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  • spudzilla Level 1 (0 points)
    Wow, we are all in the same boat- the S.S. Screwed. My iPod is one of my favorite teaching tools. Now its an expensive paperweight and I really need it! I'd jump ship and buy another player but we teachers in my district are undergoing the pains of being furloughed. I'm grateful to still have a job but I'm frustrated as can be over an Apple error that has cost us all dearly!
  • Dyverze Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple does not care. It's obvious, and the company in general is slipping big time.

    Let me first address the fact that IPod Classic owners have been experiencing this same ridiculous problem for over four months now (Sept 2009). You would think that in four months, Apple's techs would hear the complaints, and fix THEIR dumb mistake, ensuring costumer satisfaction.

    Thats certainly not the case in this matter, and let me tell you.... I'm furious.

    Rather than taking care of their current customers, they are avoiding the complaints and too busy touching up an oversized, overpriced, and most definitely over hyped Ipod Touch, the Ipad.

    I to am a very upset 80gb classic owner. Everything was completely fine until Itunes 9 showed up, and turned it into an expensive, non working brick. As I sync my library, it may reach up to 12 gigabytes at most, and the sync bar will lock up, and the Ipod displays a disconnected icon. Force ejecting erases the whole library on the Ipod.

    Pathetic..... I wish this wasn't even an issue... it definitely shouldn't be.
  • spudzilla Level 1 (0 points)
    I just want to SCREAM! We are loyal iPod enthusiasts but Apple apparently doesn't have the decency to own up to it's mistake and rectify it with a patch. What are they trying to do, force us to go to another MP3 player? I certainly won't buy another Apple product until this problem is resolved.
  • stickyshoe Level 1 (0 points)
    Same as everyone else it seems, installed 9, now I have no ipod. now I don't to plug in my new shuffle just in case! Off to the watchdog web site to see if they can help!
  • stickyshoe Level 1 (0 points)
    Logged a complaint with bbc's watchdog, maybe if we all mention it then apple may take some responsibility!
  • Anna_H Level 1 (0 points)
    Maybe now that the iPad is out Apple will address this issue.

    *falls off chair laughing hysterically*
  • Ed.miya. Level 1 (30 points)
    Try to press "Play and enter in the same time for a few seconds to put it on the disc mode erase it via disc utility (Don't use the fast erase) , also my iPod is weird .....

    Ops... this could be the reason why my iPod (Classic w/Video 30Gb) is acting weird since the last update to the iTunes 9.0.3,(freezing on the apple mark and keeping re-booting, it was working perfectly till last Monday) till i fix it I'm using my PSP as a Big iPod Shuffle (Just drag the musics from the itunes to the PSP Memory stick music folder will not work with DRM protected music or any video) well the propose is to use it for music, games, TV (1SEG Japan) only , turning the shuffle function on the PSP it will works like the first generation of the iPod shuffle, make a smart Playlist in the itunes like the 120 most played select all the music on this Playlist and drag into the PSP or other compatible device and there is a provisory iPod in my case.

    I'm not up to purchase my 4th iPod , just because a software problem.

    Me and my fiance together have been purchased a total of 6 iPods together in the past 6 years and it is not fair or Double eco "Ecologic and Economic"........ together we have a Total of 6 working Macs in the same house.....

    My actual ipod hardware (HDD did the big files test copy) is working propriety , the battery is not holding the full charge anymore , but still can be used for up to 6 hours (good enough for my needs) as it dies i can replace it by my own or send it to the apple store to do the job, or just keep it as is, purchasing a AC charger (or an old USB HUB) it can become a Mini Music server in some stereo around my place .... at this point maybe i have a reason to purchase a new iPod but sincerity already i purchased to many iPods, and a lager capacity memory stick for my PSP could be cheaper and reliable .....

    Well hope Apple fix this issue because even my 2 cats uses a mac (2 broken eMacs converted to be a cat bed with the old iPods connected on the eMac's speakers for power the iPod a old 1.0 USB powered Hub is doing the magic)

    Well good luck for all of us ........
  • Ed.miya. Level 1 (30 points)
    Update, Putting the iPod in the disk Mode (Hold "Play" & "Enter" in the same time ) using disk utility to erases it using "secure options" - "Zero out Data" and restoring the iPod Software via the iTunes , solved my problem (partiality still i need a few days to test it ) ...... doing it you will lose all the music & Data inside your iPod, but they are still into your iTunes ........ if you have something different there like a work data use the same disk mode it will mount in your computer as a iPod or external HD, do the back up first of these files.....
  • langfordnate Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you sooo much, my 80 GB classic has been "corrupted" for about a year. Every couple months i see it on the shelf and have a go and getting it working again. Nothing has worked until now. I only needed to do the first 2 steps and my ipod is back to normal.

    THanks for making it more then just a $350 dollar paperweight!!!
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    I can't believe so many people are having similar problems!! I have signed up here just ot have a rant about it! I have a 30GB ipod classic that's 3 years old, and since I updated my itunes my ipod, itunes says that it is syncing, but nothing happens and it will stay syncing for hours with no results. I tried restoring my ipod, that didn't help, and now I have a blank ipod which won't sync. I am soooo annoyed.
  • Anna_H Level 1 (0 points)
    I was talking to one of the guys at my local Best Buy about my dead iPod and he asked what type I have. I said a Classic. He said to bring it to the Geek Squad to see if they'll be able to figure it out. He also said that some iPod Touches have been bricked by iTunes 9! That's really comforting, isn't it?
  • arson09 Level 1 (0 points)
    I wonder if Microsoft has gotten an ear to this problem that IPod users are having with Apple sitting back and doing NOTHING about it except try and push NEW product onto it's customers?? Maybe what it's gonna take for Apple to finally address the problem is for it's competition to begin using it against them in the same manner that Apple uses the virus topic against Microsoft!!
  • Diego Bedolla Level 1 (0 points)
    I had the same exact problem.

    I know the solution for Mac OS X 10.5.x user.
    + Quit Itunes (not uninstall)
    + Insert your Mac OS X 10.5 install disc.
    + Open the "Optional Installs" folder.
    + Double-click Optional Installs.mpkg.
    + On the Custom Install window of the Installer, select the option to install iPod Support.
    + Open Itunes
    + Connect Ipod

    y listo!
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    Have the exact same problem!! Can't use my ipod anymore since i updated to itunes 9.. the music on my ipod is gone because i tried to restore it (which failed after emptying it aarrrgghhh) so i cannot even use it... 200 euro's spent for nothing!!!
    I love apple, but this is very dissapointing!!!
  • James ERITH Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi there,

    I have had the same corruption probs with a three year old 80Gb classic. Tried everything whilst still running Itunes 9.0.3 but to no avail. Managed to get it working/syncing again by reverting back to 9.0.2.

    Simply shutdown Itunes, send to trash in Applications, then google Itunes 9.0.2 for Mac. Download and install onto your Mac. Open itunes then plug in your Ipod. I had to do a restore then it started syncing automatically. The initial sync seemed to stall on a number of files but the good news is that it's back up and running with the moral being DO NOT DOWNLOAD Itunes 9.0.3 until guarantees are given for Ipod Classics.

    Hope this helps anyone still struggling with an Ipod brick.