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  • ktml Level 1 (5 points)
    I happy too soon... I filled in the Request Product Service form, it says my warranty has expired I guess I will wait till monday and call repair centre to confirm. Wish me luck
  • max hampel Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem.

    Shuffle stopped working after 14 Months of careful use.
    I had the blinking problem about 7 times already, but so far it could always be solved by restoring the device.

    Now it doesn't respond at all, neither in Windows XP nor Mac OS.

    In Windows it's shown as "Removable Media", but when trying to access it an error message tells me an I/O Error occured.

    I tried all the "R"s, all the suggestions at the help sites, but nothing works.
    The iPod updater fails with the message "iPod can't be initialized".

    I'll take it to an official Apple Store tomorrow and see what they'll say about it.
  • Satoru Murata Level 1 (15 points)
    Well, I'm chiming in, if only to bump this thread up.

    1GB Shuffle, bought Feb 26th, 2005, so out of warranty.

    Mine is the worst case pattern where nothing but System Profiler recognizes it on my Mac.

    When I plug it into XP, it will mount, but I can't do anything (look inside, format, ipod software update, etc.).

    I guess I'm not as miffed as some of you are, since it worked for me for 16 months, but it still ***** to know how wide-spread this issue is. Hoping Apple will come through at some point in the future, as they sometimes do (e.g., with defective iBook m/bs). May the force be with us.
  • Michael Dufranne1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Hello, I also have the issue of Ipod not being seen by my Mac nor by iTunes, flashing lights, etc.
    Just to add more details, it was working fine until I plugged into my powerbook and itunes proposed me to update it with the last updater.
    I thought "why not ?" and straight at the beginning of the update process I got the pop-up telling me that I was removing a device without ejecting it, which I did not do ! My iPod was still connected.
    If the software running on the chip was being updated at that time, I guess it is impossible to fix this issue. But this device removal pop-up was strange as I did not remove my iPod.
    Since then it is dead.
  • AppleGuy2005 Level 4 (1,475 points)
    For most this issue should be addressed by installing the iPod updater from

    Additional information in Understanding iPod shuffle's status lights.
  • RestonMacGuy Level 1 (0 points)
    My wife and I both have 1 GB Shuffles. She's had to have hers replaced once already (under warranty). As I type this, my Shuffle has died with the blinking lights of death, and my wife reports hers is beginning to misbehave (turns off unexpectedly, and I've had to perform an update/restore on it recently).

    My own Shuffle isn't recognized by either my Mac (G4 PowerBook, OSX 10.4.7) or Windows XP Pro laptop despite having plugged it into a total of six different USB ports. The Windows machine simply reports a USB failure, the Mac doesn't report anything.

    At 11:00 a.m. this morning I logged on to make an appointment at the local Apple retail store (I happen to live about ten miles away from one) only to be told the store was "too busy" to service me, and that I should buy ($99) ProCare. What??? I need to BUY a service appointment? Now that's going a bit too far, Apple...

    You know, I bought my first Mac in 1984, and I own a Mac-TV, a Powerbook Duo, a Performa, two G3 laptops, one G4 laptop, a 3G iPod, and two iPod Shuffles. I also own stock in the company.

    So, now I await the Microsoft "Zune." I have in my drawer a Digisette Duo, an old Rio 500 (by Diamond), and several micro FM radios. I was seriously eyeing a Nano for my next purchase, but after this experience, my music $$$ are going elsewhere.

    Thanks, Apple. Please let me know when the class-action suits begin...

    Powerbook G4/1.67   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
  • Michael Dufranne1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Thanks, but we can not update/restore anymore since the updater won't see the ipod. This is precisely the problem we are having.
  • r4raz Level 1 (0 points)
    It was the latest update that signalled the end for my Shuffle. The 28-6-2006 iPod updater can't see my iPod any more. I'm optimistic tho - will be on the phone to Apple Support tomorrow morning.
  • iPod.oWner. Level 1 (0 points)
    i called the apple place and talked to the people there and they said i should have my new iPod soon...but im scared that the same thing will happen to this one
  • Bluefusion Level 2 (340 points)
    Well I now join the every growing list of iPod Shuffle users who now have green and orange ipod disco!

    Sadly I cannot mount my iPod on the desktop, or in iTunes, but if I plug it in to a USB and then run Apples System profiler, it's details shows up under the USB heading, strange?

    For me this issue is following a recent ipod software and iTunes update, but mines is just past the one year warranty and I am not paying £66 sterlin to have it replaced or repaired by Apple.

