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Just got a brand new iPod Touch today for my birthday. It is a thing of beauty - the device itself seems to work fine and I had no problem connecting up to iTunes, registering the product with my AppleID and syncing my music library to the device.

For info, I'm running Windows XP Home on a Dell Dimension PC. I've used iTunes for years with an iPod mini. Before connecting the Touch, I downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes ( Even though I've always used iTunes with a different iPod, it recognised my new device and sync'd my library to it (which is what I wanted it to do).

Trouble is, each time I reconnect the Touch to the computer, when iTunes starts up it comes up with the product registration screen again. If I go through this process and put in my Apple ID, it asks me the same questions - update profile information, say which country I'm in, what age range I'm in etc. - it accepts it and then the Touch and its contents show up in iTunes no problem. But still every time I connect up it comes up with the registration screen. Oh, and the same thing seems to happen irrespective of whether I open iTunes before or after the Touch is connected, and irrespective of whether the Touch is on or off when I connect it.

I've tried the "5 Rs" on the Apple support website - no difference. I'd rather avoid having to completely uninstall iTunes unless it's really necessary, as I don't really want to have to rebuild my music library again.

I will be very, very grateful if someone can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance,


Dell Dimension, Windows XP
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