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Ok so I am having some really weird problems with my internet. I got my macbook pro about one month ago, and couldn't get it to connect to my wireless internet at all. I finally figured out it needed to be WPN instead of WEP. It has worked great for a couple weeks, but now it is painfully slow. I have an old PC that works fine, as well as my girlfriends macbook pro. I have run speed test on all three computers wirelessly and though the ethernet cable. The other two computers are running around 10,000 kbps, and my computer is running between 200 and 2000. I have tried doing open DNS, and have had no luck that way. I am at a loss. Oh and the computer works fine every were else besides my house. So I have ruled out the cable internet, the router seems to work fine, and if I'm not at my house the computer works fine. Anyone have any suggestions. The people at Apple, Comcast, and Motorola, seem to be know help since each can claim their product is working fine.

macbook prp, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I am having the same problem. I get out to another wireless system than the one at home and I have no problems. When I am at home I go to some sites slowly and have trouble getting some to even work. I know it is no the internet connection itself because I have many other computers on the network that work just fine. I even bridged the internet connection from the airport to the ethernet to another computer and that computer has no trouble with the internet. I do not know what the problem is but it is something in the software not the hardware because I have bootcamp on my MBP and when I am in windows mode I have no internet troubles. SO just to let you know you are not the only one who is having these troubles.

    At home I am using Charter Cable Internet and a Time Capsule for a router. I do not believe that these are the problems because I do not have any troubles on my older Mac computers and I do not have any trouble with my windows based systems. I have had times where the internet seams to work fine at home and then later it does not work so well. I also encountered this same problem at one of the hotels I stayed at recently. Because of this I know that it is not the internet but the MBP I purchased a couple of months ago. It is something to do with the computer using the information and presenting it on screen to us. I do not know what it is but I know the problem is there.
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    I also have this problem. The wireless connection would be working fine one minute and be disconnected the next. By re-starting the laptop solved it sometimes.
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    are you using 802.11n or 802.11g ?...i also had problems with very slow connection. I was using 802.11n, after three days troubleshooting i found the solution for my problem. In my case was using wpa2 with AES. After changing my default wpa to wpa2 the connection went up to.
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    I just discovered this thread after posting my own with similar problems. When I try to open web pages they frequently don't load or take a very long time. Other computers using the same router work fine, and I had the computer in a hotel over the weekend and it worked well there too. This is driving me crazy!
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    Same problem with my MBP early 2008 model. I have the problem ever since upgrading from default 10.5.4. If I boot into Vista via Bootcamp, the internet works fine the whole day, but as soon as I boot back to OSX, I get intermittent internet problems with loading pages on the browser. This has been very frustrating. The only resolution I have is to go back and install 10.5.4 and NOT install any updates.
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    Apple needs to get on this issue fast; after turning off my N mode on my WRT160N Linksys Router, I got my packet speed back up to where it should be... *HOWEVER I noticed another problem.*

    When I hooked up my LaCie external drive (connected via USB), my packets on PING practically stall to nothing. I then eject the external USB drive and re-ping and I get acceptable packet speeds; I re-connect the LaCie external drive to the USB port and my PING crawls to nothing.

    *_There is CLEARLY a correlation between the network speed crawling to nothing while hooking up an external drive_*; possibly a power sink and/or signal interference on the Airport when hooking up a USB device? (or perhaps even Firewire 800 too?)

    I sure hope Apple is reading this one, because this could be a MAJOR issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.
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    I just bought my MacBook Pro a few weeks ago and I am having horrible connection issues. Basically the connection drops constantly. It doesn't drop with the two PCs I have. I've tried everything I know to try. I'm running the latest version of OS X. The modem I have is a 2Wire 2701HG-B, wireless connection. The ethernet connection seems to work fine, but I want to be able to use the wireless obviously. I usually only sit about 10' from the modem.

    Help, please!
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    The same problem here, I bought my MBP 2 days ago, I installed all the new updates. The wireless connection drops constantly and when (sometimes) is up the connection is horrible (about 3 minutes to open the site). I have a Linksys WAG200G router with the last firmware, my iphone an my iMac works perfect without any problem. Please help with this issue.
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    Ok, so I'm going to reply to my own post. I called Apple a couple of weeks ago and the guy was very helpful - although I don't think anything we did resolved the issue. A few minutes after I got off the phone with him my connection dropped, then picked, then dropped, etc.

    So here is what I did which resolved my issue. I downloaded Firefox and stopped using Safari. My connection hasn't dropped since. I did not change anything else on my system. It could have been a combination of the steps I was walked through over the phone and changing the browser too... I know this will not work for everyone, but if you are using Safari, it's worth a shot.
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    I suggest that everyone having a wireless problem and a remaining warranty call Applecare for support.
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    Calling Apple support is a good idea, until they start telling you nonsense.

    "We never heard of wireless issues before"
    "Ahh, a netgear|cisco|belkin|linksys access point, -that- must be the problem!"
    "Please apply all patches and updates"
    "Please reset your Airport|Extreme|Laptop|desktop"
    "Please reinstall 10.5.x"
    "Please downgrade to firmware x.y.z"
    "Please call your ISP"

    Many of us have been there done it. So far I see only individual solutions but nothing that works consistently.

    Unfortunately I need my WDS to work, otherwise I would switch back to 'g', somehow I get the feeling that the 'n' implementation on the MB's and|or Airports is just not prime time ready.
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    I have the same problem. It is not G or N related. I use my mac in different WIFI locations.
    Very slow loading pages. It looks like since I upgraded to the latest version of OS. It started.
    FoxFire is slow too.
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    Having similar issue. We have two MacBook Pros in the home, one 15 inch and one 13 inch (15 inch has same stats as mine). The 15 inch gets fine download speeds (over 160 kb/s) and I get hosed downloads, going up and down the hill between 1kb/s and 80 kb/s with the occasional (and brief) 100 kb/s (never lasts more than a second).

    Webpages load fairly quickly, sometimes they don't or I have to click the link more than once (as in, I click the link, navigation barely starts, I click again, it is infinitely faster.

    This is a consistent problem on my (brand spanking new) MacBook. This was an occasional problem with my gateway laptop a few weeks ago.

    Possible problem: The other MacBook, which is stationed by the wireless router and uses wireless is hogging up the connection at all times...? (Just like a greedy 15 inch! ha)
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    Misery loves company, I just purchased my MBP a couple of days ago and love it except for the internet issues. Generally the connection works OK while in the mac OS, although the download speed can be very spotty, even when plugged directly to my router with a cable. I am also having issues with a web page refusing to load when clicked the first couple of times (but once it decides it will load the page it is very fast). My big problem is that the wireless signal continuously connects / drops / connects / drops while running XP through boot camp. Called mac and they didn't want to address it because it is an XP issue, called my service provider (AT&T Uverse) and they told me to install SP3, which didn't help at all. Very frustrating to spend a significant amount of money on a new machine but have so many problems on something as basic as an internet connection...hopefully mac decides this is not just in the consumer's head and release a fix!
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