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    No production process is perfect. It is possible that some people may have a case that was not finished properly causing a sharper edge than there should be. Telling someone that they should have looked at it before buying it is pretty much a useless comment. Unless you are specifically looking for that type of problem, you would probably never think about it... and why should you? The consumers expectation should be that a device that is designed to be typed on will be comfortable to do so. For starters... if you feel the edge is that sharp, you should (if possible) compare it to other unibody machines to see if yours is actually sharper than the others indicating it may not have been finished properly. If your machine is the same as the others and you feel you can't deal with it... I would definitely try to return it to the store first... and if that doesn't work... contact Apple Customer Relations. I would think that you would be well within your rights to make a return for this type of problem (and without a restocking fee). Now... if this option should extend past the typical 14 day return period... that's a tough one. It could technically be covered under the one year warranty period as a manufacturing defect. Even if "all" of the MacBooks share the same edge, the problem of a design issue is a credible one. I think the vast majority of people are fine with the edge... but it's not right to belittle those who have a real issue with it. If you really can't use the machine... touch base with Apple and see what they are willing to do for you.
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    Furi0us.Bee wrote:
    About rolled edges...

    Quote from Dr. Huxtable >>> The unibody manufacturing process does not allow for this. Tough luck!

    You are joking right? Apple has 100% control with the unibody process. They could have made this any shape they wanted. Have you seen the video of the making? One additional process and the edges could have been rolled. Don't make silly statements like this when replying to someone with an actual question.


    No. I am not joking. Do you have any familiarity with the manufacturing process? I do. It cannot be done PERIOD.

    The only silly statements are those saying that it is "too sharp" or "razor sharp".

    If you want the forum to respect your (all those complaining) posts, at least drop the "razor sharp/too sharp" BS please. Then, maybe this thread will get some proper attention instead of being the joke that it is.

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    Its astonishing the reaction some people are having to this. Quite amazing that some are actively setting out to undermine legitimate product design concerns and feedback simply because they don't feel the same way.

    Saying you like the edge design is very, very different to saying you think those with a different opinion are 'silly'.

    The question of whether or not this is a real issue for some people was decided long ago. That's now a given, so no point in attempting to present otherwise.

    No one said this is an issue for everyone, how could they possibly, so in the same way, no one can say this is a non issue for everyone. Its never black and white.

    As with any and every product, ever produced, anywhere, for any reason, it will never be perfect for every customer that uses it. For those that it is, great for them, for those that its a problem, they absolutely should voice their concern. Any company worth their weight would want to hear what ALL their customers think.

    Whether or not they react to this is for them to decide, but it does not mean customers can not voice their concerns and issues and deserve no less respect than those that disagree.
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    Telling someone that they should have looked at it before buying it is pretty much a useless comment.

    Perhaps. But paying thousands of dollars for any device that one will use for hours every day without inspecting it carefully and *trying it out* first is unquestionably a foolish mistake. Those who have made it should admit that to themselves, instead of blaming someone else.

    Every household and office that can afford a MacBook Pro contains at least a dozen everyday products and objects that can very easily, and at negligible cost, be employed to blunt or cover its edges or keep the user's wrists and hands away from them. The tiny percentage of users who are really bothered by the edge and can't or won't return their purchases would be much better served by taking their own steps to address the problem quickly, cheaply and successfully than they are by continuing to grouse about it here, where complaining has produced and will almost certainly continue to produce no results at all.
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    Quote from Dr. Knownothing >> No. I am not joking. Do you have any familiarity with the manufacturing process? I do. It cannot be done PERIOD.

    Ok, let me get this straight. Apple can create the exquisite, recessed keyboard area but they can't round over an edge? Are my eyes deceiving me when I look at the side/bottom of the unibody and it's slightly shaped and not sharp as the top? I'm not talking about the bottom piece, I'm talking about the unibody shaped on the bottom side. It's shaped.

    Apple chose to have the sharp edge so when the lid was closed it look like a clean line. It's all aesthetics. I'll say again, Apple could have made this body look like anything they wanted.

