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  • Dodger77 Level 1 (0 points)

    After two years of reliable service my Magic Mouse started experiencing this same problem of losing it's Bluetooth connection.  I tried a few solutions suggested on this board but none of them solved the problem permanently or for any substantial length of time.  Finally I decided to try cleaning the battery contacts to see if that would solve the problem.  I took the batteries out and cleaned the contacts using a Q-Tip and isopropyl alcohol.  I cleaned the negative and positive terminals until I could feel some resistance from the contacts.  When I finsihed I noticed there was a yellowish residue on the Q-Tip after cleaning.  When I replaced the batteries in their compartment the green power light came on before I even had a chance to put the cover back on.  It also regained it's Bluetooth connection in mere seconds and hasn't lost it since. 

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    After one year my Magic Mouse starts to loose the connection to my 27" Mid-2011 iMac for about 10 seconds and then reconnects automatically. The Problem started after I bought a Magic Trackpad. However the Magic Mouse doesn't disconnect from my MacBook Air. I'm not using the MacBook and iMac simultaneously.

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    Don't fold the paper and wedge it betwwen the batteries there until you have tried  this.


    The problem can be caused by lint, interfering with the connection between the battery posts and the contacts in the mouse. Get out your bicycle light and shine it in the battery compartment: you will be amazed at the small debris you will find after a couple of years of use. Put a drop of alcohol or windex on a Que tip, squeeze the tip so there is no excess liquid, then gently clean the contacts. Inspect again with the light. Now shine the light on the batteries, because they attract lint as well. Wipe off the lent with a clean rag, then replace the batteries. Voila! A firm connection is reestablished.

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    I used contact cleaner and cleaned all four the contacts inside the mouse and on the batteries. The Mouse already disconnected again after that.

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    I know this is a really old topic here, but I started having this problem recently, and the fix was really simple, at least for me. I was losing magic mouse connection constantly, looked at some of the solutions on the web but the answers sometimes had all the  geeky mumbo-jumbo and I don't what they're talking about with all their initials (reset the PRAM whatever that is and others) . Actually, the problem is quite simple. Bad contacts in the mouse.

    Just remove the batteries, look at the battery contacts in the mouse battery compartment. They should be nice and shiny. If not, just clean them with a toothpick (something not metallic that won't damage them) and then with a cotton swab. That's it. Put the batteries back in and back to work.

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    Thanks! That worked perfectly for me

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    I am happy, happy, happy,


    Since a couple of years (really) I tried to solve my magic mouse connection problems. I bought it a couple of years ago just out of emotions because I thought it was beautifull. And the second reason was that my earlier mighty mouse had connection problems sometimes. The disappointment was that the new magic mouse had the same problems. And Apple gave me a new one. Still the same problems. I read hours and hours on this discussion. Did everything to solve it.


    -Bought any kind of new batteries

    -Put everyting in the mouse to keep the batteries fixed

    -Bought a lithium unit which was definitely more solid.


    Finally I bought a new mouse with thread but it was much less comfortable in use than the magic mouse. So I made the conclusion that I did doing so many things on the mouse without any result, there must be a possibility that it was a problem of the internal bluetooth adapter. So I brought my 2007 Macbook to an Apple service center and the conclusion was indead that the internal bluetooth adapter was out of order. And they told me that a new internal bluetooth adapter cost me about € 60. After a few days came the disappointing message that there were no spareparts for my fantastic Macbook white of 2007 anymore. The only solution was buying a (very small and nice) USB bluetooth adapter and so I did and it cost me € 15,99. Plug and play and years of connection problems and spending a lot of worthless money were solved. Totally no disconnections anymore. This happened on my 66 birthday and never got a nicer present before.


    I did not want to keep this story for myself.


    So after a putting a lot of messages in this discussion and receiving lots of reactions, I say good buy to you all and wish you all a happy live with a fantastic health and lots of love and without any connection problems.

  • seventy one Level 6 (13,210 points)

    And very nice it is too, to read such a heart warming story.   All too often we read badly written and unreasonable grousing, liberally endorsed with censored words.


    Well done to you, Hans.

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    Excellent news.


    Sadly recently I also found out about my iMac's apparent 'built-in obsolescence' - the hard way. A shady business practice the Automotive industry was once accused of.  I couldn't get a new motherboard to solve a graphics glitch because the parts were no longer available.


    Nowadays not being able to get parts for a car because it is over six years old is unheard of. Try doing that with a Mac - even though it cost (almost) as much as a car when new.

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    After a few weeks of annoyances i maybe found a really simple sollution for the fact that the Magic Mouse is constantly losing the connection. The problem are the batteries that are too narrow so the 'fall' down when you use the Magic Mouse and stop giving power. By putting a folded piece of paper between the batteries and the aluminum plate or simply by using soms thicker batteries the batteries stay in place and the problem should be solved.


    Hope i could help someone!

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    No I am sorry, but I did everthing with the batteries, as you can read in my message of the 8th of february.

    In the two months that I use the external USB bluetooth adapter now, I don't have any problems anymore.

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    The terminal plates for the positive end are held in place by minute plastic rivets. Careful teardown of the mouse revealed that one of these rivets had failed and the palte was moving slightly thereby breaking the connection. A spot of glue resolved the problem successfully. The mouse is not easy to access - it uses the infamous Apple adhesive to secure the alloy bottom!

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    Tried the BusinessCardBuffer on my not-so-magic Mouse. Works like a charm.


    OOPS! Spoke too soon. Retiring TheNotSoMagicMouse for good ol' USofB. I'll miss the finger-swiping but I can live with that.

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    My Magic Mouse was loosing connection. But, now it seems to be working properly since I tried a simple repair.


    I turned it off, removed the cover and batteries and cleaned the battery compartment with a compressed air bottle and q-tip. Before gently wiping the glass lens components with the q-tip, I noticed significant dust build up on them. Since re-assembling its parts and turning on the Magic Mouse, it seems to be working ok.

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    After reading through some of these, and having the same problem - took the battery out and realized there was a lot of crud built up on the black strips on the bottom of the mouse...and some dust inside.  Used a windex-dampened paper towel to clean off crud and dust off terminal points, and it works great!  Had been cutting out on me every few hasn't dropped the connection once.