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  • boybaxter Level 1 (0 points)

    aggolfer's fix worked for me. Made sure to hold the power button at least 50 seconds. Cannot tell you how happy I am!  Likely the one and only apple repair place in town (non-apple) would have replaced the logic board as next step after we already replaced the battery.

  • Denny Wijaya Level 1 (0 points)

    Thats why I'will love a Macbook, don't use battery if you want "All The Power You Want, All Day Long". Pray to God to find the solutions...

  • JaneW Level 1 (15 points)

    I have a brand new MacBook Air (2 months old) with the same problem. I went on vacation for a week with it plugged into the charger, came back, and now it won't hold a charge. Green light comes on, but it wont charge. I did all the recommended resets as well, nothing works. I am taking mine in to an Apple store once I can finally get an appointment, so we'll see what happens. BTW this is my 2nd MacBook, the first one had a bad hard drive.  I was a loyal PC user who switched to Mac because it was supposed to be a superior product, but now I am wondering?

  • Kenneth Keen1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Don't wonder any longer. The shiny cover is just a cover, they only want your money, nothing more and now the iphone is what brings in new customers so there is no need to keep any reputation for "the more serious users" since they cannot be expected to buy anything more for another few years. I also moved to appil after being insulted by the rubbish of windows world in year 2000 and then they responded to a thick letter to senior management at Infinity Drive when my new drive failed. Nowadays there will be enthusiastic new workers at the bottom but at the top they are as heartless as any businessman who wants money and nothing else. You have possibly bought the best hardware available but since the standards are falling due to ignorance of the new clients, there is little hope to see any change. A mail here and there written with a serious tone and no insults will do no harm but more people will have to be encouraged to push their keys. Too many are inarticulate and accept the rubbish that they have been dealt. I would go to the shop and explain in a loud enough voice so that the new customers can hear, that you have just spend money on a machine that doesn't work and now want one that does work. NOW. And explain what your time costs. My time and all the others who have to read this can be inferred too but don't let yourself be fooled into waiting and waiting and getting nothing having invested and trusted.


    Standards need to be held high if appil is to remain the richest company in the world. I wrote their death report a few years ago and it has not yet been released because you don't kill the hand that feeds you. But things change and when I release the information that I have gathered, then from experience, I know, the end will arrive. I speak from experience and knowledge of the power of the written word and above that - truth. It cuts through all the shiny covers and false claims.


    Excuse me for not offering any more immediate solutions. Appil will comply.


    P.S. DId you already try my suggestion of knocking it against a hard surface - the plug, not the "computer" as mentioned somewhere above? 2013 09 27 01 06 GMT

  • dw1510 Level 1 (0 points)

    I got same problems, searching and googling all the mac forums. Funny, nobody find the cheapest solutions. Here is the solution, buy apple shares dan buy a new macbook... that's the way apple making money...

  • RobBobGob Level 1 (0 points)

    Praise aggolfer from whom all blessings flow.  Even though my MBP wouldn't startup without the battery, "*Take out battery, Hold button on battery until lights come on and go off" seemed to do the trick.  THANKS!

  • lowep Level 1 (0 points)

    Johnathon's suggestion to slam the battery in worked for me too - no idea why. Any guess as to what the explanation could be?

  • George Chew Level 2 (250 points)

    I'm holding the power button for eternity now. Still no hope!

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    My wife's cousin's Mac's battery was not charging. Light was green but Coconutbattery gave me 0mah measurement. Charger was mine, so I was sure it was ok.


    I took my spray contact cleaner, dampened a little side of a paper napkin, and cleaned the contact.


    Plugged again the battery and all was working again.


    I waited for the battery to get fully charged then operated a SMC and PRAM reset, just to be sure.

  • AppleTechGenius Level 1 (25 points)

    Hej. Or hello, for england.


    Well my macbook, early 2006 first generation, black, blah blah blah


    Is saying service battery.


