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    my ipod has been acting very sketchy lately. it would freeze while switching songs or scrolling around. i decided to reset it on my mac. it successfully restored, but then my itunes froze as well. i tried to force quit the application with no success. i couldn't even eject my ipod.. i had to manually shut down. loaded itunes again.. works fine, but when i connect my ipod it freezes up.. even though my ipod is mac formatted.. im gonna try to restore it with my pc again and see what happens. i plugged my ipod to my pc and the itunes does NOT freeze up... so it could possibly be a software glitch.. i guess you can try updating your software or re-install itunes.


    i restored my ipod with a pc and re-plugged it into my itunes and its not freezing anymore. it does detect that it is a windows formatted ipod so im gonna try formatting it back to mac.

    solution: just reformat it with another pc or mac and then bring it back to your original pc or mac. worked for me.
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    Same problem going on about 10 mo now. Started when I got my MacPro. I'm on my 3rd MacPro now (apple replaced it 2x) and problem persists. All updates have been done. Been on phone w/tech support over 10 hrs total; they feel is problem with iPod 30gb video or my iTunes library. Funny thing is, it syncs just fine on my old G5 running Tiger using the same library off the same drive. I've tried 3 ipods and a shuffle; all same result. Freezes on MacPro/Leopard, all work fine on G5. Apple support can't seem to explain that. When it does freeze up iTunes, I can't force quit either, nor can I eject my iPod; I get a "drive in use by other application" this occurs with any external USB device I have hooked up. Same problem with my prior to MacPro's as well. I replaced my drives,hub and all my cables; and problem still occurs. I hate having to just live with it!
    I had wanted to sell my G5 when I got my new mac, but I have to keep it around just to keep my iPod updated; and that is just plain unacceptable!
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    When i just connected my iPod to my computer it just froze up. The screen says do not diconnect. I've tried to rset it but it dooes not want to work. My itunes does not recognise the iPod and says the folder oculd not be found.
    Really confused on what to do. After half an hour the screen is still saying do not disconnect and will not work at all.
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    ...any help would be appreciated
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    I'm having the same problem as well. Anytime I hook up my iPod to sync my podcasts; it syncs up my iPod then freezes iTunes. This started happening after I installed Mac OS 10.5.6...
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    looks like noone from apple is even willing to help anyone with this and it's not okay.
    i have a practically brand new 120gb classic ipod that i purchased about october 2008. earlier my ipod was doing fine in itunes, now it just keeps saying connecting and my itunes freezes when i plug in my itunes. i recently added songs from cd's to my library, but I don't think that's the problem. i have itunes 8.0.2 or whatever. i need this music on my ipod and this is RIDICULOUS.

    i think we'd all appreciate it if someone from apple could help, but it doesn't look like that's about to happen anytime sooooooon!!!!!

    Very Frustrated-
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,460 points)
    This is a USER forum, where users help other users. If you are expecting for an Apple tech support person to pop by and provide the magic advice, you'll be waiting for a long time.

    If the iPod is from October 2008, it is still under the one-year warranty. Take it to an Apple Store to the +Genius Bar+. You can make an appointment using the web page for the local store, so that you don't have to wait.

    If there is no convenient Apple Store nearby, take it to an authorize repair place, or contact Apple Technical Support through the +Contact Us+ link at the bottom right corner of every Apple web page.
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    Obviously Kenichi Watanabe's ipod still works..

    If this were a user forum on a different website I would agree, however this forum is on, so they should be aware of the problem. It seems ridiculous to me that we have all had this problem for so long and nothing has been done to address it.

    I've tried everything short of that one user's fix to format on a Mac and then format back to Windows..I guess I'd rather have an ipod stuck in Oct 2008 than no ipod at all..

    Apple, where are you?
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,460 points)
    To contact Apple directly, use one of the methods listed under the +Contact Us+ link at the bottom right corner of just about any Apple web page. Or go to an Apple Store.

    I think Apple employees intentional do not get involved in Apple Discussions for legal reasons. If an Apple employee gave advice (such as those given by users to each other), that is an official written communication from Apple, the corporation, through an employee. That could probably lead to legal troubles. The official written communication for +Apple Support+ is provided in Apple's knowledge base articles, which are obviously written, reviewed. and approved by Apple employees before being published. About the only times I've seen Apple employees (the moderators) involved in Apple Discussions are when they edit or remove posts that are contrary to Apple's business interests. So obviously, they monitor what users post to some extent...

    Therefore, if you want contact with Apple, the corporation, you'll have to use one of the methods they provide for that purpose, not wait around forever in Apple Discussions.

    Obviously Kenichi Watanabe's ipod still works.

    Actually, all of my iPods are old broken iPods that I bought on eBay and repaired (expect for a refurb iPod shuffle). And now they "still work" perfectly.
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    I found the answer!!!!

    atleast if you have windows, I'm not sure if it works on mac.
    anyway when hook your ipod up and itunes pops up exit out of itunes.

    then go to my computer on the start menu, find your ipod, right click it and then look for the words format.

    click it, format it.

    it'll take a while, 30 minutes to an hour but after that it'll be fixed.

    hope i helped!
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    Thank you for that advice! I can confirm; if you have a PC and your itunes is freezing when you plug your ipod in, format your ipod. It took about 90 minutes to format. Once you format, plug your ipod back in and your itunes should pop up. When it does, it will tell you that you will need to restore your settings, click yes. That will take a few minutes and after that you should be good to go. I haven't had any problems.

    On a side note, I have had my computer for a year and had no problems, but recently I updated my iphone software via my itunes and shortly after I had this problem. Not sure if it's related but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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    It worked for me. I had to put my ipod into "disc mode" though, and Restore it through iTunes (itunes would freeze if the 'pod wasn't in disc mode, and I couldn't Format it like the guy says above because Windows kept giving an error message).

    Either way, fix #2: put your ipod in disc mode, and restore it through iTunes. After the ipod re-started it took a couple tries to Sync all my music and stuff onto it, but eventually I got everything on again!
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    Thanks! IT WORKED!

    My itunes would freeze up every time I sync my Ipod. This is a new computer so it was the first time I used this Ipod with this computer & I had to download itunes
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    OOps... clicked post by accident.... lets try this again....

    Thanks! IT WORKED!

    My itunes would freeze up every time I plugged in my Ipod. This is a new computer so it was the first time I used this Ipod with this computer & I had to download itunes8. It was would freeze & I had to use task manager to close itunes every time.

    I took the advice..went to 'my computer'..right clicked on ipod..clicked 'format'..cliked 'start'..a few pop us came up warning me that drive was in use or something & it ask if I wanted to continue anyway, I clicked 'yes'. I took like 7 mins.. re-plugged in ipod & wah-lah! I restored it in itunes when prompted to & now I'm back in business.

    The only downside is I lost all my music. My old computer crashed to putting them back on there is not an option w/out re-downloading the songs.. Oh well, majority of the songs were old & outdated anyway.

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    I tried the above suggestions but I am not able to get my 80 gig ipod recognized in "My Computer" so that I can attempt to format it. I tried connecting the ipod, letting it start itunes, quiting itunes and then going to My Computer, but the ipod is not there???
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