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iPodista Level 3 (550 points)
I have a 1gb shuffle, apples web site tells me was registered on 18 April 2005 so i cant get comp support.

It worked fine until a few weeks ago when on hitting play I got no sound just the alternating flashing of the green and orange light. It had been standing a few days after a recharge from the front USB port of my Dual G5 Mac it was working when inserted and i pulled it out and put it aside fully charged until i needed to use it

I have read a number of threads on this topic not of which appear to have an answer to solve my problems

My iPod updater software is 4.4 although i also have 4.2
When i insert the iPod neither versions recognise the iPod as attached Ihave tested this on my G4 1.33 Al powerbook which has a lot older versions of the iPod updater and none of them confirm the iPod is connected.
Checking 'About this Mac', under the Apple menu the iPod is listed as attached to the fast USB port and gives a serial number 000A2700101BA8FE which is not the same as is written on the case.

I have been maintaining my 'software update' as current as is possible and I know I recently recall taking both upgrades to iTunes and an iPod updater which conicided with the nano and the video launch although i did not recall manually applying the new updater to the Shuffle but i believe with the shuffle iTunes may be able to manage upgrading shuffle firmware when it is connected without the users knowledge. It appears to have expired about the time these upgrades appeared. I am prepered to accept this may not be co-incidental.

Have Apple introduced a bug during the firmware upgrade to some or all iPod shuffles that kills them? Have Apple confirmed there is a problem? Will it be possible for a forthcoming firmware update to correct this issue? Has anyone had this problem arise during normal cycle of use without the shuffle being connected to its mother computer (mac or pc) immediatly prior to it first being a problem.

If anyone has experienced the same process and symptoms listed above occuring and killing their iPod Shuffle please drop you name here and any thing you noted. Likewise anyone who had these symptoms and found a way to force the shuffle to wake up and become visible to the computer any tips on this will be very welcome

  • NUT Level 1 (15 points)
    I've got the same problem, error lights are flashing and my comp/itunes wont recognize ipod at all.No joy from anyone at present all the 'fix this ways' dont seem to be working fpr me.I am thinking about sending it back and asking for a refund!!
  • Bryant Keefe Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same issue. iPOD worked great now nothing. When I have shuffle connected to computer it does not list contents or update? Is it dead? I updated and restored...nothing has worked.

  • Martin Ashley Level 1 (5 points)
    I can hear and feel the frustrations of you all !! My shuffle worked fine for about 4 weeks but not now. My computer does not recognise it at all so all it does when connected is flash orange at me. I cant do anything with it so im going to take it back as online support told me nothing I hadnt already tried!!
  • Jennifer Tarter Level 1 (5 points)
    I had the green and orange blinking light problem, i brought it into the apple store, and the guy looked at me like i had three heads. INTERESTING, after seeing SO many people on this forum with the same problem. he did update the software, but really acted like that blinking light problem was totally unheard of. INTERESTING. they must train the people at the apple store to make you feel crazy when you tell them the you have ipod shuffle problems to cover up the fact that SO many are experiencing so many issues.

    however, now my playlist won't copy into the shuffle. so i have no music and i cannot get to my music.
  • Trevor Kearns Level 1 (0 points)
    Having the same problem. Recharged the shuffle and loaded another set of songs. Took it out a day or so later and got the flashing lights. I've spent a good portion of time trying all the troubleshooting tips and updates etc... my computer recognises the iPod being connected as a mass storage device.
    I don't recall whether or not I updated itunes or the updater before, though the new versions don't recognise it anyway.
    Have you had any luck with yours?
  • Jennifer Tarter Level 1 (5 points)
    I have tried everything you have tried. loaded new songs over and over. tried troubleshooting. should we really be having THIS MUCH TROUBLE HERE? what now? i guess i go back to the apple store when i get the time to....(they just give me this funny look when i go there and tell them i am having shuffle problems, the tech asked suspiciously, "how long have you had this thing?" like it matters! the shuffle hasn't even been out a year yet, so why would it matter how long i've had it? would the age of the shuffle justify the problems i'm having???? for the record, i've had the shuffle 5 1/2 months!
  • Stephen Barmash Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem with my 1GB iPod Shuffle. I am using a Windows XP system. Nov. 5 I turned on my Shuffle and the silent response was the flashing green and orange lights. My computer has the latest versions of iPod and iTunes software. However, even though Windows recognizes a USB connected storage device, the iPod program does not open and recognize the Shuffle. Now I have wasted half the day trying to fix the problem but my Shuffle remains useless except for the ability to flash green and orange lights.
  • Laura Prickett Level 1 (0 points)
    pretty much the exact same - purchased Apr. 19, and i really don't feel like paying $50. About this Mac is seeing it (10.3.9), iTunes is not, nor is any other mac or PC i've been near to plug it into. It worked perfectly FINE on friday, then i pulled it out this AM and blinky-blinky blink. I don't think I had updated it since the 9-23 update, so I doubt it's related to that -- the only thing i'd done recently is up the amt. of space for storage and decrease the amt for music.

