more content.

    I was able to copy 75 gb of music by turning off the automated synch's and manually copying the 6600 songs into an empty classic. Once that completed, iTunes is slow, and I'm having all kinds of problems copying Podcasts and having them show up. After reading stuff here, I'm seeing the CPU peg when I do things.

    We compared this to my husband's 80gb 5G ipod, and most actions in iTunes took less than 20% cpu, and were subsecond to complete... Ejecting took 25% CPU and about 6-7 seconds.

    I sent my note to Apple, and I'd be glad to join the petition for a reasonable solution - this is horrible. Sorry to all who have been dealing with this longer than I have...
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    Just an update, after my fourth restart and at 1am in them morning, itunes finally agreed to restore the ipod.
    However, after it seemingly did it, the ipod popped up on the computer again and I, expecting it to be like when I first connected it after getting it was, was disappointed again.

    It came up again in itunes, and instead of a restored ipod, it told me it has detected and ipod in recovry mode and needs to be restored. I tried again to no avail. SO I know officially have a paper weight, because if I turn it on all it tells me is it needs itunes to restore it.
    I'm going to have to exchange it, I bought online from apple in Australia, but what am I going to get? Another broken one?
    If I get a new one I may just not even use it until Apple gets off their collective bottoms and fixes it.
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    Add my name to the list as well, after updating to the new software (1.0.2) yesterday my Classic is now completely unusable. It just freezes on the Apple logo, then shuts itself off, then starts again and freezes and shuts itself off again in a never-ending cycle until the battery dies. iTunes no longer recognises it, unless i put it into disk mode. Here it allows me to restore the iPod, but after doing so and enduring a lengthy sync, ejecting it sends everything back to the frozen Apple logo/restarting nightmare cycle. I have tried restoring it multiple times and downloaded the new software a few times as well, but to no avail.

    I'm going to take it to an Apple Store first chance i get and see what they say, but from all the other posts, it seems like the Genius' will be just as bamjaxed.
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    Just adding my bit.
    Not only has my iPod classic shown the frequent freezes on iTunes, i also found out that you can no longer take songs from your iPod to your computer. This is probably just some stupid security update, but one more reason to hate Apple. It doesn't matter what software you use either, all of them can no longer take songs off of the iPod. If anyone has a solution, I could use your help.
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    I bought the iPod Classic 160 Gb on 19 September in the UK, from Dixons. I have used iPods without any problem since February 2005 (this is my third iPod), and the main reason I bought the new Classic 160 Bg model was that my iTunes library has grown to about 90 GB, comprising music and audiobooks (no photos or videos). Essentially, the new Classic has been a disaster, despite my updating online for two software updates in the last 2 weeks for iPod and iTunes (now on version When I connect the Classic with my main iTunes library (on my desktop PC, running Windows XP Pro), it takes about an hour simply to be recognised by iTunes, then iTunes synchronises at a painfully slow rate for a while, at about 10 Mb per hour (at which rate it would take a just over a year to download my library). Finally, after a few hours, iTunes loses contact with the iPod altogether, and everything transferred to that point is lost! Needless to say, this iTunes library still works perfectly with my old 60 Gb iPod. Incidentally, as an experiment, I put a few items on an iTunes library (about 5 Gb) on my laptop (also running Windows XP Pro), the Classic synchronises perfectly with the laptop. This indicates that this problem is likely to relate mainly to the size of the iTunes library. Since having a large iTunes library is the very reason for buying the iPod Classic, there is something very wrong here!
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    mines done exactly the same thing just tonight so if u have any luck in finding a solution or that u need to get a replacement etc. Please tell us!!
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    ClassicIrritation - did you ever receive a response from your letter to Steve?
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    After some more fiddling today i managed to restore the classic and get it off the freeze-reset death cycle, but without any music on. i then tried to add some music manually, and synced 3 albums worth (about 40 songs) across with absolutely no hitches. i could then disconnect the ipod and use it as normal, which indicates that its nothing fundamentally broken with the iPod (the harddrive hasnt failed like i thought at first). but, as i tried to sync more and more music to the iPod, everything went back to the freeze at Apple screen-click-reset cycle when i ejected from iTunes, which it is currently sat still doing as i type because it cant even be turned off when it gets like this.

    So, it does indeed look like its a problem with the size of the iTunes library as has been mentioned above, but then again, mine is only about 16GB, with another 4GB or so of photos and movies. Regardless though, the product has serious flaws that are preventing the syncing of large media libraries which is what its intended purpose is! If iI only wanted a few songs on it, I would have bought a nano. I have applied online to have the iPod serviced anyway, as this should not be happening with a 2 week old bit of kit. I just wish Apple would acknowledge this critical flaw in their shiny new toy and set up some sort of exchange or recall thing, make it easier for us all to get a new unbroken and properly working iPod Classic.
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    Just updated to 1.0.2 and the itues processor hanging problem is STILL THERE. sigh I got an iPod touch over the weekend and it's an amazing thing. Too bad the classic is about as useful as a door stop. Thanks Apple for acknowledging the issues with the Classic and fixing them... NOT!
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    You can add my name to the list. Though my problem seems to be a bit odd.

    I run win XP pro (and Win Vista on my laptop)
    I have a 80gb Classic.

    At first I was using my ipod fine (two days ago from the time of this post). I sync some new songs and go on my merry way. And I notice when I'm playing music on it, the album art on it is mixed up, not displaying it correctly. I think it's a bit weird and just decide to delete all my songs and start new (My collection isn't that large, and when I first did it I just dropped my whole music folder into it (Not a clean move).

    So I go and connect my iPod to my computer, iTunes opens up and recognizes it and I go and try to delete the songs off of the iPod (through iTunes) iTunes locks. So I ctrlaltdelete. End iTunes.exe and try again. Again the same thing. I come on to these forums and some posts say that it could be the album art which is screwing it up. So I go and uncheck "display album art" it freezes again. This time in frustration I go and try to Restore the iPod. And joy it freezes again!

    Now this is where I'm at. Because of the bad sync (with trying to restore it) the iPod itself freezes, when I restart it it will hardlock on the main menu (and the album art WON'T display, its just a white screen). iTunes still freezes as well whenever I try to sync anything with it. However, I can still browse my music from iTunes when my iPod is connected (I'M CURRENTLY PLAYING MUSIC FROM IT!!!, least I think I am...) iTunes doesn't freeze, it's ONLY when I try to sync , transfer or eject.

    I try everything known to man on this forum none has worked.

    So I spent 3 hours on the phone with apple tech support and the first time they said it was my computer's usb drivers being outdated. (I had tried the iPod on two different machines), on two different operating systems. So I update them, and (suprise...) it still happens. So I call again, and the guy is shipping me a box to ship mine back.

    Here is where I have a couple questions,
    A: If I ship it back, and get it repaired, will they send mine back or a refurbished one, as mine has custom engraving... I don't want to loose that.
    B: Can you reformat the iPod using windows (control panel> admin tools> comp managment etc...) and get iTunes to reinstall the firmware on to it.

    This is my first apple product, and it isn't going well. I researched the **** out the mp3 player market, and even waited 2 months to go with this one... now I'm regretting it.