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    I recieved an i pod shuffle as a x-mas gift. It worked for almost two months. I tried to contact apple support via phone and they asked me to pay $50 to speak to someone because my relative did not purchase the extended warrenty.i had my i pod shuffle for only 4 months. From there I went to Best Buy to return the non-working I pod shuffle and they pretty much told me that it happens all the time and that i was s.o.l. Next i tried going directly to an apple store where the useless sales man tried to get me to purchase an extended warranty, a replacement battery and of all things a brand new i pod shuffle. To say the least i am very dissatified with the service and quality of product. I will never purchase a product from apple and neither will any of my relatives or friends. It is a shame that such a well known and supposedly reputable company has taken advantage of selling this product at a low cost knowing it will make more money fixing it. I am frusturated and frankly sick to my stomach. To all you individuals thinking of purchasing an i pod shuffle or even an i pod don't. Save your money and buy a portable c.d player. Hey if it lasts a year and breaks at least you only spent $20.
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    My 15 yr old son's 1GB shuffle has this problem (purchased 3/05 no AppleCare) and I called Apple and they basically said I'm outta luck. No fix for it other than the stuff on the support site. I tried all that and nothing worked.

    I filed a complaint with the State of Washington Attorney General consumer protection today.
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    You ARE a goddess!! Thanks a bunch, it fixed my shuffle as well, after weeks of frustration...
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    Got exact same problem and now on THIRD shuffle. Only had most recent one less than a week and its gone AWOL in the same way. None of the suggestions work as shuffle not recognised by iTunes or the installer. Cannot even do a format from Windows. Still have time left on warranty so will send this back also but have zilch confidence it will last!!
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    Exactly the same problem as everyone else. Green & orange flashing lights, all updates done but NO RECOGNITION from my pc. What a load of **
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    I also have this problem. Is Apple listening to this thread ?. It seems that too many people are having the same problem. It really (more than) suggest that this is a problem with shuffles in general.

    I had mine working perfectly until I connected it for a charge (it was playing the music I had loaded, but since it was a long time since I last used it, I thought it would be a good idea to recharge).

    I plugged the shuffle on my PowerBook Al G4 1.67Ghz, OS X 10.4 (all updates that are available are loaded), the shuffle did not show up on iTunes, nor the Desktop, nor Finder. After aprox. 2 hours I disconnected it (there was no way of ejecting, since it did not even showed up on the Terminal's mount command), the ipod refused to play any music, I get the green/amber lights flash; I tried everything indicated by apple, I tried in several machines (Other macs (both G4 and Intel), also on Windows XP with no luck). No way to restore ipod with ipod updater; it waits forever "For iPod to be Ready".

    Anyone have been able to fix this ? . Apple, anything that you can do to solve this problem that seems to affect a lot of users ?



    iPod Shuffle   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   PowerBook G4 1.67Ghz
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    I recieved my replacement iPod Shuffle from Apple last Friday, and it lasted two days before it did the exact same thing...I'm telling them I want a refund, so I can buy soomething better...
  • cinnamonx72 Level 1 (0 points)'s hoping that yet another post may cause someone to take a serious look at recalling the shuffle...

    i bought my shuffle in approx march 2005 and opted for the smaller one because i didn't want to make too much of an investment in an electronic fad. found out i really loved it, and after months of commercial free musical fun, in may of 2006 i receive the green-orange-green-orange lights and try following the 5r's until they become the 5-f#*%n'-r's. when in this g-o-g-o state, RESTORE. IS. NOT. POSSIBLE. that's the point of this entire post/thread! after contacting tech support i find out that i'm approximately 45 days out of warranty and for a nominal fee one of the apple stores would be happy to take a look at it. if they can't get it working again, then they'll knock about 10% off the purchase of a new ipod of my choice. "thanks, but no thanks," i tell them, "i'm through w/ apple." that's what i thought.

