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    nd26 wrote:
    I'll have a look into that, thanks!

    It's like hitting your head against a brick wall when you speak to anything apart from the Irish Apple team (at least I think it's a team over in Ireland). Anyone else just tells you "no" to everything and they really don't give a toss!

    i can see that post being removed!
    o2 have the same attitude, they will not accept returns for signal issues.
    im gonna hand deliver a letter to manager off local store requesting 3gs back & return to old contract or cancel contract completely!
    check this template out
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    Thanks for the guidance.

    I emailed someone at Applecare earlier, as they couldn't deal with me on the phone at the time as they couldn't get anything on to the system apparently. So I have also copied in someone that was dealing with a case before, hopefully I'll get somewhere. It's not so hard to get something without flaws or your money back is it (without hassle)? Or apparently it is!
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    You REALLY think you are the first one to call? Or they want you to believe you are the First one to call. Seems they consistantly deny, deny, deny... There IS no problem, Power it down and the screen looks fine.
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    I'm on my 3rd iPhone 4 now. This one has the gradient backlit screen and a dead pixel - but no yellow blotches this time.

    I'm going to replace this one also... will do so until I get a screen that is worth the very high price.
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    I'm now on iPhone 4 number 5 and all seems good, apart from two specs of dust that are under the glass. They can be seen when the screen is off and appear raised above the LCD, so it's not a dead pixel, however, I can live with it.

    It's well worth getting someone senior at AppleCare to look into your case if you've had many problems. I honestly didn't think I would get anywhere, but as I had been travelling to Apple Stores every week, I was getting tired and just wanted a phone delivered to me without me having to go without a phone for 10 days or having to give over £420+ as a holding fee.

    It turned out too that due to all of the hassle I'd gone through with the iPhone 4, they wanted to offer a gift. I received an email with a list of things, such as iPod Nano, iPod Touch 32GB, Time Capsule, etc... I went with the Time Capsule.

    So big thanks to AppleCare! Couldn't have wished for a better ending to what appeared to be a never ending annoyance!
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    Hi everyone, I'm an Italian user and I have bought iPhone 4 some days ago. I have the same problem at the display. These yellow strips will really disappear or I have to send my iPhone to the assistance?

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    Alnitak312 wrote:
    Hi everyone, I'm an Italian user and I have bought iPhone 4 some days ago. I have the same problem at the display. These yellow strips will really disappear or I have to send my iPhone to the assistance?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    The yellow tint/blobs are what is called the paint residue. Basically the manufacturer does not have the time to fully dry out the screens before they get packaged and shipped out. Normally if you use it every day, it should dry out and disappear, I had this problem as well so I took mine to the apple store showed it to one of the genius and was told that it could be the paint residue that wasn't fully dried when it shipped. He told me to use it at least a week and see if the yellow tint disappears, he also told me his story that his mother also had a iphone but with yellow blobs everywhere, but she didn't care about it and used it, and told me that a week later all of them have disappeared. But of course I got mine replaced because of the gap on the phone between the band and the back.

    So use it for a week or so, and if it does not disappear then I'd take it to the apple store and have them take a look at it.
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    I hope that the yellow tints will disappear...but the story of the paint residue is quite strange...
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    Well, are there other experiences of people that had the problem and then the tints disappeared?
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    I have read a lot of internet pages about this problem and I begin to think that people that told that the spots had gone, checked the phone when it was "cold". In fact, I think that the spots are visibile only when the phone is "hot" by the, I think that the spots won't go away and that the only solution is call the assistance. ****...
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    Has anyone solved the problema?
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    My iPhone 4 shows this brownish discoloration in the upper left corner of the screen since about three weeks and is getting bigger each week.

    Apple Support told me that its out of warranty and I have to pay up to 160euros to get it repaired.

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