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  • rdslg Level 1 (0 points)

    @cvvmax: Like I said, I do not have any issues with my rechargeable set of batteries. Of course they may not last as long as high-quality disosable ones - but I always have a second set of charged ones, so there is no big deal in changing them every 2-3 weeks. And you do avoid at least some waste.


    I am using two pairs of 2100mAh Ni-Mh cells, if this is of any help, the brand is called UniRoss, they came with a charger and were about 10GBP.


    @dakota: I can clearly read the disappointment in your post. Believe me, I have had quite a few bad experiences, too. But in most of the cases Apple was willing to help. Although I also find it very irritating that they don't react anymore in these forums and present proper solutions. After a while you just learn to accept some work-around. I am curious, if they manage to get back on track. The last couple of Apple products really lack the innovation, if you ask me - interestingly since Steve is gone. But, there is no alternative, or is there any?! We'll see...


    PS: I can almost feel the halo thanks.

  • cvvmax Level 1 (0 points)

    Appreciate the quick response...


    The current set of El-Cheapo "Homelife" throw aways have been in my Magic Mouse for almost three months now with no issues...


    But when they do need replacement, I will put a couple of the rechargables that I already have and see if they work as well as yours did...and I will report back with my findings at that time...


    If they do work...does that qualify me for membership in the California Save the Whales club and do I also get a "Halo"???

  • rdslg Level 1 (0 points)

    Great, I am sure they will be fine!


    Well, new memberships are always appreciated. ...and sorry, no, halos are all gone, as are the whales in some years from now, I guess.

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    Very sad to hear yr still having issues with your MBP. I know youve been back to the store many times but; has it ever been connected to their diagnostics?


    And........If youre using Sophos Anti Virus, particularly if you use processor intensive apps, then get rid of Sophos. Despite Sophos claiming it wont slow your Mac, it will until its updated. But it will eventually be one of the better AV programs.


    If you do get a replacement, upgrade to an SSD if you havent already done so.

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    THIS IS AMAZING!  I have been annoyed by this for over a year or two, I don't remember, but I did what you did , JamoOz ! "

    Some tin-foil fixed it, easy.


    Just fold some up so its a couple of mm thick, then place under the negative side of the batteries in order to make the batteries a tighter squeeze."



  • apapworth77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Or... just find AA batteries that are bigger. As mentioned previously on this forum, some batteries are 1-2mm shorter. Or, just buy the Apple Rechargables... they say they last for 10 years.

  • chandrakanta Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks is the battery compartment. I think somethings wrong with the casing of the Mighty Mouse.
    I did the "Obelix" trick...........thump the MM like a Roman Soldier and works perfect...............


    Thanks again pshake.......

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    I can help with the MM battery choice.

    Even after replacing my first 2012 MagicMouse

    I still had connectivity issues with the MM all of

    sudden disconnecting, even when the RECHARGEABLE

    batt charge level was 90% charged.


    I was always using the generous 3x2 AA Rechargeable batts that came with the 

    MM batt charger, and still experiencing many vexing MMouse issues.


    I finally resigned after trying all the forum solutions to correct the poor connectivity issues

    and put in a used pair of Duracells. From that point on: no further issues. I rarely turn my

    MM off. AND still it connects as soon as I open my MBPro

  • Dakota@DY Level 1 (0 points)

    well it finally carked it this morning.

    replaced the batteries (lithium) and wacked in the much-needed-cardboard filler and still no go.


    im pretty over it.

    it's brand new and too unreliable.


    and the Mac (brand new) isnt that much better.

    at 16 gig too, I have to keep my programs to a minimum - and I mean minimum. 

    im yet to see the benefit in having moved to Mac at all and I'm disappointed to be one of those nay-sayers to change. I embrace change...but it's just been painful.

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    I am very sorry to know that, because i have produced more with my mac in 3 months than I did with my PC in three years. So I can only encourage you to persist in getting a replacement. As for the the not-so-magic mouse I eventually decided to try Duracell batteries instead of the rechargeables I got with my MMouse charger, and it has not let me down since. Even if I close my MacBook Pro and open it hours later the mouse is ready to go. I dont even bother to turn the mouse off when not in use. I cant see a reported difference in the length of the positive Duracell battery terminal/nodule when comparing it to other AA batteries but all I need to know is that Duracell batteries made all my MM problems disappear. As a creative type I suggest you do everything you can to get your Mac replaced, it will be worth it.

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    animist08 wrote:


    ...I cant see a reported difference in the length of the positive Duracell battery terminal/nodule when comparing it to other AA batteries but all I need to know is that Duracell batteries made all my MM problems disappear...


    Hi animist08


    It's not the length of the positive terminal as such, it's the height of the shoulder of the can surrounding the +ve terminal that varies between battery type and make.  All Apple needs to do is make the black plastic 'bulkhead' between the battery compartment of the MM and the +ve contacts slightly thinner to accommodate all types and makes of battery.





    See my photo. The rechargable battery on the right of the photo clearly shows a raised (like a shrugged) shoulder where the can has been pinched.  This stops the +ve terminal protruding through the hole in the plastic bulkhead as far as it needs to.


    When purchasing batteries in a shop, one can carefully look at the batteries to assess the height of the shoulder - best done when comparing one that you have already that you know doesn't have this raised shoulder.


    Of course, this can be quite difficult to check in the shops not only because the difference is very slight, but also because the batteries will no doubt be wrapped in plastic packing (if they are visible at all). But its worth trying and, if you find a make of rechargables that don't have this shoulder and thus work, then you can stick with them.


    Here's another photo of these batteries



    This time the cell on the far right is (yes, you guessed it) a Duracell.  No one seems to have trouble with these


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  • slothead Level 1 (0 points)

    Not so folks.  Duracells are all I use and I have problems every other month or so.

  • El Deanio Level 3 (745 points)

    slothead wrote:


    Not so folks.  Duracells are all I use and I have problems every other month or so.


    Try setting your MM as a 'Bluetooth Favourite' in the Bluetooth Prefs Panel. But honestly your problem (if indeed you have one) could be due to any number of reasons not necessarily battery related.  Why not give some information about you system?  No one here is psychic after all.

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    Fair comment. About members giving system info. If you click on a members blue profile name you can see basic info about their registered devices.

  • slothead Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry Deanio, my MM has been set to a favorite BT for months if not years - no effect whatsoever.  I would suggest you go back and read the entire thread before wasting bandwidth.

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