    In an effort to get your opinion across that you like the sharp edges, ironically, I as well like, you are spouting at the mouth pure nonsense.

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    "Its astonishing the reaction some people are having to this. Quite amazing that some are actively setting out to undermine legitimate product design concerns and feedback simply because they don't feel the same way."


    Actually, I don't think it is astonishing.. I'm not going to discount anyones opinion, but advice was given very early on in this thread.. If the edges of the unibody notebooks are too sharp and causing pain or cuts, then the best thing to do is use a case or pad that covers the edges.. End of story..

    If they would like to submit feedback to Apple they are more than welcome to do that as well..

    This is a user forum for technical issues, and nothing other than what's already been said is going to change anything. The topic is already marked "answered," so I don't understand the point in going on and on about it.. This is an issue for a very small minority of unibody users (twelve I counted in this thread.)

    Again, here are the options.

    1. Purchase one of the hundreds of available cases or pads.
    2. Find your own pad.
    3. Submit feedback to Apple.
    4. If none of the above work, sell your unibody and purchase a computer that will not cause you pain or cuts..
  • Tomeranaray Level 1 (85 points)
    @Huxtable: It cannot be done? Oooh please, who died and made you king of Apple?
    Also, by implying it cannot be done, it means people at Apple actually considered it, but then concluded it could not be 'done' technically, and thus had to leave the edges 'sharp'.

    If you cannot contribute in a positive way to this thread, please go and post somewhere else.
  • Furi0us.Bee Level 2 (400 points)
    Tomeranaray... nice:)
  • pbandmacs Level 1 (0 points)
    I couldn't take it anymore and devised a SOLUTION to minimize the sharp edges when using the MBP on my lap/couch/etc, using doubled foam strips and packing tape to secure the foam to the front edges. See image:

    Image: !!

    Not very pretty, and not great for the image of the machine/advertising, but this is one case where comfort trumps style, unfortunately. I simply had had enough of the deep red marks in my palms and the uncomfortable tingling this causes over time. The crude padding eliminates the issue.

    When it's on a table or desk, I use a keyboard-length gel wrist rest, like here:
    Link: []
    The surface is slightly higher than the front edge of the case so the hands and wrists don't come in contact with the sharp edge....but I often forget to bring it with me when I'm taking the laptop on the go.

    This is a problem that isn't going away, for anyone. Users just try to find ways around it. It's a very heavy machine and not easy to balance on something that props up the back when it's on your lap, but certainly propping it up on a table works as long as you can stop the front from sliding forward. I love the MBP for all its power and functionality and speed but this really detracts from the user experience and should be fixed.
  • Furi0us.Bee Level 2 (400 points)
    I smell a new product introduction....
  • rumeon Level 1 (0 points)
    here is a tool to make the edges more comfortable:
  • Furi0us.Bee Level 2 (400 points)
    That will work rumeon, but we wanna get the job done a bit quicker:
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    I have a new 15" macbook pro - I bought it in the second week it went on sale in the UK

    This is not a joke!!!!

    £1500 and I am really upset about the edges - what kind of design is this - we live in a worlds with rapid prototyping - come on - this tin can has to be one of the most uncomfortable laptops on the market.

    The edge sharpness means that when holding the machine, the edge pressure on your hand is that much more (pressure = force / area) that all the advances in weight reductions have been lost completely - I had an old ibook G4 and it feels much much lighter irrespective of what the things actually weigh.

    I am so ****** off I feel like slitting my wrists - oh.. no.. I don't have to - my mac book is doing it for me!!!

    Apple - I am actually really upset and would like a decent answer, an appology, and possibly some kind of compensation - maybe you could provide a free silicon wrist protector or something - also please please please sort this out in the next release - just round them off!

  • pbandmacs Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm not sure if Apple reads this (???) so I registered a complaint at the following feedback link, hoping enough people do the same so they pay attention:

    In the meantime, you can always bandage up your edges like I did, better that than your wrists. It's amazing how many people look shocked when they see the rigging, and they ask why. "Because it's sharp and it hurts." And they look more shocked, but they get it.
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