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I'm on Tiger, a PowerBook 15", 1.25 GHz. I just bought a Motorola HS810 BT headset - following the instructions at the Apple support site, I launched the Bluetooth Setup Assistant and attempted to add device.

But when I select headset as the device to add, I get dumped to a screen saying: "Headsets are not supported on your Bluetooth hardware."

So I tried adding any device - I get a menu of visible devices, and it lists the headset - but when I go to advance to the next screen, once again I get: "Headsets are not supported on your Bluetooth hardware."

I've seen a number of similar but not identical posts suggesting upgrading the firmware - I'm on Tiger, so it's 1.526, no further updates available - updating the Bluetooth software - I'm on version 1.6, as far as I can tell, and no further updates available. I've read about zapping the PRAM, and done it, no change in symptoms.

So I'm wondering, is this a Tiger bug? Has anyone successfully joined a BT headset to a PowerBook G4?

Many thanks,
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