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  • daaaveymac Level 1 Level 1
    I have concluded that Skype & Multitasking to are 100% blame for the poor power consumption of my new iPod Touch 4g vs. my older iPod Touch 2g which did not have this problem. The problem is NOT related to wifi!

    On the 2g iPod Touch, the moment you leave Skype (or any other application), that application will automatically quit. Thanks to the multitasking provided on the new iPod Touch 4g, Skype and other applications stay OPEN, even after you leave the application.

    The advantage of this is that I can now receive Skype calls on my iPod Touch 4g, even when I am not in the Skype app, and even if my iPod Touch 4g is 'sleeping'. This is very handy when I am on a trip, and am expecting call (and don't want to leave my iPod Touch in the Skype app all the time). The BIG disadvantage of this is that Skype will suck up the entire battery in less than a day.

    Thankfully, there is a way to quit Skype and any other open applications when you don't need them. If you double-click the home button, a "tool bar" will appear at the bottom of the screen, which shows icons for all of the applications you recently opened, that may or may not still be open. If you press and hold any of the app icons for a few seconds, a small white "Minus symbol" will appear in a small red circle on the upper left corner of each of the app icons, and the icons will start to 'jiggle'. Clicking on the minus sign of any app icon will close (force quit) that app.

    Now that I don't leave Skype running in the background all the time, my iPod Touch 4g lasts through several days of moderate use without requiring a charge, even with wifi and push notifications turned on. (I have my mail preferences set to check my gmail every hour)

    Problem solved! Skype should give users the option in the preferences of always of running in the background (multi-tasking), or automatically quitting when you leave the application, but in the meantime, this is an effective (if clumsy) way to quit Skype when it is not needed. It would be nice to be able to leave it running all the time, but it just uses too much power.

    TO APPLE: Please put a MUCH larger battery in the iPod Touch 5g so we can effectively utilize features like multitasking with Skype and other applications! (Also a 5MP rear-facing camera WITH an LED flash would be nice too!) I am willing to sacrifice a little bit of 'thinness' for functionality.
  • Dave Klein2 Level 1 Level 1
    Whether it's Skype or some other app that's zapping the battery I think that one should be able to quite an app after it's use. Having to go into a list of apps to quite is easily forgotten.

    I tried several variations to quite an application upon close and could not find a solution. Double clicking the home button (most intuitive) opens the voice feature.
  • daaaveymac Level 1 Level 1

    I agree that there should be a better way to quit an app, and a better way to manage which applications are running in the background. There should be some type of toolbar or 'taskbar' somewhere on the home screen that is always visible and shows which applications are running (and sucking up your precious battery).

    Are you using an iPod Touch 4g? On my iPod Touch 4g, if I press and HOLD the home button for 3 seconds, it takes me to Voice Control. If I double-CLICK the home button (without holding it down), it opens the App Toolbar, which shows all of the recently opened apps, and allows me to quit them by pressing and holding one of the icons for about a second, then tapping on the minus sign that appears.
  • Dave Klein2 Level 1 Level 1
    You're correct I got that mixed up. I had the 2g and have upgraded to the 4g. Helpful would be to even have some type of combination like taking a screen snapshot. Perhaps the home button and volume up...etc. while in an application to quit. I just don't think to open the currently running apps... although with the drain am getting better at it.

    I don't normally keep Skype running in the background but will just to see what effect it has. Since resetting my network and turning off a few services my battery has much improved.
  • rongopongo Level 1 Level 1
    Davey the problem IS related to wifi. If its not affecting you, I would assume your on a wireless N network. So far, I am able to deduce that people with wireless N don't have the problems that people that are on wireless G. For the record I've never installed skype on my ipod, and my ipod dies over night unless i turn wifi off.

    Could you please let the rest of us know what kind of router you are using?
  • daaaveymac Level 1 Level 1
    I am using a wireless G router. (Netgear N150, Model# WNR1000)

    Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble. Which apps do you leave running (if any), or do you force quit them when not in use?

    Have you tried resetting your network as one of the previous posts suggests? For the record, I tried this on my iPod, and it was still using the battery up quickly until I started quitting applications (like Skype) after I was done with them.

