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  • Venkat Hari Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same issue..I was holding my friend's 3GS and my iPhone 4 in one hand and tried going to few links in CNN. In each and every click, the 3GS had great speed, but iPhone 4 is extremely slow..I can't believe it..
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    Just wanted to add that I am having the exact same issue. I have full bars, 3g service, and the phone is sitting on my desk without my grubby hands touching the precious metal, yet when I try to use data apps (AIM, Pandora, Safari) it either runs very slow or not at all. Sometimes the maps app refuses to find a location. I loved this phone till now. I would deal with it for a month if Apple/At&t spoke up but with their silence I may have to return this useless "smart" phone.
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    It's not just the iPhone 4. I installed OS4 on my iPhone 3G prior to receiving my iPhone 4 and immediately it started having problems. Not only was it slow and having all of the connectivity issues I'm having with my iPhone 4, but my apps were constantly crashing and the whole phone would freeze up. Well, with my 4 the phone doesn't freeze like my 3G did, but I'm having all of the same issues everyone here is. I'm REALLY hoping it's just the OS. When it works, it's awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn't work most of the time...
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    Im glad to see that im not the only with the 3g problem. Only wifi and edge are really usable to me.

    My question: Why are most people/media only talking about the dropped bars on the iphone 4? Are we part of a small group with an additional problem (3g data)?

    My problems:
    -Bars drop when holding phone like a normal person
    -Dropped calls even when my bars are full in my house (dropped 7 calls today)
    -3g is very slow if im lucky enough to get it to work at all.
  • shaye2k Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Question: has anyone tried doing a clean restore on your phone to fix the slow 3G speeds?
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    I did a restore from back up (no luck), a complete clean restore (no luck), then I reloaded my sim card (no luck again). I'm in the Salt Lake City area and I have been getting slow to no connection still on my 3G network. My EDGE network works... slowly. I have called both Apple and AT&T and they say they have no solution right now. A software update should be coming out really soon to fix this. It's good to know that this is happening all over the place.
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    I just wanted to chime in to say that I'm having the same issue. Full bars and 3g and horrible to no download/upload on speedtest. Youtube videos wont connect, webpages time out, twitter times out, etc. It seems spotty, at times my speeds are awesome, but most of the time they are horrible.

    I did call Apple about the issue on 6/30 at 4pm. The representative acted surprised that I was having such an issue and recommended that I go to the Genius Bar. I drove out to the nearest Apple Store, waited 45 minutes for my turn with the Genius (yes, I had a pre-arranged appointment) only to have the Genius look at me, never touching my phone, and tell me she was aware of the issue and it was an ATT network issue in the area that should be fixed in 24-48 hours.

    I'm not sure if it's a network issue or if, as I read elsewhere, possibly a software issue regarding the mini-sim card. I really don't care which it is, but it needs to be fixed ASAP. I didn't buy a smartphone so I could text and make a phone call...I bought it for the web and applications!!!
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    My iPhone 4 just stopped loading all together. "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding"

    This *****..
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    I'm in Salt Lake as well as some others here and having the exact same problems. My girlfriends 3G is getting 4-5 times faster speeds and my boss's 3Gs sitting right next to mine not even touching the phone was getting upwards of 7 times faster speeds. I can't browse the internet or use most apps, getting lots of timeout errors, dropping calls, people can't hear me when I hear them fine, service bars jump around from 0-full when the phone is stationary. I'm going back to apple store tonight to return it.
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    Here's a larger thread discussing this topic. Might help to keep the information in one place.
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    I am literally having the SAME exact problems that you are talking about. It is truly the most frustrating thing.

    I am having dropped calls, people suddenly not hearing me through the phone and then it suddenly picks up again (and will do this on and off throughout a conversation). When it is not dropping calls on its own I also have the weird sensor mute/hold buttons turning on during phone convos. It will ring forever without a ringtone and I have to hang up try again. Internets being slow/not loading with all bars. It makes no sense. I had a 3GS and never ever had any of these issues, it worked perfectly, I would only expect the same and more from the iPhone 4.

    Apple please do something about this!
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    I am experiencing the Exact Same issues - 5 full bars of 3G signal. I have run several speed tests and 3G data speeds are horribly slow or nonexistant with timeouts. Network errors failed to connect, failed to activate cellular data network and all while using 3G.

    I swap down to edge and it actually will move (albiet at abysmally slow EDGE speeds in comparison).

    I've run tests with a friend's 3GS in the same area (phones on a desk), his phone moves quickly, benchmarks well on 3G at the same time. My iPhone 4 crawls or sits spinning the network activity wheel without making ANY headway.

    Whatever this issue is, Apple & AT&T - get together and fix it!! I did not wait 2 years to move from my *working iPhone 3G* to a non-working iPhone 4!

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    i have the problems listed below:

    My problems:
    -Bars drop when holding phone like a normal person (have a case on)
    -Dropped calls even when my bars are full in my house
    -3g is very slow if im lucky enough to get it to work at all.
    -When i am on the phone the sensor on the screen doesn't stay black, and my ear mutes the phone or puts it on speaker

    Some times 3G works others it doesn't, then if i turn off 3G the internet and apps work... but then when i try to go back to 3G, no luck. i have restored the phone 3 times and setup as new like they asked, fixed NOTHING! what are we supposed to do... wait a few more weeks to see what happens before i take this back to get me money back????
  • mr1213 Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    AT&T store rep told me they are installing 3.5G for the next couple of weeks. Towers will be down for 4-5 hours at a time, so you may connect to a more distant tower in the interim, which means weaker signal. Sounds like chaos. But he said to soft reboot every few days to reconnect to upgraded towers. We'll see if the 3G problems subside in a couple of weeks.
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    unreal if that is true to do tower upgrades in the middle of all these problems with the iphone4, think they could of worked on the tower's prior to the release....