    Battery informaton:



      Tillverkare:          DP

      Enhetens namn:          ASMB013

      Pack Lot Code:          0001

      PCB Lot Code:          0000

      Version av fast programvara:          0102

      Maskinvarurevision:          0300

      Cellrevision:          0200


      Återstående laddning (mAh):          2569

      Fulladdat:          Nej

      Laddar:          Ja

      Full laddning (mAh):          3506


      Cykelantal:          293

      Skick:          Kontrollera batteriet

      Batteri installerat:          Ja

      Amperetal (mA):          740

      Volttal (mV):          12288

  • Bjiman Level 1 (0 points)

    I did the same hting and it worked.

  • Mike needs help please Level 1 (0 points)

    Please can you help me,you seem to be a great help to most


    I bought my macbook pro a year ago , and just lastnight for the first time my battery status said service battery,but now all of a sudden it says , condition : Normal ..

    Its charging but loosing battery life quite fast,any help would do.


    These are my specifications,does this look like im in trouble at all?


    Model Information:

      Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

      Manufacturer: SMP

      Device Name: bq20z451

      Pack Lot Code: 0

      PCB Lot Code: 0

      Firmware Version: 201

      Hardware Revision: 000a

      Cell Revision: 165

      Charge Information:

      Charge Remaining (mAh): 767

      Fully Charged: No

      Charging: No

      Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4469

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count: 258

      Condition: Normal

      Battery Installed: Yes

      Amperage (mA): -1004


      Voltage (mV): 10968


    Now after paging through forums,trying to look for people with about the same information i noticed alot of people didnt have the "minus" number at "Amperage (mA)" so Im assuming theres a slight problem here,but i wouldnt know?

  • AppleTechGenius Level 1 (25 points)

    Mine now says replace soon.


    My MacBook has some problems so I am returning it for a 2008 MacBook

    Random shutdown when it's not hot

    Won't download certain things even though it's compatible an has all the components installed for it

    Fans spin too fast with low CPU usage

    Apple sign light sometimes doesn't light up

    Air only comes out of one place in the air vent

    Occasionally on boot up blank screen and no startup chime

    Computer occasionally makes a long screeching sound ( not very loud )

    One USB slot occasionally doesn't work





    Reset SMC

    Reset PRAM

    Reseated ram

    Cleaned fans for dust

    Cleaned components and casing for dust

    They've sold me a faulty goood

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    It's amazing that with such a hugely successful company they don't even have somthing as simple as the life of the computer in check,  THE BATTERY! Where is the integrity? They should slow down on launching new products and work on improving the quality of there present ones. I am disappointed and disgusted that so many people have this battery problem and it continues to happen so much to where I do not see buying another apple computer again, finding a more reliable and higher integrity company is on the list for me... Are they ever going to fix the problem rather than replace, and replace, and replace? Get yourself together Apple!

  • Kenneth Keen1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Now at the end of 2013 there are just




    on this subject, so with not even a million people concerned and just nearly half a million viewing, it is obviously an area in which Apple is able to still make money and not be seen to ripp anyone off. Half a million annoyed customers is nothing really when you realise that there are over 10 million other customers who haven't worked out where to find a solution to the problem that Apple have designed.


    Take part in the new survey so that the Apple team can refine their methods to an even higher level of sophistication, give them all your personal information so that the new products will convince even someone as thorough as you, that they are doing their very best to provide what looks like the best product around.


    By keeping this forum open to critics who can write comments they are at least keeping the danger in one place. If they were to close this then people could drift to other forums not under their control and then they would be in a fix. People could start to organise themselves into groups of self-help  which would undermine the whole Apple spirit and even consolidate help files to let clients avoid buying replacements just by repairing items themselves with the right knowledge. That should of course be hindered at all costs.


    My suggestion - use search machines to find solutions and then help each other to keep solutions simple and don't waste too much time (like I sometimes do) with just complaining ;-)


    2013 12 29 22:03:03 MET