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  • Boyd Level 2 Level 2 (240 points)

    I join the chorus that says: let us have Magic Trackpad use for iPad!  Eventually, Apple will respond favorably. At 72 years of age, my fingers are considerably more accurate on the trackpad surface than the iPad screen.  Those in opposition don't have to use such a feature, but please allow those in favor the privilege.  Thanks.  And have a great week.

  • trecman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just realized... I have 2 Wacom drawing tablets that are bluetooth, and currently paired with my older IMacs. Can't help but wonder if my new IPad will recognize a  bluetooth Wacom drawing tablet. It should work with every single bluetooth device I own and if it doesn't then honestly Apple is missing out. I know several people who own Android devices and can easily pair with a wireless bluetooth device, so again; this makes no sense.

  • hexonxonx Level 4 Level 4 (2,455 points)

    Off topic, but has anyone seen the YouTube videos showing a Nexus 7 using the Magic Trackpad and an Apple keyboard? The Nexus 7 even has a round cursor when using the trackpad.

  • iFac3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would like to use iPad at work... just one thing doesn't allow me... the lack of Magic Trackpad support. Because I have to use Windows, but just for one application. For the managment system. I could work via remote desktop... But the Keyboard and magic trackpad support is essential for fast work at the desk. In the other hand I would have the whole screen without the keboard section. I guess would be nice if I could use multi finger gestures as well! Leaving the desk I would use as a normal tablet for example at a meeting...


    ...please Apple hear my wish!

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,825 points)

    iFac3 wrote:



    ...please Apple hear my wish!

    Submit your feedback directly to Apple using the appropriate link on the Feedback page:


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    I've been watching this discussion for a long time. One recurrent theme is that people don't understand why using a trackpad with an iPad is desirable.


    I moved to Apple six years ago. I don't want another system. All eight of my devices (computers and other} are Apple and they are largely integrated and synchronised.


    The iPad is a convenient "on the move" computer. It is light enough to travel as hand-baggage without using all the weight allowance. American airlines are ridiculously over-generous about hand baggage but Air New Zealand (7kg) and may others have very low limits. (Until recently Virgin Atlantic's limit was 6kg.) The average carry-on bag weighs 3+kg. A typical laptop at say 2kg leaves precious little capacity for anything else.


    I travel a great deal and the iPad is a good enough computer for use during short trips or when travelling between my homes in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It has two big drawbacks. The main one is the inability to read my files that are held on a USB memory stick (could be any other external drive type): the other is having to use the touch screen for document creation.


    When I get to my hotel room I want to use the iPad as a screen. The keyboard and trackpad can travel in my checked baggage where they take up almost no space and weigh very little. Since one can pair a keyboard with an iPad why not a trackpad? It has been done by hackers but like many others, I would like a genuine Apple approved solution.

  • Citrix Jason Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am curious to know if IOS7 will have track pad support.The API is there for development. They can cut it loose if they like.

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    I think it's outragous that Apple does offer full integration with their products nor have introduced a compatible keyboard with a built in mini trackpad as an accessory to date specifically for the ipad.


    Surely Apple are quite are aware of the great demand judging by all the posts - if they want to offer sealed laptops glued together with tiny screens with no upgradability that are virtually unusable in some cases then users are naturally going to shy away from the laptop purchases and naturally want an optimised OS for the screen size and treat their ipads as disposable investments rather than laptops costing 3-4 times the cost.


    As an avid mac user I can promise you that this will positively be my last Macbook Pro because it makes no financial sense anymore and if you restrict peoples right to use their products as they wish in the your future market share will completely disappear - prehaps they don't realise we are in a economic

    recession or something ?


    Watch Apple fall by the way side because they are simply do not listen to the needs of their users.

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    Thanks for awakening a dead thread.


    Watch Apple fall by the way side because they are simply do not listen to the needs of their users.

    Yeah. We're all watching. Reckon they'll go into administration any time now.

  • Alfminus_01 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Keep Watching !

  • snozdop Level 5 Level 5 (5,800 points)

    I've never heard of any rule that states Apple must offer every single possible product ever conceived and make every product compatible with every other product (regardless of the practicalities or technicalities of such integrations).


    If one product doesn't suit your specific needs and another one does, buy the one that does.


    If you don't want to buy another MacBook just because two different products (iPad and Trackpad) cannot be used together, then that's your illogical choice.

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    ''I've never heard of any rule that states Apple must offer every single possible product ever conceived''


    It's logical to use the same bluetooth peripherals designed by the same company it's illogical to suggest that we shouldn't expect one or two of them to work especially when so many users have asked so many times !


    Let us get some use of out existing trackpads and mice would be nice and prehaps usb connectivity ?


    "It's Christmas, so I'll be nice. Snozdop. What on earth are you talking about?


    You've never heard of a rule..... lol.


    Apple deliberately lock an o/s to prevent something as basic as their OWN track pad from working with their iPad, even though the jailbreak community have implemented this and it works fantastically well. Nobody is asking for Windows level of compatibility, they are asking for Apple to just allow other Apple products to work together and to be a bit more flexible with the device!


    ''As for mocking the poster's remark about Apple shares falling, I have only one word for you......




    Go read up on how they were the kings and now don't exist, and all it took was bad decisions and messing consumers around.


    Oh... I have another word for you.




    The king of gaming throughout the 80's and half way through the 90's. Pretty much doesn't exist now. Messed the consumer around and wanted total control of the games market for it's machine (a bit like Apple, control freak).






    ''When they fired Jobs last time, the company went down the tubes. They BEGGED him to come back and save them......... guess what? He's no longer around to help them''.


    Why do you keep blocking users genuine comments ?? I see nothing wrong with what was posted except your dishonesty and failure to allow people freedom of speech and use of the equipment they payed for !

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,825 points)

    Alfminus_01 wrote:


    It's logical to use the same bluetooth peripherals designed by the same company it's illogical to suggest that we shouldn't expect one or two of them to work especially when so many users have asked so many times !


    So it's logical that I should be able to use a Honda boat motor in my car? Or Honda lawn tractor tires? What you're really trying to say is that it's what you want. And that's fine. Apparently, however, Apple disagrees with you.


    Any comments of yours that have been deleted have been removed because you violated the Terms of Use to which you agreed when you signed up. You will have received an email from the Hosts with more details. If you don't like the rules here, there are other forums for discussion Apple products. I used to use

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    I replied to this thread years ago, and as a result, received updated e-mail notifications when someone else responds.  My message has since been vacuumed up by Apple because I mentioned an alternative method to getting the iPad to work with the mouse or trackpad.


    So.  Being as benign and non-inflammatory as possible, not directing someone to alternatives which may breach the posting agreement, and regardless of which side of the fence you sit on... 


    I would like to point out that as of 12/26/2013, 114,966 people have viewed this topic.  Does not this mean that there is significant interest in this capability? 


    I understand the business reason for Apple knowingly excluding the mouse but allowing the keyboard.  It is to protect their laptop market.  If they made the iPad as easy to use as a laptop for business purposes, then their laptops would suffer. 


    I would like to pose a whatif. 


    What if Apple's competitors come up with stable, quality products which are responsive to the people's desires and needs?

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