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  • mgrosvenor Level 1 (10 points)
    Apple doesn't generally follow these discussion boards. Anyone who wants Apple to fix this should not vent here, but instead post a request to Apple directly:
  • Francoappleuser Level 1 (0 points)
    Jobs lie to all of us. And we must do something. All our 3g iphone become useless after the upgrade to OS4.

    i think we must tell Apple to fix as soon as posibil and in the mindtime alow an oficial downgrade to the OS 3.1.3

    If the don´t, we must go to everywere and show to the word how apple is treating to their customers.

  • dangrant Level 1 (0 points)
    You're right that Apple doesn't monitor this but, speaking for myself, my initial feedback from Apple was that I was an isolated situation and I actually had the feeling (although not stated) that they felt I was the cause of the problem. This forum at least has confirmed that the symptoms that I'm seeing are not isolated to me. I have another call booked with Apple today and I will provide feedback after that call.
  • dnmngn Level 1 (0 points)
    since installing ios4 my 3g my iphone is so slow, it's in reverse.
  • 3cat Level 1 (0 points)
    If, as others have said, Apple doesn't look at these forums...where can we look for any kind of response if it comes up? I've put in my feedback where many people have suggested, but if an official response were to pop up...where should I be looking?

    All I want is somebody to validate these problems and say a fix is in the works. Reading many posts, the trouble could come down to the apps people own. If that's the case, can't we get a simple "iOS4 had some unintended consequences with 3rd party apps, we're looking for a fix" type of statement? As it stands right now, I've got nothing and my decision to switch brand of phones is becoming increasingly greater as time goes on.

    If anyone has suggestions on where to watch for statements or even other avenues to send accounts of our experiences, it would be much appreciated.
  • Jonty71 Level 1 (10 points)
    I have logged a complaint this morning via the link a couple of posts above, not like it will make any differance.

    You would think that since the amount of time lapsed, the amount of complaints now doubtly made, Apple would have atleast the common decency to acknowledge the issues raised amoungst it's customers. After all, Apple products don't come cheap and it's basic after care service you would expect.
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    Most of the meesages on here say that they have loaded the new OS4. I know that it take some time. I have been connected and trying to update it now for 4 hours with it still trying to back up the iphone. The currors as not moved along at all. Please help???
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    I had to set mine up to update overnight. I can't say how long it took me to update, but I thought I remember there being a note in iTunes stating that it could be an hour.

    While I used to recommend updating whenever possible, this lag might be a good thing for you. I suggest considering cancelling the update. You could be just fine afterwards like many claim to be...or you could end up in the same boat many of us on the boards are in.

    Oh and just to add, the "improvements" that I've been able to experience when the phone is functional...well let's just say that it didn't give me anything terribly useful on my 3G. Folders are quite nice, but one could manage just fine without them.

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  • Thomas Reinhold Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi, i have exactly the same problem. After upgrade my Iphone 3G to OS4.0. my vibration doesn´t work anymore. I called the apple-support, but they told me that i am the first person who report such problems. In my opinion it must be a software problem, because 5 minutes before the upgrade my vibration was still working. since that time, there was no mechanical stress for my iphone. i hope a new software update will bring a solution...
    best, thomas
  • themeofpaganini Level 1 (0 points)
    I too had multiple problems after installing OS4 (rapid battery loss, slow phone, rapid cellular network increase, etc etc) and I too tried restarting, resetting, setting my phone back to factory settings. Those took MULTIPLE tries and at one point I almost gave up, ready to accept my unfortunate iPhone's fate.

    Then, out of sheer hope I tried one last time; I did two back-to-back hard resets. Then I charged the phone all night after transferring my back up data back in.

    To my surprise my phone seemed wiped cleaned of all its problems and the battery seemed to LAST LONGER THAN EVER BEFORE!! (according to my usual usage anyway) I tested it out, using it as per normal and waited until the battery icon went red before charging or plugging it in again.

    *Standby -> 1 Day, 15 Hrs*
    *Usage -> 3 Hrs, 52 Mins*
    *Battery : 20% left*

    I wanted to post this earlier to share the good news, but I too was skeptical about this sudden good luck and made sure that I tested it out before letting you guys know. It got me thinking... maybe there isn't a REAL solution to this.... maybe you just have to hard reset and hard reset until you finally run into some luck. I don't know. Because I tried everything under the sun and one can only wonder WHY it chose to work this time around.

    So don't give up just yet. Hopefully you'll run into some luck like I did.
  • Ranger94 Level 1 (0 points)
    This forum has been helpful to numerous individuals who when contacting APPLE are treated like an 'isolated' case - always good to know 'it's not anything I did'. That said - when posting please consider:

    1) Phone - problem seems most widespread and void of correction in 3G -- this phone has been discontinued by AT&T and support is soon (if not already) discontinued). A class action suit might just be a future consideration. 3GS - seems a bit more scattered though I suspect the key difference is between the 8 and 16 -- with the former, probably in the same boat as the 3G.
    2) It has nothing to do with applications - after restore - both 'existing and new phone' - the problems occur (after about a minute and a half) without reloading applications, contacts, etc.
    3) With the 3G (and others) the problems are not INSTANT -- I curse the columns written early on asking 'what is the fuss'? It takes days - much like a virus.
  • ptr77 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had no problems with the download itself, didn't loose files or apps etc, but the the whole phone usage is painfully slow. Most apps will not open first time, if at all, maps take an age to do anything and it is driving me mad.

    Is this a ploy by Apple to make everyone upgrade to the new phone?
  • MACsinceTRS80 Level 1 (0 points)
    Should you hear of a class action forming, please eMail me as I don't believe info posted on the board will stay up long.

    It seems that it took reports of a CA on the iphone 4 reception problem to move apple from "it's a non-issue" to "maybe there is an issue, must be the reception bar... but we will try and fix other problems at the same time in the background" stance.

    Bought the first apple available in the 80's and have always seen the equipment as tools. Looks like Apple is more focused on making toys today.

    I don't want to wait on os4.1 I would like apple to get me back to 3.1.x
  • Tori 84 Level 1 (0 points)
    Lebcan, what's happened with your phone now?

    Don't know if anyone is having as bad a time as me but I managed to update the OS4 software in itunes and my iphone was backed up but it's frozen at the point where it should be putting all my data (and the OS4 software!) back on the phone! I've been trying to restore my phone via itunes and it's telling me an unknown error has occurred! Everytime I try to turn on my phone it asks me to connect to itunes and when I do itunes offers to restore the phone which ends in me getting the same error message! I've also tried resetting the phone with the home and power buttons!

    I've tried uninstalling my security software, uninstalling and reinstalling itunes, using different USB ports but nothing has worked so my phone is now totally unusable - it won't even boot up!! An iphone shows up in itunes when i connect it but when i run the diagnostics, it doesn't recognise that the phone is connected! I've got an appointment with the Genius Bar but I'm already on my 3rd iphone in 12 months!! Never again will i buy an iphone!!!!
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    To add to all the comments, My 3G has been awful since the upgrade. It's slow and unresponsive. As a result I'm trying to roll back to 3.1.3 and would advise no one with the 3G to upgrade until Apple gets another release out.
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