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  • srutid Level 1 (0 points)
    I am experiencing the same exact issue. I am updating the software to 4.2 to see if it fixes the issue but also made an appointment at the genius bar later this evening if that fails. Did anyone get this issue resolved?
  • Iphone22201 Level 1 (0 points)
    My light is doing the same thing. Even when I turn the phone off, the light stays on. The genius at the Mac store told me the PC firmware load caused the issue. I am restoring to firmware and taking it back to the store. Hopefully, I will get an intelligent genius, who is more interested in my issue, than moving moving people off the bar. Wish me luck 8-?
  • Rollo17 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey all....
    Same thing happened to me camera light would not turn off... Went to Genius bar (they were awesome btw) and the tech spent about 10mins troubleshooting my phone. He said it needs a new camera assembly. I said go for it and 20 mins later my Iphone was back to normal.
    Moral of the story is take it to Apple and they will get it right....even if they have to give you a new phone!!
  • kelmore Level 1 (0 points)
    Exact same issue. Just started a week ago..
  • JohnB_GHS Level 1 (0 points)

    Exact same issue here - only mine had the light on when I first took it out of the box!

    I unwrapped the plastic, lifted the lid,  lifted the phone out, and noticed the LED was on - dim, but definitely on.

    I peeled off the two plastic protective covers, turned the phone on, and the screen showed the iTunes First Sync screen - but the LED stayed on.

    I turned the phone off, and the LED stayed on.

    I took the phone back to the retailer (no Apple store around here, unfortunately!), and they said they'd never seen that problem before.


    So, just to be clear: it came straight out of the box; no apps downloaded yet; definitely not jailbroken; I hadn't even synced with iTunes yet, let alone even used the flash!

  • fazeelfromsydney Level 1 (0 points)

    The same issue in my "White" iphone4. After a day of activation the camera light keep flashing and could not turn it off. Is it common only in the white colour?.Even after the phone is turned off still the light keep flashing.

  • Figur8 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been using my iPhone 4 for a while now and recently had this problem. I have no light apps on the phone but I thought maybe it was because the kids dropped it. I've tried a hard reset and I've also tried restoring the phone. The light problem still comes up. I agree that it is a hardware problem because it went off when I tried changing my iPhone cover. This is probably not a long term solution, but I find I can get it to go off when I slap it against my hand.


    So the solution is to get the camera component changed?

  • Keallei Level 1 (10 points)

    Today is July 24th and it is now 8PM. At 12 noon today my camera LED light came on (and is so bright!) I thought I mistakenly turned on the camera flash and it got stuck. That was not the case. I checked my flashlight app and toggled the switch on and off. No change. I powered the phone off and back on and the light stayed on the whole time. I called Apple Support and I was told to restore the phone so I did. The light stayed on the whole time. By the time I was off the phone with a very nice lady from Georga in tech support, my apple store was closed. There are only 3 apple stores in my state and all three are within less than half an hour from my house. One of them is about 10 minutes away. But still, how annoying is it to not be able to have my phone not blind my family. How is it supposed to keep a charge all night because it is my alarm clock. Oh bother!

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    My light would not go off till i squeezed the phone or tapped it   This just happen to my Iphone4.  This is a hard ware issue. I had to have a repair guy replace my camera/light on the phone.  He checked the old camera and it was broke.  Working fine now with new camera.  You can buy the camera on line for around 15 bucks.  The camera and light go together.    This can happen when you get your phone wet or drop it. 

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    will you be able to send the link. my local telco said the warrenty is void cos i must have dropped the phone very hard. There are very slight dents and such and they say that Apple will void the warrenty cos of that.


    What is your suggestion??

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    My wife is using iPhone 4 for a while , however we have faced the same problem with the flash. The good news is there was a app called "talking dinosaur" .. Once I deleted it from the phone .. Every thing turned back to normal. Hope this will help u guys .. Cheers

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    I am having the same issue. I've deleted all of the software that uses the flash, and done a restore. No luck. I'm going to try taking it to the Apple Store, because there is clearly defective hardware in the camera assembly.

  • Keallei Level 1 (10 points)

    Sorry you're having the issue too! My resolution ended up being a hardware replacement since a restore as new did not fix the issue. The genius who assisted me didn't give any clear reason why it happened. I never dropped the phone from extreme height. It took the normal shocks like being dropped on the bed from a few inches and jostling around in my purse. Maybe a wire got moved? I'm just glad I got a replacement phone since I purchased Apple Care I can get this kind if service when my one year warranty is up. Totally worth the $69 several times over the years!


    RIP Steven Paul Jobs.

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    The restore worked for me. My phone fell into the tub, and so I did the rice trick to dry it out. That always-on LED was the last weirdness and seems to have been resolved. It's pretty clear in these posts that the light can get stuck by a number of things.


    Secretly, I was hoping for the excuse to step up to the 4S...

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    This is exactly what has happened to my wifes phone.  A quick slap on the phone resolves the issue, but I think I should get it repaired whilst under warranty.


    Thanks for Sharing