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+"Apple today released iPhone OS 3.1.3 for all iPhone and iPod touch models, addressing several specific bugs as well as offering fixes for a handful of security issues.+
+This update for the iPhone and iPod touch contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following:+

+- Improves accuracy of reported battery level on iPhone 3GS+
+- Resolves issue where third-party apps would not launch in some instances+
+- Fixes bug that may cause an app to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard+

+Full details on the security updates included in iPhone OS 3.1.3 are available in the associated support document."+

MacPro4,1 8 Core, Mac OS X (10.6.2), iPhone 3GS (3.1.2), AirPort Extreme, 160GB iPod Classic, 5 PCs/WinXP SP3
  • TITNTUFF Level 1 Level 1

    I just updated to 3.1.2 last weekend.
    15 hours for my phone.
    1.5 hours for my wifes.

    I think I will wait a while.
  • russkey2k Level 1 Level 1
    Don't upgrade to 3.1.3 - it just bricked my iPhone and Apple tech support is now rejecting all calls.
  • PCLazarus Level 1 Level 1
    I've had my 3G for a year and a half with no problems...ever. Yesterday I updated to 3.1.3 and my phone has frozen twice since. My apps don't work at all either.

    Not an expert, but...this CAN'T be just a coincidence.
  • amylou776 Level 1 Level 1
    I updated my iphone to 3.1.3. Now all except two of my applications won't open at all. I re-synced my phone to see if it was because they didn't sync properly. It turned out when i looked at my application page, 2 of 28 apps are not even listed to sync.
    The icons come up as a screen view, but are not listed to sync and will not open on my phone.
    Apart from the fact that i now don't have any access to any off my free apps, i don't even have access to all of those i actually bought.
    What can i do? I don't particularly want to buy and download every app again.
    Am i best off to just undo the update?
    I'm a little frustrated.. I only got this phone for christmas and it had no problems until i updated.
  • SvenDenmark Level 1 Level 1
    Today I upgrated to iTune 9, and then it wanted to update firmware in my iPhone 3GS. It is ver 3.1.3.
    No succes. After about ½ hour it is finish, and the iPhone try to reboot. iTunes then gives an error 1002, and write that the upgrade was unsuccesfull. The "read more" link given in the errorwindow just shows an "unknown web-adress" at

    iTunes then sees the iPhone as a new empty iPhone and it wants to put in the firmware again. I have now tried 4 times in my Windows 7 x64, and 2 times on another computer using windows XP.

    The iPhone can now only show the picture with the white USBcable and the text iTunes. All other things don't work. It can't be turned on normally, so no use at all.

    What is "error 1002"?
    How do I get the iPhone working again?

    I'm sorry for my poor English, but English is not my first language. I hope you can get some sence out of this post anyway.
  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6
    1. Disable all firewall and antivirus/spyware apps on your PC, including Windows 7 built-in functions.

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  • tendean Level 1 Level 1
    Just updated to 3.1.3...
    Now it says that my sim card is not supported, and i should get a replacement _ _" this is ********....last firmware (3.1.2) they messed the they mess with the Phone functionalities !!!!

    WHat the **** does the iphone software guys doing ? Since steve jobs was sick...everything is in trouble .....

    Disappointed custiomer.....
  • stdude Level 1 Level 1
    Exactly the same thing.
    I have a 3G and never had any issues for over a year. Now, only original iPhone apps are working after upgrading to 3.1.3 (mail, safari etc ..). Other apps just don't launch. I first had a problem when I tried to turn the phone off and restart it. It was stuck at the apple logo screen. I forced it to shut down pressing the shut down and home button, then restarted it again. When it finished starting up, the itunes/usb icons popped up briefly on the screen and then it prompted me for security code. It never did that before. Then after I had a message on screen saying "the phone is now activated", never had that message before either (except for the first time it was activated of course). I am not sure what to do now, because the last backup I have is already using 3.1.3 I think ... Am I stuck?
  • Ziatron Level 4 Level 4
    now they mess with the Phone functionalities !!!!

    Never get any update until you have reviewed what the changes are.
    you may not want the update, sometimes features or capabilities get removed.

    Do your homework first. Newer does not always equal better.
  • dlewis711 Level 1 Level 1
    Just did the update, only took 15 min from start to finish....everything working perfect.
  • pballbeast Level 1 Level 1
    I've found that after updating none of the 3rd party apps work. The only way I have been able to get them to seemingly work is to delete them from the phone and then redownload them manually. This is junk! I thought it was one app that made everything go bad or maybe it has something to do with iTunes. I know that I updated itunes right before the update as well. This is driving me nuts!!!! All my application data is now gone and now I have to redownload on my phone to get apps to work!!!
  • stdude Level 1 Level 1
    Here's an update to my problem which hopefully will help someone in the same situation as I was after the upgrade to 3.1.3 :
    While none of my "Non-Apple" apps were working after the upgrade, I went to the apps store on my iPhone and there was an update for an external app available (around me). I downloaded the update and it installed without problem. I tried to launch the app and it worked. I then tried all the apps and they were all working again ! I'm glad I got it back to work again but that was very weird...
  • iLarsa Level 1 Level 1
    It seems 3rd party apps may stop working after a firmware update.

    Install or update any app solves the problem for all 3rd party apps (at least for me). There is no need to delete any of your apps.
  • TANGO1 Level 1 Level 1
    Total crash after attempting update--tells me the update didn't work, then won't even turn on (I've tried the 10 second reboot, computer restart, etc--everything recommended. Black screen, isn't recognized by itunes, nada). Had plenty of battery power, had been working throughout the evening before. And no, this isn't a jailbroken phone or anything crazy (no fancy customization, turned on a password protect, that's about it); just a relatively new (November 09) 3gs that now won't even turn on! Since phone was working fine before this, I wouldn't recommend this update....

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