    Sorry no other info to provide...
  • Raymond Borja Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok same thing here, and as sudden as everybody else. The shuffle was bought on february 2005. It seems to me that this problem as occured since the installation of iTunes 6.0.1.
    System profiler sees the shuffle, but it does not appear on the desktop, Itunes does no see the shuffle and five different versions of iPod Updater do not see the shuffle. Now the shuffle is still under guarantee, but if you try to go online on Apple's site to fill in a repair inquiry, you will end up with a message saying that because it is more then 6 months old you will have to pay some service charges as well as some shipping charges.

    Hellooooo, why should have I to pay for a defective product that is still cover by a one year warranty.
    I tried to bring it back to the store where I bought it (not an Apple store I am in Canada ). They will no take it to send it to Apple (It is one of the largest Mac store in Quebec). They tell you that you have to send it yourself to Apple.

    And Apple ask for a fee to send it ?

    I am supposed to end up paying 30 $ or 35 $ for a 129 $ defective but still under warranty product.

    Even if you are a dot Mac customers (that is supposed to be special) you are treated the same way.

    Is there anyone at Apple looking at this tread ?

    May be there is a problem somewhere.

    Why do I find it strange that most people complaining have had that problem only sinvce the last 15 days?
  • Eric Palm Level 2 (285 points)
    Oh my God. I am in the exact same issue, like, exactly. Can't get computer or phone support and the nearest Apple store is 3 hours away and I'm only 15. Worked flawlessly until recently. I can't do anything with it now, at all. Green and orange lights blinking, charges but won't connect to anything. Oh the fustration!
  • Jim_ Crawford Level 2 (395 points)
    I have the same exact problem. Flashing amber and green and doesn't work. All of the sudden. This is frustrating. . . . .JC
  • George Kunz Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello? Anyone at all from Apple visiting this forum?
    Anyone at all weighing in on this problem?Remember the battery problems with the original ipods? Is this a repeat?

    I was thinking of upgrading to a Nano, but not with this non-demonstration of support.

    I am having the exact same problem. My shuffle is 5 months old, same blinking lights. I've deinstalled/reinstalled all software.
  • Marc Freebrey Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had my Ipod Shuffle for only 4 weeks. It worked perfectly and then when trying to play, no sound and just the Green & Orange blinking lights.

    I have re-installed the latest Itunes and Ipod Update utility and nothing is solved. Neither recognise the Ipod.

    I have tried to request an on-line service request, but the apple web site appears to not let me log on (although I can log into the forum using the same details)

    Come on apple support, there are too many people with the same problem, make a suggestion.
  • Stuart Burnham1 Level 1 (45 points)
    Same problem as above.

    This just happened to me this morning. iPod shuffle is about 8 months old. I tried to "Autofill" to replace the songs as I always do, and got a message saying there wasn't enough room on the iPod (even though room shouldn't be a factor, as it's supposed to switch out the songs). The message implies that the memory memory is being used by songs that do not appear on the playlist, nor which will play through the headphones. I never had this problem before updating my OS Tiger a few days ago to 10.4.3. Wonder if it has anything to do with it. I'm on iTunes 6.0.1

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