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Sorry, I hate to create a new thread, but tracking so many different threads on this one issue is becoming problematic for me. So with that being said, if you are still having a problem with printing to a LaserJet 1022 after the full uninstall I detailed in the FAQ thread followed by installing version 2.2 of the HP driver package, then let me know here. And specifically I want to know is which device you have, how your device is connected, the print driver version, and what apps are giving you problems. In my own personal testing, here is what I have found:

USB direct connect - OK, I have yet to run into a problem here.
USB connected to an Airport Extreme N - OK, I have yet to run into a problem here.
USB connected to an Airport Express G - Paused problem. I got print job/page out and then the printer paused and would not resume. I don't have a functioning work around here yet, but I'm trying.

So if I were going to fill out my own form, it would look like this:

Printer: LaserJet 1022n
Connection: USB connected to an Airport Express G (Firmware version 6.3)
Driver Version:
Apps: All
Problem Description: Printer queue goes into a Paused mode and won't resume

And to get you started, I have left a blank template at the end of this post.

Also please make sure to include whether you have the 1022, 1022n, or 1022nw AND how it is connected to your Mac. If users of the 1020, what to chime in on this thread that is OK. Anyone else, please post in the FAQ thread or a different device specific thread. As the 1022 seems to be the most problematic at the moment, I'd like to track this down as quickly as possible.

Just trying to help.



Driver Version:
Problem Description:

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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