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  • AsperaJim Level 1 (0 points)
    iPhone 3G + iPhone OS 4 = Unbearably slow performance
  • lulu34 Level 1 (0 points)
    I downloaded the 4.0 upgrade last night and my phone would not sync afterwards. I could not restore it and now it just has the black screen with the apple and the status bar at the bottom. I cannot turn it off. it just keeps loading to a certain point and the flashing and restarting. Help!
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    I lack the time, unfortunetly, to read through the forums before posting. Here's my gripe.

    Before I installed the new software, iTunes obviously did a backup of my phone.

    The software installed with no noticeable problems.

    But upon attempting to restore from the backup, I got an error message...I wish I could remember specifically what. Something about the backup not being located.

    Luckily my contacts were still present, however I lost all my photos, playlists etc.

    I thought no harm in simply refilling my iPhone with music.

    I attempted 20 times to get music back on my iPhone. iTunes crashed between 6-12 transferred songs each and every time (it claimed they had bee ntransferred, but my music listing is still empty). So I am unable, currently, to put music on my iPhone.

    Additionally, none of my 3rd party apps will currently open (these transferred to my iPhone with no problem alongside my ringtunes collection). I open them and they crash after displaying the title screen for about 2 seconds.

    I will now go back and read this topic in detail to see if I can find a similar problem.
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    I downloaded the update, but canceled the sync during the backup.. Now, I see all the issues, so I don't want to update to 4.0.... The problem is than now I'm afraid to do any synching of apps or music because I'm afraid it will update the software too...

    Does anyone know where the iOS4 file is located so I can delete it before synching? I can't seem to find it with the obvious search terms.
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    I found it in the iPhone Software Updates folder in the iTunes folder in my Library.
  • Tori 84 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey all,

    after my lengthy gripe about all the problems I had after trying to update to OS4, I read through some of the other posts and followed someone's suggestion and found the link[s]-from-ios-4-to-ios-313

    which allows you to downgrade from OS4 to OS3.13.

    I am happy to say that it has worked a treat and I now have my iphone back the way it was before I ever heard of OS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Worth a try for anyone who's desperate (as I was)!!
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    As promised here's the update after getting off the phone with Apple. To recap, my symptoms:
    - repeated random restarts
    - after a restart, the battery has lost at least 50%
    - slow operation generally
    - the phone gets warmer than it ever did before
    - much faster battery usage

    In a nutshell, Apple told me they have no facilities or plans to allow rollbacks of software to previous releases. I can send it in to be fixed for $200. They wouldn't or couldn't tell me what they were going to fix! I can upgrade to an iPhone 4 in about 4 weeks when it's available in Canada. Until then I just have to live with it! They did acknowledge that they are getting a lot of calls and are working on a fix which will be ready soon. When pressed, they couldn't tell me if soon was 2 weeks or 22 weeks!

    This is not what I expected from Apple.
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    To join everyone else in the update 4.0 what a terrible
    Load of rubbish it's turned out to be. I'm hoping the more
    People that comain about this update the quicker apple with
    Fix it (fingers crossed!) my list of problems is asfollows:
    1. Slow browsing
    2. Slow apps
    3. Slow messaging
    4. Random 'blackouts'
    5. Freezing
    6. Maps don't work properly
    7. Poor battery usage
    8. Problems with iTunes
    9. Problems with wireless and 3G signal
    10. Slow slow slow
    Please apple sort this out asap!!!
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    I agree this is a nightmare. Upgraded to OS4 and a now have a very slow phone. Also, as others have said the ipod doesn't work. I've read you can restore original settings, but then I'll lose all the music I've arranged on my phone as I took it off my computer.

    Give us a proper fix asap. I was planning on buying iPhone 4 next week, and keeping the old phone as a back up. Now I feel cheated.

    Come on Apple, give us a proper fix asap. What is wrong with you this weather. Wake up and serve the public! You'll be gettin no more money off of me till you up your act.
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    After losing all om my Calendar appointments, contacts, email, browser - the thing is unusably S-L-O-W to boot. What was Job's comment about Microsoft? It's like the old adage, you become what you hate.
    Why didn't Apple test this...I don't know, maybe ONCE before releasing this horror show? I am going to try to cancel my 4G order, enough is enough. I can't even make and hold a call from withing my house as it is. And I am using Firefox to add this comment because Safari 5.0 will not load this page. What has happened to Apple? As a stockholder I am beyond horrified.
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    I would like to add my voice to this.
    I never thought I would say this, but the OS 4.0 upgrade reminds me of the windows upgrades that make your existing machine slow and useless. Is this the VISTA of iphone world?
  • PanosP Level 1 (0 points)
    Is Apple liable for not warning you of providing a substandard product that impairs the use of your iphone?
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    Has anyone had probs after the OS4 upgrade on the 3 phone where the car chargers won't work any more, mine now say the phone won't charge with this device.
  • Fipetegabe Level 1 (0 points)
    I've also upgraded my 3G to the new, slow, downgrading iOS4. What a disappointment. No video as promised and just so slow. Bother. I called the help line. I asked if I could go back to OS3, and we can't. Apparently this slowness issue has been discussed by Apple, and they've decided to not alert potential upgraders, and let those who are unaware just carry on and slow their phones down. This is rubbish. Ever reliable Apple have let us all down badly.
  • misscontent Level 1 (0 points)
    I updated to the OS4 a couple days ago...At first it was very sluggish, and like 60% of my apps were gone. I did the hard reboot and all that, and it seems to be working better now.

    BUT....what I didn't know was that ALL my pics in my "camera roll" folder were GONE!!! I had like over 300 pics in there!! ***?!? I could care less about the missing apps, cuz I remember most of what I had, plus I did backup. But what I am ****** off about is losing all those photos...I could be wrong, but no where did I read anything saying that I'd lose those pics after updating!!

    If anyone knows how or if I can get those pics back, please let me know.
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