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  • Sparkax Level 1 Level 1
    It seems that this error has a number: 1638 because when I click on additional details, the url says error=1638.
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10
    It's something to to with your jailbreak. Unfortunately, that's the risk you run when you jailbreak your phone. The only thing left to try is restoring on a different computer. You can restore your phone as a "new" device on any computer. However, you never answered my question about what version of itunes you are using. If its not the current version you might try updating first & then try and restore again on your own computer.
  • Sparkax Level 1 Level 1
    The restore process is working on another computer which has iTunes 9.0.1.
  • CarolusX Level 1 Level 1
    Ive got the exact same problem with my iPhone 3GS. Cant update to OS 4 cause it can't contact the updatingserver and I don't have a jailbraked iPhone.

    iTunes version is 9.2 and the phone is/was the latest 3.x OS.

    iTunes finds my iPhone, says there is an update, downloads the update, extracts it and.... "Can't connect to the updateserver".

    So the problem got to be something else than that he got a jailbraked iPhone.
  • jingjang111 Level 1 Level 1
    i too dont know what to do no.
  • copcrawler Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same issues. I contacted apple tech support, and they are even stumped. I tried the recovery mode on a different computer, I've tried older versions on iTunes, I've tried using the 3.1.3 ipsw and still cannot update. Has anyone found a solution to this yet?
  • n7slc Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having this same issue with an iPhone 4.
  • .oct Level 1 Level 1
    My iPhone 3GS 32GB / with iTunes 9.2 has the same error... anyone got solution?
  • unvaluablespace Level 1 Level 1
    Open notepad as administrator, and direct yourself to:
    open the "Hosts" file:

    note the "" portion near the bottom. your hosts may be different, and if so, then look for that part specifically. the problem for me, lied within the fact that just before the "" part, there originally was no hash(#) with the space like the rest of the hosts file. This was all I had to fix. After editing and then saving the hosts file in notepad. I restarted iTunes and the update went through without a hitch!

    so if you do not see the hash and space before the "" part, all you have to do is put the #, and then press tab! I hope this works for some of you guys! So just to be clear, that particular line in the file should look like:


    good luck!

    EDIT: GRRR! Sorry. I'll just try to link to my original thread since apple's forums don't like the way I put specific characters! LOL er-could-not-contacted-error-try.html

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  • magicman1186 Level 1 Level 1
    i have done everything from uninstalling,turning firewall off going into system32 folders and still i get the same error message : iphone software update server could not be reached??? i can access itunes but cannot upgrade my iphone os, could someone please please help
  • Phantombantam Level 1 Level 1 er-could-not-contacted-error-try.html

    Thanks I was having the same problems since updating iTunes to latest version on 22 July. Followed this guide and sorted my problem out

    I was not getting any error codes just a message saying that iPod/iPhone software update server could not be contacted.

    There was no line in hosts file for so added mew line and presto now working as normal thanks very much for this guide you have sorted something that a 50 minute £8.00 phone call to apple care couldn't fix. Thanks again
  • unvaluablespace Level 1 Level 1
    Yeah no problem. Haha I didn't even bother to call apple care cuz I figured they wouldn't know it let alone be able to fix it. Ya know not to diss apple care or anything, this Is for pretty much most tech companies out there, but I find it funny when I know for myself that I know more about the device/product than the company that makes it lol. Like you know that if u couldn't figure it out, they won't be able too either, but you call them anyway just to humor yourself, sit through the usual wait times being placed on hold, only to finally get someone that either has no clue to what your talking about, or tries to dumb you down during the conversation even though you clearly know certain things on the product than they do lol.
  • vgamenut Level 1 Level 1
    I have an Iphone 4 and was trying to update to 4.01. updating this hosts file fixed it for me!

  • SLIM Man Level 1 Level 1
    Where can I find the Hosts file on Mac?
  • unvaluablespace Level 1 Level 1
    Glad to hear it worked for you! another satisfied customer! Haha.

    For those with different operating systems, please be aware that the hosts file is arranged differently depending on operating system. For me, I was running Windows 7, so I wrote out that quick n dirty guide for those with 7. Vista may or may not be different, but I am almost positive that XP, Mac OS X is different from those two. So I would not attempt unless you know what your doing, or know how to make a backup of the hosts file in case something goes wrong
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