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    yeah. that seems like what they did. I'm kinda thinking a lot of people would've paid the extra for a decent and perfect screen. I mean as soon as word gets out for the crappy screens they'd lose sales. They've already lost a lot of iPod Touch sales.
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    I was going to purchase an Touch but after seeing alot of blogs and posts im unsure...has anyone seen anything from apple about this issue?
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    So last night I decided to try my hand at this on what I had thought was a "good" screen. I had a hard time replicating it except on that youtube video of Silence of the Lambs. Now than, what came to my attention is that this is a design flaw.

    To test, I used that clip, and turned off all light sources in my room, reducing any outside glare, etc. I watched it first at the factory brightness levels, which then showed the effects (50% brightness, auto brightness turned on). Next I turned the brightness all the way up, still there, and actually worse. I tilted the screen around and payed close attention to the edges.

    What I noticed on those edges was a lot of light. Not colored, just bright. Which got me thinking. So I turned the brightness down to around 25%. Sure, the screen wasn't bright, but the negative effect had also gone down.

    What I am getting at, is that the backlight/sidelight that controls brightness appears, to me at least, to be catching the screen, kind of like fiber optics. If I had to guess, the gab between the screen and the glass is to blame, and just some bad design/tolerancing.

    Another spot I saw the negative effect was in the trailer for Dragon Wars. I do have to say though, better encoded videos will have less of this effect. And it is an issue with LCD technology in general.
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    Oh yeah, and the backlight is on the cooler side of the spectrum (towards 5200k, which is the temp for daylight). So if your eyes are used to a Tungsten lit room (3500k) the light appears blue.
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    Oh, and to add, the reason it happens only in the blacks, is that is the only place where the light that is carried across the screen is not being blocked out by brighter light from behind it. Basically, if it is not a total black (aka, pixels turned off), you won't see the negative. What we are perceiving as blacks without the effect are actually, on a brightness scale, just above pure black. But that is all it needs to over power the light issue.
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    jmpage2 wrote:
    The genius argued with me that it was because it was my 'badly encoded' movie that I had the issue, even though bright scenes in the movie looked fine. He even said that the iPod touch didn't have as good of a screen as the iPhone and I was being too picky about it.

    This isn't a simple 'swap it out and everything's fine' sort of situation. I am now on my 2nd iPod with the same issue, after finally convincing them not to hit me with a restocking fee at the Apple Store I purchased one at Best Buy... guess what, same issue.

    Frustration will continue to mount the longer this drags on and this is precisely the reason Apple needs to step forward and issue a statement on this now. Lately, I've gotten to to point where I prefer doing business with an Apple authorized reseller (e.g. Best Buy) so as to avoid having to deal with this "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" approach that Apple has adopted. Perhaps I have only myself to blame for choosing to become an early adopter of Apple's first gen products, but being told something different depending on which genius you happen to speak with is ridiculous, and frankly, it's bad customer service.
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    If it's a problem with the anti-reflective coating, can it be somehow reversed by applying an appropriate screen protector that has AR coating that acts in the opposite way, thus CANCELING out the effect of the factory AR?
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    No, because the layer is applied to the LCD below the glass that manages reflectivity BETWEEN the LCD and the GLASS from the INSIDE of the screen. You can't replicate a specialized LCD coating with some piece of plastic you slap on the glass. It doesn't work that way.

    Additionally Apple has started acknowledging the issue. It seems that week 38 ipods are fixed. So if you have a week 36 or week 37 with this problem, go swap it out for a week 38.
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    Any sources for this week 36/37 thing?

    And how do I find out what week mine is (excuse me if I'm being dim here)?

    That'll teach me to wander into the Apple store 45 minutes after spotting a FedEx truck outside (whilst on my way out of the Apple store, I hasten to add, rather than stalking the place like some kind of freak... er...) and seeing them wheel a trolley-load out.

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    The week code is in the serial number after the 9C7 number, so if it's 36, 37, 38 after that, that's the week code.

    So far, everyone at and have reported that the week 38 units have good screens.
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    I just came from my visit to a Genius in Ft Lauderdale. He said my screen is fine. And he has not had anyone else complain. I told him about the forum posts since I thought it was strange that he NEVER heard about this. He said "We don't have time to read the forums".

    So Apple releases their biggest product of the year, and Apple support reps have no idea what the end users are saying about it. What if there was a thread with over 15 thousand views that said the iPod Touch burst into flames while charging?
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    Print out the review from Mossberg in which he indicates Apple admits there are bad screens.

    Then go to or and print out a few pages of one of the "week 38" threads.

    Make sure you get a swap for a week 38 or later device. They will probably start trickling in to Apple stores this week.
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    Just got my pre-order touch from launch day today. Week 38. Ran many tests. Happy to report, screen looks great.
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    You're lucky! I just got my backorder touch today and mine went back to best buy exactly 1 hour later.

    I called apple to see if they had any touchs I could order that were after the bad batch, and they had no idea what I was talking about. Uh huh!