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    The decision for me was very clear and easy. Throw-away products are not my style; Apple iPods are a waste of money.

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    If you purchase headphones/ear buds with the select button and up/down volume button, the ipod will still function as a music device, but albeit, with a dark display. When the device is docked into another device with the capabilities, the device will still function as well. While not a fix, it at least allows some functionality until you decide to upgrade devices instead of being forced to either fork out money for a repair or upgrade now. I hope this helps aleviate some of the pain. My failure was on my daughter's device that was a Christmas present in 2012. It failed in less than thirteen months.

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    Sad to say this is my daughter's THIRD time with this same problem recurring.  I bought her this iPod as a gift to her and the button got stuck shortly after the warranty expired. At that time, I knew nothing about this thread (or the defect), so I paid $75 to replace it.  When the thing stuck again, I felt there had to be an issue and found  this thread.  We went into the Apple store and initially they wanted another $75 to replace.  After I pulled out a copy of this thread, they decided to replace it at no cost.  Unfortunately, once again, the third one has the same problem.  I called Apple support, then corporate and was told it is out of warranty.  They did offer to replace it again for the out of warranty cost of $75, but since we've had three of them that have done this (and countless others have, as this thread attests) I don't feel sinking another $75 in that model makes sense.  I did ask if we could apply the discount  to another model (I was even willing to pay the difference, which I considered fair considering), but I was told no - I guess this is because we are getting refurbished, not new ones with the replacements.  They offered me a coupon for $30 off $100 or $60 off $200 at their online store, but since their cost is $149 for a 7th gen iPod nano and Best Buy has them for $119 (and they won't price match and take the cpn discount both), that coupon is worthless.  My daughter uses it exclusively for music, so we really want a 16gb minimum. 
    We've had several different iPod models that were bought prior to this that still work, so I KNOW it is this model.  Really bad PR on Apple's part not to offer something reasonable.

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    Add me to this list as well... this is BS Apple.


    Live up to your Manufacturing Defect and help your customers. I would like just to trade it in for a Shuffle.

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    Same thing here - power button stuck on Nano 6g after about 17 months. Not exactly what I expected when I bought an mp3 player about twice as expensive as its competitors (both my Classics have been running flawlessly for years). It really made me think about ever purchasing a 'one-year-only' Apple product again. Doing a bit of googling gives the impression of this error being the result of a design flaw with the Nano 6g - is Apple planning to do anything about it?

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    No they aren't. My 6th Generation Nano is well over 2 years old and the button is still working.


    You might want to consider going to a  3rd party repair store locally or sending it in to a place like and having the switch replaced with a 3rd party switch.

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    For sure I do -not- want to go and spend money on a third party repair service when an integral part of an electronic device is kicking the bucket after one-and-a-half years of intended use.

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    Fine by me.

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    First the touch screen on my 6th generation ipod stopped working so I had to buy the Apple care extended warranty to get it replaced. Then, shortly after the warranty expired the power button failed. I went to the Durham, NC Apple store today. They did nothing but offer to sell me another gen 6 for $75. Useless. I'm shopping for a new laptop and a new tablet. After this experience, I won't be buying Apple products.

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    This is very frustrating. I've now gone through two nano devices because of this problem - the last after only about 6 months of use. I've been a user of Apple for years and never had any concerns with the quality of their products but have now lost my trust in their products because of this. And I didn't even buy the first 6th gen - it was given to me because of the recall. To give up a good product in exchange for a defective one? Very frustrating.

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    And here is another user with an defective on/off button.

    Received this 6th gen iPod as an replacement for a fine working 1st gen.

    Hardly used the 6th gen, there really is no scratch on it, but when i recently took it out of the drawer to take it with me on my holidays, i was not able to turn it on anymore.

    And as i found out today, i am not the only one!


    Apple please take your responsibility!

    When you replaced my first gen ipod i told everyone about your great service, but now i am not sure what to tell them.... 

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    Same problem for me, nano 6th generation sleep button is not working. If I don't get a satisfactory result from Apple them I'm not buying anything else from them.

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    Same here


    I first thought my button got stuck due to intensive use for approximately two years but after reading all these comments I don't think I will bring it to the store for repair.


    How is it possible that they won't recall a product when so many users are experiencing the same problem?

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    WOW a lot of people having the same problem am having! my ipod nano 6th gen which I really love is almost 3 yrs old now and suddenly yesterday as I was using it the button got stuck. Apple should handle this issue like how they handled the iphone 5 battery replacement program and sleep/wake button program which I both got for my iphone 5. I really love my ipod nano and I really still wanna use it some more so pls Apple we dont wanna pay $65 for a repair just off set the charge.

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    Same issue here. The sleep/power button stopped working the other day. I've had it just about 2yrs. Took it to the apple store this afternoon and they told me if my 1 yr warranty was up (which it is) then it would be at cost to fix it. I didn't get a price from them. I am bummed because I didn't have it very long and don't use it everyday.