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  • Dakota@DY Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks buddy, cause my mouse is only 2 weeks old and my Macbook pro only 3 months old and it's driving me batty. And I dont want to regret moving to Mac...surely not.

    Still, having to go back to Apple so soon is annoying.

    My first Macbook Pro died in the first 24hrs and they replaced it - of course.

    So it's been 3 months of things not working well and everything is brand new, bought from reputable Apple stores, and yet everything has been playing up already.

    Dreadful waste of time going back and forth to Apple so early into owning it all.

    Im hoping i get 2-3 years out of it but it's not looking good.

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    Apart from the mouse issue with your newly replaced MBP (MacBook Pro); are you having further problems? Coz you can also have the Genius team do an electronic diag on your MBP. Even after getting my MM (magic mouse) replaced it still loses connection but I think this maybe because Bluetooth is still not a reliable connection technology yet. I do have similar problems with ALL Bluetooth products regardless of what they're trying to connect to and from. I don't have any reason to believe its the Bluetooth module in my MBP. Recently I installed Sophos Anti Vitrus. Despite Sophos claiming it wouldn't slow my MBP; it actually did. After removing it performance during intensive Apps dramatically improved. I also found quitting other unnecessary Apps during high CPU use eliminated problems with Apps like iMovie and Garageband. I now have much more faith in OSX Mountain Lion and Apple architecture in relation to Malware. From a realistic standpoint I do conceded that maybe the MM and its employment of Bluetooth is 1yr ahead of its time and possibly rushed to market but for using Aperture 3 (iPhoto's big brother) it's a must.

  • Dakota@DY Level 1 (0 points)

    I forgot to mention I also have 16mb memory in too so I'm peeved that i have to work at a bare minimum  - I have only the essentials i need open - but it freezes every few minutes.

    I spoke with the guys i bought it from today and they insisted i take it back to Apple for review which is annoying cause i'm time-poor, but so be it.


    Perhaps magic is not so magic after all.

    Want to love my Mac but not there yet.

  • El Deanio Level 3 (745 points)

    Dakota@DY wrote:


    I forgot to mention I also have 16mb memory in too so I'm peeved that i have to work at a bare minimum  - I have only the essentials i need open - but it freezes every few minutes.

    I spoke with the guys i bought it from today and they insisted i take it back to Apple for review which is annoying cause i'm time-poor, but so be it.


    Perhaps magic is not so magic after all.

    Want to love my Mac but not there yet.


    Assuming you are talking about the Magic Mouse freezing, and you have stabilized the batteries using any one of the methods others have stated above, have you set it as a 'Favourite' in the Bluetooth Preferences panel?


    To do this go to System Preferences, then Bluetooth.


    If your Magic Mouse isn't shown, you will need to add it by using the + at the bottom left.


    If it is, select it, then make sure the 'On' box at the top is on, and 'Discoverable' is selected too.


    At the botton of the panel, near the + is a gear wheel icon. Click on this to open it then use 'Set as Favourite'.


    If you get the 'Remove from Favourites' then the Mac has already done this for you. Possibly when the 'On' button was selected.


    This is for Lion.  I don't yet have access to a machine with Mountain Lion.

  • Dakota@DY Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks, MM is shown, On, Discoverable and I have Lion 10.7.4  but I cant see Add to Favorites in the wheel bit  - I have only Disconnect, Rename and Show more info under the wheel?

  • genchz Level 1 (0 points)

    I use MAC OS 10.8.2 and I applied all the tips suggested here but nothing has worked so far. I think the best tip would be returning it back.  I am unfortunatelly in Netherlands so Apple store will probably not accept it saying I have alreadt used it for couple of months. Apple should call all those shameful devices back!

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    Apple have a very good returns and exchange policy which appears to be global. Before you give up have an Apple genius perform an electronic diagnosis of your Magic Mouse as sometimes they do not perform well. This was my experience and it was replaced on the spot. Most rechargeable batteries take at least 4 charge cycles before optimum performance is reached.

  • Manuel_ Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with you,

    This battery/connecitivity issue S U C K S!!!!!!!


    Bad bad apple!!!

  • Ne0nNightmare Level 1 (0 points)

    It's probably been said loads before (tl:dr) but all my Magic Mouse issues disappeared the instant I started using Duracell batteries - I think they're slightly bigger than other brands and push all the connections into place.  Not had a disconnect ever since.

  • genchz Level 1 (0 points)

    I went to Apple store to return it but they did not accept it because I did not have receipt to prove that I bought the Apple mouse from Apple. Anyway, I have returned it via my employer. I am using a very primative cable mouse and keyboard shortcuts with a great joy now. 

  • rdslg Level 1 (0 points)

    First of all, this post goes to everyone using disposable batteries, sorry cvvmax.


    Why the **** don't you all get two sets of rechargeable batteries?!?!?!?!?!?! I can't understand why people still get tricked in buying cheap crappy batteries and then complain about them? If you go for Duracell you can also get reasonably priced rechargeable ones, they will have amortised after a short time. And guess what, then you even help to save the planet.



  • Dakota@DY Level 1 (0 points)

    rdslg - wow. how rude. and presumptious to assume any of us arent using top quality products. As a professional photographer I keep only lith as well as expensive rechargeables in my kit.  My Mac mouse is only a matter of weeks old and been through 3 lots of batteries already. It's possible and reasonable that the mouse and Mac products are not manufactured as well as they used to be. My Macbook Pro died in the first 24hrs and was replaced back in May. And now the mouse! It's all brand new....  And I know it isnt 'me' investing in cheapy crap. All my other gear works fine.  

    Clearly you're one of these arrogant types who think the rest of us are ignorant - . Pull your head in. And if you dont have anything useful or constructive to contribute, and you can only comment in a patronising manner (shaming people into 'saving the planet' and feeling dumb)... You're just plain rude. Man, go get a blog.

  • rdslg Level 1 (0 points)

    dakota@dy, I am really sorry, I have to apologize - of cours this doesn't address "everyone" (think, I may have stated this...). But re-reading my post, it does sound a bit rude. I was just so upset by the idea of buying and using tons of disposable batteries is still so normal for most of the poeple. And then most of them don't even care about recycling them.


    My mouse also keeps diconnecting - why else would I be here. The only solution I found, was to disconnect all other BT devices, I didn't need. I had no issues with the batteries though (rechargeable ones, of course).


    So, sorry again for pointing out that many people out there still don't give a **** about the future of our planet.

  • cvvmax Level 1 (0 points)

    I won't take it personally that you decided to chose my post as the one to make your reply to...


    But anyway...I for one would greatly appreciate if you could report back on how the Rechargable batteries (no matter what manufacturer you decide on) work as compared to the various types of throw away batteries that many people have been having issues with...


    I for one would not want to waste any more money on a Rechargable system, only to find out that, I still have a problem, whether it be the frequent loss of charge or the supposedly shorter battery lengths...


    As for the "save the planet" statement...good for you!!!...

  • Dakota@DY Level 1 (0 points)

    rdslg - that's really big of you to own your stuff and publically apologise. Totally wasnt expecting that. Good on you.

    And yes, we're all frustrated which is why we're here. Some days Im ready to throw my Mac out the door - Im so disappointed with it but i'm persevering cause it's a $3000 investment and I bought all the pro photography products to go with it. And then the next Mac product I buy requires a wad of paper in it to keep the batteries together...what the!   still. a solution is a solution and I/we just want to keep working seamlessly.

    but I'm overstating .... we all know the conversation!


    thanks again for your apology. you got a halo around you now!

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