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  • RayReny Level 1 Level 1

    your luck that happened to me i only had it for a few weeks then i had to get it replaced but then they gave me the old model of that the one that doesn't turn off i am really annoyed

  • henkie385 Level 1 Level 1

    I've kind of the same issue, but in my case it is the volume button that's stuck. Only the + buttun is stuck, which ***** because while trying to repair it I put the volume on zero. After resetting all settings, the volume luckely restores to halfway, but thats still way to low when there's noise around. I've had the Nano for about 7 months now, but lost the purchase ticket so the store (not an Apple store) did not want to anything with it. I've burrowd some Iphone headphones with volumes button from a friend to put the volume up again, so that works for now (tip if your volume buttons are stuck as well!). Still I think it's rediculous that a product this expensive has so many faults, I thought that Apple would have been more or less able to make some proper buttons..

  • triciafromwellingborough Level 1 Level 1

    You could try taking it to an apple store as they should be able to tell how old it is when it was registered. I got mine replaced at an apple store but I didn't buy it from them and I did not have to show my receipt. Worth a try?

  • AndyChips Level 1 Level 1

    I took my son's iPod Nano into the local Apple Store today, complete with ripped off clip and stuck sleep button. They didn't quibble at all about the clip and replaced the whole unit there and then. I could scarcely believe it. The warranty was due to run out in two days' time, too.

    If only every manufacturer treated their customers like Apple do. They're stars.

  • Trigance Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem. 6th gen Nano screen went black. Never exposed to moistrure. Sleep/wake button not working. Could not reboot. Had full charge, but even connected to computer to iMac was dead. Nothing. Took back to Target & exchanged since I had only had it 3 weeks. But after reading all these comments on this forum and on other places on the web, I am convinced the iPod Nano 6th gen is poorly designed product that will eventually fail do to the sleep/wake button getting stuck. I am going to return to get my money back.


    Very disappointed with Apple on this product.

  • SJayKay Level 1 Level 1

    Really disappointed to find this blog as I've been spending the last three weeks weighing up whether to invest into a 27" iMac or new PC.  In the meantime, my 6th Gen Nano, the only Apple product I own, has developed the fault discussed here and caused me to look up this blog. 


    The three main issues that concern me as a result of reading it are:


    1. the blog is on a discussion site set up by Apple yet by their lack of response, they seem uninterested in monitoring for feedback on their own products or in providing guidance to customers who are experiencing these problems

    2. the experience of many of the customers on here with the customer service they have received in response to these problems has been inconsistent and regularly unsatisfactory.  My Apple service centre have so far been unprepared to replace or fix my unit despite me advising them that this is a known problem (over 27 THOUSAND views of this discussion) due to issues around whether it is still covered by the 1 yr warranty (which it is).

    3. If I can't rely on the build quality of a simple unit like an iPod Nano for 12 months, why would I want to invest over £1,300 in one of their more complex products?


    It has certainly helped me to make a decision on whether to buy an iMac which is a great shame. 

  • Matahan Level 1 Level 1

    If Apple is not replacing ipod nano 6th gens they must release a new firmware which should give the users the chance to use volume control buttons as sleep/wake button.

    My ipod nano 6h gen sleep/wake is also stuck and i am out warranty..

    They should fix this situation one way or the other..

  • dc01bb Level 1 Level 1

    When I press my sleep/wake button my lock screen will flash up and then go black.. That happen to any of yours?

  • jbandelier Level 1 Level 1

    Another "me too"


    I went to a store 13 days after the expiry of my iPod Nano's 12 month warranty, they told me I'd better call Apple Support directly.


    2 days later (Apple Support in Switzerland is only open Mon-Fri), I call support, explaining the situation and also referring to this lenghty post.

    - first the support guy told me they'd have to charge me 89 euros for a replacement and also suggested that I fraud my home insurance, telling them I lent my iPod to a kid and he broke it

    - after I insisted, he asked his manager and the manager didn't help either.


    The information I got out of it however is that they have some policy, allowing them to replace items that are 1 week beyond the 12-month warranty, which obvioulsy in my case was even more frustrating, as I was just a few days over that.

  • NikkifromtheRock Level 1 Level 1

    I'm seeing a trend....


    However my story has a happy ending


    My Sleep on/off button one day out of the blue was stuck. The only way I could play music was if it was plugged in or i turned on the screen by placing it on my dock and putting it on a playlist that I wanted to listen to allllll day, not being able to change it. Annoying to say the least, also because it was less than a year when it did this.


    I went to the Apple store in Burnaby and it was jam packed and no appointments available. So I set up a reservation online, 3 days I  went in today, only to find out that my ipod was 3 days over warranty..... AWESOME.


    After a very nice man helped me, he "was going to see what he could do" and came back to me with a brand new free replacement. Very happy with the service today. I reccommend if you have a faulty ipod of the 6th generation, definitely go into the closest apple store and check it out. It seems like if they can help they will.


    I might mention also that I did not have a receipt and didn't buy it from that location. Hooray!

  • martinfromlymm Level 1 Level 1

    Another very unhappy customer Apple, my Nano lasted just 13 months before the power button stuck. The Apple Genius and the Apple store manager both quoted the policy and continued to suggest I invest another 85 euros in an out of warranty replacement.


    I've just spent 120 on a product that lasted 13 months, what sort of company is this. I'm really annoyed, I'm not sure what to do next, but I'm not going to just let Apple take my money for junk, even if it's pretty junk.


    I've got the internet, and I'm going to use it, and I suggest that everyone else with a Nano that died and a stock crass response from Apple does the same.


    Spread the word, oh and eat cake. :-)

  • MacMak26 Level 1 Level 1

    This happened to me too. So I went to Power Mac Center earlier, but they still have to diagnose it and my nano has a physical damage(maybe because I accidentally dropped it once.) and still have to wait if that damage will void my warranty. If it does I have to pay 3500php for replacement, but if not they will replace it for free and still fine me 300php for diagnostic fee. I have to wait one to two weeks for my nano to get fixed or what. But still they have to me notify me first if my warranty is still valid. (Even though it has nothing to do with the issue/problem.) So I'm here waiting for a miracle, I just hope they will consider that damage, I just had it for 5 months and even bought a screen protector and a wrist band for it. And I would say I'm totally very careful with my nano.

  • Lyra Ruth Level 1 Level 1

    My dad bought 2 Ipod Nano 6th gen (16GB) last Nov 2010 as well for my sister and me. Unfortunately, the power button of my nano stucked just 2 days ago. My mom went to Power Mac Center last night and they said that it was irreparable and would have to be replaced for a hefty sum of Php4,800 (Approx US$107) since it's out of warranty already. Considering that a brand new nano today has a fair value of Php8,690 (Approx US$193).


    I could say that I was really careful with my nano and that with too many problems like this, it could be considered as factory defect. It should have been recalled - My mom said. I'll just go to another service center and pray that somebody could repair it.


    Sometimes I wish my nano broke down earlier.

  • Michelle7777 Level 1 Level 1

    when apple change your ipod 6g was in the warranty?or they has to change it because is problem of them.

    please !! i need your help

  • Michelle7777 Level 1 Level 1

    is happening to me too. i Dont know what to do. Hey we need to do something!!

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