    frustrated, i bought a creative zen vision:m and ended up returning it 24hrs later because their windows-based product doesn't sync/transfer well w/ itunes. in fact, not at all despite the salesperson's promise that transferring my music from itunes to windows media player was practically 'drag and drop'. more like, drag out my wallet and drop another $50 or so on software to unlock mpeg-4's, and then discover that some mpeg-4's are so protected that no one really sells the programs to the average joe to transfer files. sure you can backslash this higglywiggly and upload this dot com, but i'm not about to get locked up (computer and jail wise) over some music. not to mention, that w/ over 2k songs loaded in my itunes via my own music and downloaded i really didn't feel like taking the programming course. and the vision:m had a lot left to be desired w/ it's overall controls anyway. so i bit the bullet and bought an ipod video for a recent trip with the intention on returning it within the stores' 30day return period. needless to say, i begrudgingly love it. i've had days of play, separate playlists, and pacifying video when the wait time at the airport and a 4 year old were at odds.

    who could ask for more? i can! the point here is that most of us here don't even have a $100 paperweight as the shuffle isn't heavy enough to hold down more than 3 post-it notes in a windstorm, let alone itself. caspergemini and all of you others with (well received) good intentions, i would LOVE to restore my shuffle, but again, can't get it 'read' by my computer. i've removed the itunes/ipod software and reloaded it. 'cannot mount ipod' is what i receive. i've tried this on other computers that didn't have itunes, nor any ipods previously loaded. dl the 03.23.06. updater...'cannot mount ipod'. i've tried rear usb ports, front usb ports, extender cables, hubs, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, name it. 'cannot mount ipod'.

    for me, i'm filing a complaint on <--that site has worked for me in the past in getting corporate responses to legitimate complaints.

    let's face it, the shuffle is one of the most disposable pieces of musical entertainment since getting a 45 on the back of a cereal box.
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    I can't tell by your last post whether or not you're still interested in recovering your iPod Shuffle... or if you even still have it. But, since you mentioned my name, I couldn't help myself when it came to clicking "Reply." "Can't Mount iPod" is a troubleshoot-able (no idea if that's a word or not) error message. If you want to bother with it, do the steps in these 2 articles, and give the restore a shot.

    Apple's warranty is what it is. They give the same coverage to all their products, from the lowly iPod Shuffles all the way up to their multi thousand dollar computers. If this wasn't enough for you, you should have gotten Apple care on it... that would have given you 2 years of hardware protection. The iPod Shuffle is nothing but a flash drive memory stick. They don't last forever. A warranty is a company stating that their product will work for the term of that warranty, and if a problem does arise they will fix it or replace it for you. After the warranty, if something happens, there isn't much any company is going to do for you, regardless of how big of a scene you make about it.
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    thank you for the new links. i mentioned your name as you've been consistent in trying to offer solutions, that's all. not singling you out, nor trying to cause a scene, just expressing that i've read almost every one of these posts trying to find an answer other than that which is the obvious and one that isn't 'apple approved'. the 5r's weren't getting it for a lot of us in that we couldn't get past dl'ing the updater and then discovering that our systems didn't recognize the shuffle. w/ the 2 links you posted i'll try again.

    i am interested in restoring the shuffle that i still have because i do still believe that it can be of some use. yes, i understand that nothing lasts forever and that the shuffle is just a memory stick. but i would have liked the product to last more than a year and 45 days for $100 regardless of a company's stated warranty. despite warranties, almost ever consumer expects a product, be it a pair of flip flops to a car to last a reasonable amount of time hopefully in line w/ the expense. i, along w/ a few others here, are simply frustrated consumers w/ terribly coincidental issues related to the same product. almost as if the warranty end date is moreso an expiration date. that being said, i did return to apple's products and bought the ipod 60gb w/ an extended warranty that i hope to NEVER have a reason to use.

    again, thanks for the two new suggestions, i will try them right now!

      Windows XP  
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    After having an iPod Shuffle being replaced one week after purchase and stopped working again out of the blue after 8 months because of the same error - green/orange blink of death - I GIVE UP on Apple and its products.

    iSheep fanboys, don´t even think of pointing me to Apple´s support pages, "Understanding iPod shuffle's status lights " or anything else. This is the second time it happens and I tried everything available on support, faq, forums and related...

