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    1. I didn't test it because it was a gift.

    2. Even had I gone to the store to test it, I wouldn't have discovered the issue unless I was specifically checking, because the MacBook is presented on a counter at about waist level, with only standing access. Furthermore, it is attached to the counter, with six inches of bare counter in front of it. If I had been advised to check for a sharp edge, I would have noticed it, but not otherwise--even with prolonged use. Plus it was a gift.

    3. I'm very glad for all of you that are not bothered by the sharp edge. For me, since the MacBook Pro is not a necessity (I'm not a professional or serious amateur photographer, videographer, sound recordist, etc.), but rather a luxury toy, the choice to return it was simple.

    4. Apple Customer Support waived the restocking fee without my even asking--all I did was tell them exactly how I came to have the computer and discover that it wasn't right for me.

    5. While wristbands might help, white, elbow length opera gloves would be even better!

    6. Thanks for describing the case manufacturing process. It explains why tapering the front of the case would require a serious re-design of the MacBook. However, it doesn't explain why the edge is not "radiused". Even a radius of 1/16" would make a big difference. Do you think there is enough material in the edge to do that without compromising the structure? Not that I would, because of the possibility of voiding the warranty.

    Maybe the next generation will suit me better. If I'm going to wish, I'd wish for a model that had a touchpad instead of a trackpad. The trackpad is a fabulous piece of hardware, but I don't need it, and I like the keyboard to be closer to the front edge of the laptop than the big trackpad allows.
  • rdhuberman Level 1 Level 1
    I'm glad you liked them. I had some other interesting (funny, if I do say so myself) ones that were removed--I really don't know why!
  • rdhuberman Level 1 Level 1
  • Wissut Level 1 Level 1
    I find it sharp too but not 'too sharp' but it's not really a big issue for me anyway...

    However, I use this little accessory here to solve my problem

    Easy to install, easy to carry around, works for me. You should try it
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    rdhuberman - are you ever going to give it up?

    you are very annoying. i wish Apple would ban you.

    why dont you try contributing to this community, instead of ticking everyone off.

    you're ruining your good name here, man!
  • rdhuberman Level 1 Level 1
    My point exactly!
  • Tuttle Level 7 Level 7
    you're ruining your good name here, man!

    My point exactly!

    At 60, you must be the oldest troll on these boards, then. Most of them are between 10th grade and the summer after their freshman year in college. But that's okay, rdhuberman. Live a little!
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    You have expressed yourself well! The edges are sharp. It was pointed out to me at the Apple Store that people were complaining about it.
  • LukeD Level 4 Level 4
    It is truly unfortunate that 90% of the comments, both good and bad, have been deleted by a moderator.

    There had been many excellent solutions offered by people like eww, Travis, gpotts, and others that would have served other concerned users well.

    Instead, someone has done a hack job to this thread leaving it very misleading to new customers.
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    Every user has different sized hands and will use different sets of posture. However, I have used various macbooks for years now and they have never been uncomfortable to use in almost any position....until now.

    My macbook pro unibody is really really hurting the palm / heel of my hand. I need to rest it straddling the edge of the macbook whenever I am using the trackpad. This is because of the positioning of the pad in combination with the overly sharp edges. Terrible ergonomics!

    I use my laptop a lot and my hand is getting really bruised in the same spot. It is to the point now where I am avoiding getting work done.

    It is important for everyone experiencing problems to voice their complaints so that Apple will eventually get the message.

    Yes I can get some sort of gadget or chunk of material to rest my palm but I have never had to do this on any other laptop (pc or mac). I certainly never would have expected this from a $2000 laptop from a company that (formally) prides itself on ergonomics and usability.
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    Edges too "sharp"? really? Thats all you got?
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    "edges too sharp" yes they are machined to a sharp edge. Also it has to do with the placement of the touchpad relative to the front edge of the computer. No matter what I do (and no matter what your hand size) you have to rest the heel of your hand diagonally across this edge if you are going to use your index finger to track and your thumb to click.

    The only way it does not hurt is if I keep my hand raised above the trackpad and do not rest it. This gets tiring quickly and is not necessary on any other computers I use or have used.
  • Travis A. Level 6 Level 6
    if you are going to use your index finger to track and your thumb to click.

    This is the problem, primarily. You do not need to use your thumb to click anymore. I found that posture to be quite painful anyway. It is much easier if you turn on tap to click, and rest your hand on the surface that the MBP sits on. Then rest your thumb up against the vertical part of the MBP (by the thumb scoop for the lid) and use your index finger to track, tap, and click (if you really insist of clicking physically).

    I know old habits die hard, but this different way is really much more comfortable in my opinion. I never liked old trackpads with physical buttons.

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    Machined to a sharp edge? make it sound like a razor.
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    I just got a new MacBook Pro 17" at work, and I'm here because I have spent hours online googling what to do about the sharp edge of the wrist rest. I simply can't believe the design, nor the rationale for it. No other laptops I've ever used have this drawback, nor have been this uncomfortable to use. The comments about posture--I don't buy it. I'm a professional writer and magazine publisher and know how to sit and how to type and what good posture is and all that--but the fact remains that to reach the keyboard when sitting with the laptop on a table-height surface, or on your lap, the wrists and lower arms end up brushing against the sharp edge simply due the distance from the edge to the keys. I'd have to be standing over the keyboard or elevated in my chair by three pillow to be at an angle where the edge didn't chafe. The very fact that this area of the keyboard is a "wrist rest" implies that the hands will not always be floating above the keys, and resting them invariably brings them in contact with the (yes, very sharp) edge. I've been searching for a solution and unless I find one soon the laptop is going back. I spend too much time on it to be in pain while using it. The 'legs' that were posted are a nice idea when it's on a table, but those won't work on your lap. Any links to products or tips to adapt the case are appreciated, but for $3000 this is craziness.
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