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  • FelixGarcia Level 4 Level 4 (2,800 points)
    I also purchased my iPhone on Day One, just noticed the bubble about a week or two ago. I just returned from the Apple Store with a new iPhone. The Genius said she does not know what caused it but has seen it before, so it seems like a known defect, I would just return it and do away with the bubbles.
  • ridebrtn21 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Can someone take a pic of these "bubbles", so I can see what to look for. Thanks.
  • FelixGarcia Level 4 Level 4 (2,800 points)
    Jeff Harris7 wrote:
    I have the same issue and I'm going to be taking my phone in tomorrow (Saturday, January 19, 2008) to see if I can get it fixed. Here's two images of my bubbles:

    Look at the above post.
  • Gary Mason Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I had 5 bubbles in my screen. One at first, then slowly over the last few months, they just started to appear. I took it into the Apple store and they replaced the phone. They said they had seem about 3 of them come back with bubbles in the display, but couldn't get an answer as to why. They thought that is was just a "first batch" issue.

    So if you have this issue, Apple will replace your phone to resolve it...
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    i noticed this problem back in October 07 with a bubble under the AT&T icon. i took my iPhone in and they would not replace it. a month later i noticed my phone was freezing every time i would answer a call. i don't think the items are related, but it was my opportunity to get a replacement iPhone.

    two days ago i notice a bubble near the battery icon. i'd like to take it back but wondering if i'm going to get the same "doesn't seem to be a problem, if it gets worse, bring it back".
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    I noticed this defect appearing on my iphone (8gb) back in October--4 months after purchase. I returned it to my local Apple store, citing that the pixel-sized blemish on the display was under the glass and couldn't have been cause by abuse. The rep examined the phone, agreed, and replaced it on the spot. No issues since.
  • Jeremy R Kolonay Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    So I stood in line and paid $600 for my first iPhone. I kept it in a hip case ALWAYS, and kept it out of the rain. After 6 weeks, I had about 14 bubbles under the screen. It got worse though. As the phone heated up (I'm assuming), the bubbles expanded putting pressure on the LCD creating a VERY noticeable pressure band down the screen top to bottom about a quarter way from the left edge. That happened for one week before the top 1/6th of the screen stopped responding to finger input and finally, the phone would just randomly lock. I took it to the local Apple Genius, demonstrated the problem, and was handed a refurb phone on the spot. This new phone has lasted 4 months before developing the problem with bubbles in more or less the same places as they appeared on my last iPhone. I've only got 4 bubbles now and the pressure has started. Me thinks a trip back to the Genius Bar is in order...
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    WOW!! and I thought I was the only one with this problem!! I even searched this very topic about 3 weeks ago and nothing?!?! I guess it's now becoming a bigger problem. My phone was a release day

    I took my phone into an Apple store in the MD/DC area and waited on standby to meet with a Genius. He said he'd never seen a problem like this (my bubbles were VERY similar in placement and size to the posting above), they passed it around to each other...and eventually I walked out with a new phone!

    No problems since and I think this battery is even better?!!?
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    hi doofoo,
    i had the same issue. waited in line for 17 hours to get an iphone and had 2 little tiny bubbles under the screen. after 8 months i decided i was sick of the bubbles... so i went to the apple store and no questions asked got it replaced. i couldn't get an explanation for the bubbles, but i got a brand new phone (straight from the packaging with 1.1.3 pre-installed).
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    No Bubbles here....I have a 1.1.1 otb 8gb iphone that I bought in early November


    Ive dropped it many times
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    does the bubbles look anything like this, cause I have it...
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    It seems that everyone with the issue are early adopters. has anyone with 'bubbles' recently purchased their iphone? i bought mine in early january, no bubbles.
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    Yes I have a 4GB bought it in July 07 .. And just yesterday i noticed one bubble it doest bother me at all !! But i was wondering if i go to the APPLE Store will i get a new one .. It has a Dent on the top near the headphone jack.. Maybe they wont give me a new cause of that .. And the drive to a apple store is like a hour away !!
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    I've had these bubbles on both the upper left and right of screen. 8gb iPhone.

    And the phone died today. The screen became unresponsive. But on the lower half of the screen.

    I have an appointment in the morning at the Apple Store to have get a replacement.

    So funny. The iPhone went nuts today. Screen would just open apps. Not unlock. Then not lock. Icons go into jiggle mode. Stop. Open random apps. Not work at all. It was crazy.

    Called Applecare. We restored it. And that's when I couldn't slide it open. So he set up the appointment.

    Using a backup 4gb now.
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    Does it not bother anyone that they are getting refurbished phones instead of new ones?

    I'm weird like that and that would kind of bother me.