    I don´t care. I´m not interested in trying "like, a half dozen times" to restore an audio player. I want to listen to music, not spend hours trying to fix crappy hardware/software.

    I´ll not recommend any of Apple´s products never, ever.. I just want my money back.

    One thing is for sure: "Enjoy uncertainty" as you never know when your iPod is gonna stop working. Good luck!
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    Second Shuffle here with the same problem. I had the first replaced, but the second went out after warrenty. I smell class action with all the problems posted here.
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    I took mine out of the package, charged it for 4 hours, tried to load one freaking song on it and have the blinking orange and green lights. What a lovely Father's Day present. Anyone have a solution before I break this into more pieces than the amount of songs it holds?

    Ipod 512 Shuffle   Windows XP  
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    This is really incredible. 36, 597 views and 558 replies and yet no offical word from apple on the problem??? It is criminal that the apple support representative that I spoke to this morning actually persuaded me into an applecare plan (79.00 cdn!) for one of our two shuffles (a plan that I never considered as necessary given the value of the product)- which I am having refunded by the way.

    The apple support representative that I spoke to today NEVER GAVE ME ANY INDICATION OF THE POSSIBILITY OF A KNOWN ISSUE WITH RESPECT TO THE SHUFFLE. The apple support representative actually cautioned me about sending the shuffle into apple for repair "only to have it discovered as a softward problem - and possibly being billed 100$ or more - only to have the same i-pod shuffle shipped back to me. It was my choice he said - but the applecare would at least guarantee me no shipping and handling charges AFTER TOMORROW - WHICH WAS (LUCKILY) my last day in my six month warranty.

    After having spent at least five hours trying all of the 'fixes' last evening I wish I would have used 'green and orange flashing lights' as my search terms rather than 'green light blinking', 'can't restore', 'restore from disc', 'won't update'. I exhaustively searched the Apple Support pages and found nothing regarding 'green and orange flashing lights' aside from that it means that there is some sort of error. It would have saved me from losing a nights' sleep to know that I should not have questioned a hardware problem.

    If this were a powerbook battery we'd surely be seeing a pinned announcement at the top of the forum to save the trouble of searching. I frankly DO NOT find that a $100 mp3 player is disposible the way Apple seems to (now that I am reading about people stuck in a cycle of replacements). I am disgusted and offended.

    If the shuffles are broken give us a new product that works.

    In the meantime - my opinion is that this post should be bumped continously to save others the time and frustration.
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    I Bought my 512MB iPod Shuffle on April 27, 2005 and had no problems until about a week ago we after ejecting it from my computer I got the Green and Orange flashing lights of death when I went to play it. Since then I have been looking for a fix and I have tried everything from Apple's help pages with no result. I have also tried many things from threads and even things I had found from google searches.

    I couldn't do anything since NO computer ( Mac or PC ) will even reconize the shuffle. The last update that it got was the 2006-03-23 and the Battery is fully charged

    I've read many threads that are trying to say that the update killed my shuffle but I don't believe Apple would do such a thing.

    So, out of frustration and pure curiosity I took my shuffle apart. As I was carefully disassembling my shuffle I started to see what I think is Killing SOME of the shuffles. In my Shuffle I found very tiny sand particles and lint that was contacting the circuitry. Several components are covered with protective films to keep them from touching other components in the tightly packed Shuffle. It is on these films that most of the fine particles where found. These films are secured by an adhesive and that is what the fine particles of sand where sticking to. I also saw that these particles where making their way into the shuffle via the headphone jack and even possibly the slide switch on the back of the shuffle.

    I think that if Apple found a way to prevent fine particles from entering the headphone jack that the Shuffles would last longer.

    I thought I'd share this with you since it is very frustrating having a broken iPod and hopefully Apple will come to a conclusion and respond.


    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   1.42GHz, 512MB
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