    The sad thing is that I knew the battery would die at some point, but at least I thought I would be able to continue to use it as a USB 1Gb memory stick, but now its totally useless and unless a solution is found it will end its short life at the bottom of my bin.
  • chynatownn Level 1 (0 points)
    it seems like alot of people are experiencing this problem including myself. although the shuffle isnt the most expensive ipod product out there people did spend over a hundred dollars for their shuffles versus other mp3 players on the market.

    my lil brother has a rio player with the same storage as my shuffle (256 mb) paid nearly half of the amount it costs to buy my shuffle, he bought it before i owned my shuffle and the rio's life lasted longer than my shuffle, which is nearly a year old =( i say if apple doesnt want to help us solve the problem we should take some action, together. this is really frustrating.
  • chynatownn Level 1 (0 points)
    sorry i meant 512mb =P
  • rolloveripod Level 1 (0 points)
    I encountered this problem recently on a 1GB iPod Shuffle. What I think is really strange about the problem is that most people say it followed an update. But the first post in this thread says it happened "a few weeks" and the post is dated Oct. 29, 2005. Now here it is July 27, 2006 and people are still reporting the problem started shortly after an update. There have been a lot of updates during that time and that seems to imply that the problem is not in the updates and can not be fixed with an update. The other thing I really notice about this is that this thread has gone on for nine months with people posting new occurrences regularly and Apple has not acknowledged the problem at all.

    I tried mounting the iPod on OSX, XP, Solaris 10 and Linux systems and they all did basically the same thing. They saw an iPod device but did not think it was mountable.

    The timing couldn't be better for me (or worse, depending on your POV). To prepare for the release of MS Vista I had finally convinced myself that an OSX system was the answer and was preparing to buy a Macintosh desktop and a video iPod and maybe an iPod Nano as well. However, this experience has given me second thoughts as it appears the higher cost of Apple products does not necessarily mean a higher level of quality or service. So now I'm thinking PC hardware and Linux and a simple MP3 player.

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    Another drop in the bucket, that is me, and my wasted money on a piece of crap shuffle. I bought mine used; it worked fine in this girl's apartment, but the minute I took it home and plugged it into my computer I get this flashing lights garbage. I tried EVERY possible method of repair known to forums like this and others, and with no avail, the thing is a doorstop. It couldn't even hold a door open come to think of it. It's useless.

    So I checked to see if it's under warranty (the girl claimed it was originally purchased in December) and of course their records show it being two months out of date.

    But they told me I can have it replaced for the full
    retail price! Gee thanks guys!
  • David Poerschke Level 1 (10 points)
    No new symptoms or fix ideas to post that haven't already appeared in this thread...

    Instead, another sad tale of woe.

    Just last night I was commenting to my wife that the iPod Shuffle is an amazing little device. It'd been in a desk drawer for at least 3 months when I decided to use it while cleaning around the house yesterday. The battery was still charged--at least enough juice to run for 6-7 hours straight!

    The battery indicator on the back had gone yellow, so this morning I figured I'd reward my trusty little device with a fresh "drink" of juice at the dock. I wish I hadn't. My Shuffle never mounted to the desktop and iTunes didn't "see" it either. The only thing I got was the warning message not to disconnect a device improperly. I thought this was strange because I hadn't disconnected anything.

    I figured a computer restart might fix everything. No disconnect warning after the restart, but when I removed the iPod since it still didn't mount or show up in iTunes, I got my first glimpse of the "flashing lights of death."

    I've tried all the fixes proposed by Apple and some of those included in this thread (I read every entry; boy was my butt sore when I got up!) all to no avail. When I try to update the iPod I get the "waiting for the iPod to become ready" message and nothing more.

    Obviously, there's something wrong that can't be undone or fixed by the consumer. I'm going to try my luck at an Apple store tomorrow even though my 1 year warranty was up in April. I know I didn't do anything to damage the iPod other than plugging it into the iPod dock.

    I've been a loyal Mac geek for well over a decade now, and this is the first big problem I've had with a Mac product/computer. There are 3 Mac computers and 7 iPods in my 4 person family. I bought the original iPod the day it was released in '01 and I've continued upgrading to the U2 Video iPod I bought in June. I'm not going to write off Apple & the iPod, but my opinion of Apple will certainly be influenced by how my request for a fixed/refurbished/new iPod Shuffle goes when I visit an Apple Store with my blinking little friend.

    I hope Apple is paying attention to this thread. It appears to me that many PC users have been completely put off with how the iPod Shuffle has performed and with how Apple is handling this issue so far. If Apple wants to maintain and even increase its marketshare, they need to take care of the "entry level" products as much, if not more than the high end devices.

    Thanks for reading.

    512 iPod Shuffle   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Intel iMac, MacBook, G3 iBook, Original iPod, 15 gig iPod, U2 iPod, 2 & 4 gig Nanos, U2 Video iPod