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    Ended up getting an account thru the back door. Went to to get an ID then logged into iTunes. Had to register again and add credit/debit card details. However, I did this on MY computer and not my cousin's (see my original intention at top of second page in this thread) and the account has notched up 'one computer' linked to downloading from this account. I now need to log in on the intended pc and change all the address and card details to my cousin's. She will still need to log in so her daughter can download the tunes she wants from her 11th birthday vouchers!! Blimey, what a fiasco. Good job I don't mind troubleshooting eh? Thanks to Mordreneth for the tip. Good luck everyone else.
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    A month old this topic now, so maybe all concerned have found a way round this but I had the same problem last night and thought i'd share my solution.

    after setting up a monthly allowance to my son and creating him a new account, he got the email saying it was all up and running, and he could start spending. on logging in, he was asked to review his account and got the error message about not being able to save the changes. we tried going through the same process on the touch, which also failed but with a different message, along the lines of "you are not elligible for an itunes account as you do not meet the minimum age requirement" - he is 11yrs old. (I later read somewhere the minimum is 13 yrs old)
    Still on the touch, i put his birth year back to 1990 but it still said he was under-age. I went back to the PC to review his account via there again and set his birth year to 1997 (to make him 13) .... and lo and behold it all worked fine.

    Why Apple can't sort out a better error message on the PC i don't know, as there's no clue it's an age related problem. and i've no idea why it wouldn't work on the touch, but i'm just relieved it works now.

    hope this helps someone else out.
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    against my advice, my son insisted on an IPOD touch for his 13th birthday today and what do you know we cant get anything from the cr@ppy itunes store. I'm not going to bother listing the multiple permutations of trying to set up his account but the long and the short of it is we are getting vaguely worded errors or network errors every time we try to complete the billing page of the account set up.

    I don't want to put my credit card details on his account and I certainly don't want to start loading itunes onto every PC in the house to try and get round it. The last error message that came back indicated technical problems at the itunes end. This thread has been running for while now - has everyone managed to get in now - would just like to know how long I'm likely to have to wait before I decide whether the send the thing back.


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    Bought one for for my daughter, same problem....called apple and they had no idea lol.

    But, I logged out of MY itunes account, then went to the menu bar and selected "store -> de-authorize account", and then ejected my daughter's ipod touch. THEN it allowed me to create a new user account....I hope this his helpful!!!

    oh, also, almost downloaded the latest version of iTunes, but it allowed me to create an account before I had to do so.
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    The reason you are getting this error is because there is a minimum age limit of 13 years old to have an iTunes account. To get around it you can try creating the account again using a different birth year so that you child appears older than 13. Unfortunatley you have to wait at least 24 hours from the last time you tried to create the account and got the error message because the Apple computers are smart enough to remember the email address of the underage child that you used. Waiting 48 hours is even better. It worked for me. Hope this helps.
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    Try this: 1)make sure computer user has administrator priviledges,not limited (guest)..2)need to be over 13 y/o when entering date of birth..3)password needs to be 8 characters which need to include a capital letter, letters and numbers...4)make sure there is a valid-working "new" email account...Hope this helps
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    Main problem is Apple won't tell you WHY you're not eligible to create an account - and they don't like 13th birthdays...

    My son got his iPodTouch on his 13th birthday and we spent hours in cycling through all the "not eligible" stuff.

    It seems you must be OLDER than 13 years, which occurs one day after your birthday (that's really smart!).
    So if you want to create an account on your birthday, just make yourself older by one day. And you can change this back tomorrow.
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    I have the same probelm as all of you do. My sone was so exited and now here I am an hour and a half into this tryign once again to fic ******** that should work right out of the box. I have no time for this crap! So....

    Dear Apple, your support and your iTunes application absolutely *****. iTunes is the most non-user friendly application I've ever used, and the fact that all these poor people can't register their product after spending the ridiculous dollars you charge is complete ********!I hate apple software and an't wait to take his POS back to the store for a refund APPLE - YOU STINK and Goodbye - Oh, adn while I'm at it.... AT&T can kiss my *** too! They suck!

    Good luck to all of you getting this fixed. I'm sure it won't be Apple that helps resolve it.
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    This may sound unbelievable but I too had the same problem. It's the password complexity .. add a 'Caps' and a number into your password and voilà .. totally ***** that this amount of time was wasted by some many people on something so simple .. and apple support didn't even bother to ask the question !
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    Simple fix: if you have already entered an age if less than 13, you have to clear your safari cache. Go to settings, then safari, then clear history, cookies, and cache. Then re-register for your new itunes/apple user account.

    Happened to us this morning too but this worked.
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    CindijoJo wrote:
    Simple fix: if you have already entered an age if less than 13, you have to clear your safari cache. Go to settings, then safari, then clear history, cookies, and cache. Then re-register for your new itunes/apple user account.

    Happened to us this morning too but this worked.

    Just wanted to thank you CindijoJo. Was about to throw computer and iPod through a wall but your solution fixed my problem!!
    Thanks for taking the time to post, I appreciate it
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    You don't need to trick the system.

    Set up your childs account without any credit card details.

    Now go to the iTunes store and purchase an iTunes Store gift, credit. You can email it.

    They click on the Redeem link in their email, and sign-in if needs be. The gift will be credited to their account and age is no longer an issue.
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    I would concur with Michael on this one.

    My son is 13 today (has been now for 12 hours!) and I am unable to create and Apple ID/iTunes account for him.

    I keep getting the not eligible to create an account message whether I try and create an account via iTunes or the web. Most bizarre. I will try again when he has been 13 for a whole day

    Apple are you looking at this...
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    As an addition to my earlier reply (just above), I thought I would try and login to manage the Apple ID that I was trying to create ( using the username and password I was using to setup the account and lo and behold it let me log on! I was then able to verify the account etc. However it appeared to not capture all the details I had entered previously when trying to create the Apple ID. The security question and birth date had not been captured and as expected entering the birth date didn't work.

    Knowing I could amend the birthday once registered I simply made my son 1 month older, with the intention of resetting his correct birth date tomorrow.

    I was then able to login to iTunes but it asked me to review/enter the details and again I made him 1 month older. I had to enter my credit card details to get through all the screens but after a successful registration here I simply removed them after choosing 'none' as payment option.

    Hope this helps anyone in a similar predicament who's son is 13 on the day of trying to create an Apple ID!!

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    1. do the verification for your child online by clicking on the verify link in email you should get on creating their account: "PLease verify the contact email address for your Apple id" click on manage sign in and verify process can be completed - lie about their age to make them over 13 ie change the year to suit

    2. go to ipod/touch and settings - find safari app and clear the cache

    3. under settings go to store and login with id - it should skip the age bit

    4. Give apple the finger and get an Android tab {Apple stink - had to lose my iphone3gs cos it kept dropping calls - there is a post on forums about call dropping with over 1000 pages and not a squeak from apple on resolving)


    hope this helps frustrated middle class fools buying this soul destroying tech for their dweebs


    peace out