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    Mine literally just broke an hour ago, but £65 for a new one?? I heard from people in the US that they got refurbished ones for their money after that as well, I hope that isn't the case if you decide to pay!! I don't know whether to travel to my Cardiff store or not I reckon I will not be buying an Ipod ever again all mine have caused me issues, I don't know why I haven't learnt by now.

  • RGCorris Level 1 (0 points)

    Ipod nano bought April 2011, button sticks June 2012, go to Apple Store in Regent Street, initally told to make an appointment and come back next week, then asked to wait an hour and I can have a cancelled slot, one look at ipod and tough - out of warranty, cannot be repaired, £55 for a replacement. Talk about built-in obsolence ! If that is the best Apple can do, I will be avoiding the rest of their products in future.

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    Bought Nano 6G on June 8, 2011.  Replaced for free 2/15/2012 for stuck sleep/wake button.  Now it's stuck on replacement, which is, of course, out of warranty.  Not a happy customer at all!!!  Will email support, but it's not sounding like I'll have much satisfaction on this deal.  Time to switch to a different brand!!!

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    Same here purchased Nano 6g over 2 months ago and now sent it in and got a lame response saying it wont be replaced due to "misuse". How can it be misuse when majority of the time its in a arm band i purchased from APPLE Store. Such BS warrenty info on Apple's part. Will try to get my issue escalated because its a known issue and yet their denying me a replacement.

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    Update on my case:  I am happy to report that, after going through the repair order process and finally speaking with Amanda in Apple's customer relations department, the matter has been resovled quite satifactorily.  For those of you who have not had your issues resolved to your liking, keep trying.  FYI:  Make sure you reference this board and others like it when you speak to customer service so they realize how widespread the problem is.

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    Mine stuck for the second time on the way to work (out of warranty).  I threw it out the window.  6th gen is garbage.

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    Hi There,

    same story, out of warranty, sleep/wake button not functioning any more...

    it looks like it's a design difect.. if I shake the nano I can hear a sound of something mislodged.. and as all of us I'm really careful with this gadget.. it's a shame they don't recall it..


    Apple what's going on?? Faulty products need to be recalled from the market..


    I was going to buy a new one, but after reading how common this problem is..  I'll buy something different.. it's a pity because I really liked it.. well it will be sitting in my ipod dock..


    not sure I want to face all the hassle, called the store they suggested to buy a new one.. sure I will..



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    My wife was having the same problem with her Nano.  The volume down button was not working.  I thought for sure that it must be a hardware issue.  After scouring the web, I found an article that provided a very simple test of the perceived hardware issue and ended up resolving the issue as well. 


    The nano incorporates a 'diagnostic' mode that can be accessed by holding down ALL 3 buttons (wake/sleep, volume down, volume up) at the same time.  The nano will boot into the diagnostic mode.  While in this mode, use the volume up and down buttons to see if they navigate the menu choices in the diagnostic menu.  If they do, then there is no hardware issue.  Assuming the buttons work in the diagnostic mode, press and hold the wake/sleep button to reboot into regular mode and test the function of the button again.  This should restore the operation of the 'defective' button. 

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    I had the issue of the power button being stuck now TWICE in a row, over two product replacements!!! The first time it happened just when my ipod nano finished its original 1 year warranty. Apple didn't want to replace it. Luckily I had purchased it on my VISA card, and VISA helped pay of the cost of replacement (thank you VISA)! The second time, it broke after two months. I was still lucky again because I had a three month warranty with the replacement. I really didn't want to get the same product again, and I asked the local Apple store manager if I can pay the difference and upgrade to the ipod touch. But he refused to do that.


    I just hope that the third time doesn't come again!! I am a mechanical engineer, and from researching online about this issue, it's clear to me that it's a design flaw of the product. From what I have read apple is using double-sided TAPE to attach a shim to the power button! the shim naturally slides out because of vibration over time, making the power button having nothing to push back on. Using Tape to hold it down?really? I am sorry but this kind of design seems like my high-school project. I am disappointed in Apple not paying attention to this fundamental issue.


    Funny enough the store manager admitted to me that apple products are not robust, and that is an obvious to him! I think if an Apple rep says that to the customer, then it's really bad news.


    However, I am being an optimist and  hope we will hear something from Apple after so many people going to stores to complain about the problem.

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    I can see people getting this issue even on 2 replacements which clears that there is a hardware design issue and apple needs to recall it or atleast stop making money from the replacements?


    Why we should be paying something we havent done?


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    Facebook page,


    and see how many will join..



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    is there any facebook page about this topic?

  • SJayKay Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, I'll join.  And like it. 

  • Allemanz Level 1 (0 points)

    My sleep/wake button just kicked the bucket today - and ofc just out of guarantee

    So, I'll guess I just have to wait untill(if) they recall it.

  • kimso Level 1 (0 points)



    maybe this will help someone, but basically if you use the radio, when you unplug the headphones it will wake your ipod, so you can change the station..


    I know it's the poorest workaround ever.. but maybe it could avoid to bin your ipod..


    Why apple is not doing anything about this?????

    This is clearly a DESIGN DIFECT... we should spread the voice...


    and now there is the 7th generation.. so I guess they won't care about our 6th gen..

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