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DaleKKiller Level 1 Level 1
In the last few days I've found that neither my iphone or itunes is keeping me up to date with updates. When I asked itunes to check for updates, it told me all my applications were up to date yet when I checked each application, there were updates available and I had to download them individually. Is there a known bug in the app store, or is it just me that's having this issue? Given that my collection of apps is growing all the time, manually checking them is very time consuming!

Compaq C701 EA laptop, Windows Vista
  • Jon Roemer Level 2 Level 2
    I'm having the same problem. App updates available in iTunes but iTunes and the App store on the phone saying that "no updates are available at this time".
  • ManateeMac Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. I've even tried forcing the update by:

    1. Re-downloading the updated app from the App Store
    2. Deleting the copy from my iPhone
    3. Re-syncing the iPhone with iTunes

    ...and I get the old version the app!

    It seems as if the app is listed as updated in the App Store, but the old file is still being pulled from their server.
  • kellybyrd Level 1 Level 1
    Similar problem. I did an update on the iPhone for two applications. I can use the newer versions of those apps (I checked them out, there are changes). When I sync with iTunes, those newer version do not sync back to the computer. Also, the computer doesn't ever show that these apps need to be updated.
  • brian555 Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, I've also found in the last few days that neither iTunes or my iPhone is keeping me up to date on application updates. iTunes application updates says there's no updates but if I browse the App Store, I can see new updates.

    When I manually get those updates from the App Store, those updates get to my PC but don't always get to my iPhone. For some, deleting the old app from my iPhone solves the problem but for others, I have to delete it from iTunes too -- then I drag the latest version of the App file from my PC into iTunes.
  • brian555 Level 1 Level 1
    I have seen multiple recommendations that you should only get your app updates through iTunes and not through iPhone (at this time anyway). That way you ensure that you have the latest versions on your desktop and readily available.
  • Priyatam Level 1 Level 1
    In my case, iTunes got the latest updates from AppStore, but didn't install the updates on my iPhone. I've to manually uncheck updated apps, sync and then have to check the apps again and sync back.... Hope there will be a automated process in next version of iTunes.
  • kellybyrd Level 1 Level 1
    So in general it seems like app syncing is sort of busted.
  • Ted Peters Level 1 Level 1
    I now have 2 or 3 copies of each of my 16 iPhone apps showing up in iTunes. Completely busted.
  • D0GG Level 3 Level 3
    Another weird one for yah.

    When I look at the version number for an application on iTunes, it may say 1.0, or whatever the older version number is (right click on the application and choose Get Info).

    But in fact the version that is on my iPhone is the current one.

    For example, the version listed for pandora on my iTunes says 1.0, but when Pandora loads it shows the version number in the lower right hand corner... Mine is showing version 1.1.

    Another example is AIM, it shows version 1.0 in iTunes, BUT when I use it on the iPhone, it has some of the new features that were introduced in version 1.1

    Weird stuff going on in the iPhone application world!!!!
  • Andy Abernathy Level 1 Level 1
    My iPhone says I have 5 updates available, but iTunes says there are no updates available, and I hate to update through the iPhone because updated apps lose their position on my iPhone.
  • badtz Level 2 Level 2
    same here, i have multiple copies of applications in my mobile applications folder :X
  • DaleKKiller Level 1 Level 1
    When my iphone is the only thing telling me I've got updates, I now go to the app in the iTunes store and click on "buy". iTunes then tells me that as I've already got the app, the update is free and it stays in the same place on my iphone.
  • Argelius Level 2 Level 2
    Sorry no solution here -- just a variation on a theme.

    In the past when I found, while browsing the App Store, a new version of an App I have (that wasn't coming up as "Update Available"), I would click on the BUY NOW button and then iTunes would say, "You've already purchased this App - do you want to download it again" (or something like that). This usually successfully updated the app.

    Today I saw that Diamond Twister has an update. Since that's one of the few programs I've actually purchased I definitely wanted to update. (It also wasn't showing up either on my phone or in iTunes as having an update available). When I click on the BUY NOW, hoping to redownload it, iTunes gives me the "Are you sure you want to purchase this App" message.

  • David Turley1 Level 3 Level 3
    Yesterday iTunes said I had 5 updates, thought the iPhone reported none, I ran the update, and nothing changed. All versions in iTunes remained the same. This morning app store on the iphone said 3 updates available. I ran it from the phone and got the updates. I ran "transfer purchases from ipod" in iTunes 3 times and itunes reports an updated version number on only 1 app.

    This tells me when it's time to restore the iphone, which due to other apple programming errors, needs to be done regularly, I will be stuck with the old apps versions from iTunes.

    For as much as Apple touted the App Store, for as long as they did, it's amazing that they decided to release with so many bug and so obviously untested. Apple is seem more concerned with getting great product PREVIEWS in the press, than they are with producing what they dream up. Face it, we're talking about an Apple product, running Apple software, sinking to another Apple product running Apple software. Very easy to test if they wanted to.

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