    Also, how strong is your wifi signal where you keep your iPod? Any chance it is frequently disconnecting and then reconnecting? (I have no idea how much battery that would use up, but I imagine it must take SOME power to do that)
  • SestoElemento Level 1 Level 1
    Hey Guys, The problem is basically with anything that takes some battery in the background, turn off wifi, turn off push, close all the apps in the task bar (double click the home button). Then it should be ok, its definitely a software issue returning your ipod wont help. 4.2 is on the way hopefully it will fix these issues, remember this is the first software shipped with the ipods they should have done some in house testing but no matter. Turn airplane mode on too that helps. Has anyone else seen how fast it connects to wifi as soon as you go to the lock screen. Hmm anyway im managing for now. Enjoy your Touch 4G.
  • rongopongo Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for replying about your router. Knowing you are on G makes me want to exchange this Ipod as well. I close all of my apps when not in use. I have the following items off; notifications, push, facetime, locations, and ask to join networks. I've restored my ipod 4 times via itunes, and once via the ipod master reset. I've also reset the network settings like 10 times. My wifi signal bar is always maxed since my router is close. My main problem is that my ipod will die within 10 hours even if its fully charged and not in use. The only fix is to turn wifi off.

    I just bought a wireless N router. I'll post my findings tomorrow.
  • daaaveymac Level 1 Level 1
    Perhaps the BRAND of Router might have an effect. (Perhaps some routers are more efficient with their communication protocols than others.) For years I had all sorts of problems an seemingly inexplicable issues with routers made by Belkin & D-Link. I even had an older Apple Airport router that gave me the most trouble. Then I got my first Netgear router, and all the problems went away. IMO, Netgear makes the BEST routers out there, with the best hardware AND the best software. For one thing, they have the best solution I have seen for creating 'pseudo-static IPs' on your home network, while retainimg the ability to create dynamic addresses at the same time. (You can reserve specific, dynamically assigned IP addresses for devices that have specific MAC addresses) This makes Port Forwarding a breeze.
  • Doctorlove Level 1 Level 1
    I'm on my second Ipod Touch 4. Apple took back the first one and the second one is no better. It requires a charge twice a day. I can go to bed with a nearly full charge and it is dead in the morning. Since I got it at Costco I have a 90 day return and this is going back. I don't see anything worth the constant charging requirement on this device.

    If any solutions pop up before I can return it I'll try them.
  • Los Lobos Fan Level 1 Level 1
    I just tried the multitasking bar idea, closing a whole list of open (and possobly running?) apps. We'll see what happens as I pay attention to this.
  • Dave Klein2 Level 1 Level 1
    Lots of people on this thread by no one reporting back. Must mean that all is well? I personally don't think that open apps is the issue of battery life but perhaps some of those apps. Sounds like Skype was one of those apps until recently with their latest update. Any other apps that anyone is aware of specifically.

    For me I often forget to close out apps as well just because of the extra step required to do so. Wish there was a method to close an app upon quitting that application. That would be much more intuitive.
  • stunkx09 Level 1 Level 1
    I recently installed a new wireless router for better range, so I connected my new and old ipod touch and my blackberry to this router and as consequence all my devices drained very quickly!!!
  • st 7325 Level 1 Level 1
    Interesting reading ~ *why doesn't Apple read and reply?* I upgraded my iPod touch 16 GB (2nd Generation) to OS4.1 Since then the battery life has drastically reduced. I do notice that after I wake it up, the Wi-Fi is immediatly availabe where before it took a second or two to find the network. My solution had been to put it in airplane mode before putting it to sleep.

    FYI, I have a Linksys Wireless-N Home Router.

    Any thoughts?
  • spwhiting@ Level 1 Level 1
    There is another low battery thread - it would be good if the bad battery thread listed all the complaints.

    I travel frequently and use many available WI-FI routers that are in airports, hotels, malls, and offices for my 3rd generation, 32 gb ipod. Updating the firmware on these routers is impossible and impractical. Apple needs to resolve the problem with ios 4.x and not resort to updating routers, since the expedited battery drain, slow operation, unable to synch, and skipping music was not a problem with ios 3.1.3.

    Also, according to your recent analysis of having to shut down multi tasking apps before sleeping the ipod is absurd. Apple should fix their software to shut the apps down automatically when the ipod sleeps or eliminate the multi tasking entirely, either to be done with a software update from Apple and not by each user having to shut down 50+ apps.

    Apple’s last profitable quarter funds should be spent on hiring programmers that have the ability to fix problems and not generate them (battery drain, slow operation, inability to synch, music skipping and the antenna problems on the iphone 4) before they loose many customers.

    I have gone back to ios3.1.3 by xxxxing the ipod since it was an expensive brick with ios 4.0, 4.01, 4.1. Apple should allow us to legally revert to ios 3.1.3 since doing other methods voids the warranty of my six month old ipod but at least I can use the ipod. It will be my last apple product and I will not recommend many others to use Apple.

    Apple should make a public statement that they know about the battery drain, slow operation, inability to synch and music skipping associated with ios4.x, that they are working on a solution with an expected update of xx/xx/xxxx.
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